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VSS eNewsletter 15 October 2010

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 15 October 2010 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      15 October 2010
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      VSS Food Guide Now an iPhone App
      Veggie Thursday at Orchard Central
      Meat Me Halfway
      VSS to Participate Again in Xiamen Veg Fair
      5000 Attend World Veg Congress
      VSS at Day of Global Warming Action
      The VSS InBox

      Free Screening of Home, Plus Discussion
      Chef Seeks Work at Veg Stall in West
      Foods to Combat Stress, Fatigue & Moods
      New from Ami’s Veggie Heart
      NutriHub Heads to the Heartland
      Ginger to Relieve Muscle Pair
      Do You Really Need a Recipe?
      Baking Class at 7 Sensations
      Trip to Titi Eco Farm in Malaysia

      iPhone users can now easily locate their favourite veggie eats. Be sure to check out the brand new Veg Food Guide app!
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Visit us at www.vss.sg

      VSS members enjoy discounts at these fine restaurants and establishments.


      VSS Food Guide Now an iPhone App

      We are happy to announce that the VSS Food Guide app has been approved by Apple and is now available for download on iTunes at http://j.mp/cZnXk2
      We’d like to thank MobyFab, the company that developed the app: http://mobyfab.com. 50% of the net sales proceeds will go to VSS.


      Veggie Thursday at Orchard Central

      VSS is cooperating with 25 other organisations – including Nature Society ( Singapore ), AWARE, ACRES, Singapore Environment Council and One Singapore – to encourage people to go veg every Thursday or whatever other day of the week suits them. We call this Veggie Thursday (VT), and we hope that it will launch in late October.
      VT has FB - http://www.facebook.com/veggiethursdaysg - and Twitter - http://twitter.com/VTCSG - and an in-progress website – www.veggiethursday.sg
      You can sign the VT pledge and collect VT flyers for friends at Orchard Central, where VT will have a booth, courtesy of our friends at Hemispheres
      http://hemispheresfund.org who are doing Actions for Earth Affair 2010, 13-19 Oct, with another event on health and women’s issue the following weekend. For details, contact Hemispheres T: 6749.9547, F: 6749.9486, E:
      To volunteer to staff the VT booth: info@...


      Meat Me Halfway

      VSS will be doing a talk and smoothie workshop for AWARE, SG’s leading women’s organisation
      When: 27 Oct, Wed
      Time: 7pm – 8:30pm
      Where: AWARE Center, 5 Dover Crescent
      Title: Meat Me Halfway: Putting Meat Back in Its Place
      Door Price:
      AWARE Member – $30.00
      Non-Member – $40.00
      Advance Payment:
      AWARE Member
      Single – $25.00
      Pair – $45.00
      Single – $35.00
      Pair – $65.00
      Book HERE.



      VSS to Participate Again in Xiamen Veg Fair

      VSS seeks to link with veg activists in other countries. For example, we are a member of the International Vegetarian Union – www.ivu.org. Another example is that last year, VSS sent a representative (see photo above) to speak at the China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair:
      http://www.vffair.com. The event attracted more than 5,000 visitors from 13 countries and regions. Our speaker talked about the potential global market for veg food.
      In 2010, the 2nd China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair expects double that number of visitors. Once again, a VSS representative will speak at the Fair, this time on organic vegetarian food. No expense was or will be incurred by VSS.


      5000 Attend World Veg Congress

      Approximately, 5000 people from more than 20 countries and all over Indonesia attended the International Vegetarian Union’s World Vegetarian Congress, 1-6 Oct in Jakarta . Among those present were 10 people from SG, four of whom were speakers. For instance, Ganga Sudhan and Halimah Arivalaki Ilavarasi, both of VegVibe magazine, spoke on ‘How the Vegetarian Community Can Work Together with Environmentalists and Animal Activists’ and ‘Bringing Up Vegetarian Children’, respectively.
      Read more about the Congress opening, which included representatives of Indonesia’s ministries of tourism, health and environment:

      And, view a recap of the Congress at

      Last but not least, mark your calendars for the 2012 IVU World Vegetarian Congress in San Francisco, approximately 1 Oct 2012 (dates to be fixed next year).


      VSS at Day of Global Warming Action

      On Sun, 10.10.10, 7,347 events took place internationally to galvanize humans into action to slow global warming: visit 350.org
      VSS helped put together the Veggie Thursday booth at the event at Bottle Tree Park. Last year, we helped organise a similarly themed event at Hong Lim Park .


      The VSS InBox

      Someone wrote asking about Asian-style salad dressings. So, we contacted one of the many veg food experts in SG for some suggestions. Of course, some people have come to prefer their salads without dressing, in order to appreciate the flavours of the ingredients, which can include fruits (fresh or dried), nuts, seeds and all sorts of spices.
      Asian Salad
      The sweetness of apples and mild heat from the finely chopped ginger gives this salad a refreshingly oriental flavour - the secret to making this salad good is putting in effort to finely chop the strongly-flavoured ingredients before mixing everything together. Apples oxidise fast, so mix into the liquid ingredients as soon as they're chopped:
      (You could also experiment with adding some mandarin orange wedges, cut into smaller pieces.)
      Italian "Salad"/Pasta
      If your definition of salad is any raw fruit/vegetable tossed together, than I highly recommend this - some people can't even tell this Marinara sauce is all raw, and I don't even need a "spiral slicer" as a suitable handheld peeler/shredder was good enough. I bought mine from Tangs basement (demo section). I skip the oil and add a bit more water if necessary:

      Dairy-Free 1000 Island Sauce
      This goes very well with any combination of your favourite fruits & vegetables:
      1 pack Unisoy organic soy milk powder (dissolved in 1/2 cup cool water; use unsweetened if you prefer adding your own sweetener)
      Add juice of 1/2 a lemon (more can be added at the end if preferred)
      Stir in 1/2 cup ketchup (or more depending on your preference)
      (If you like pickles or sauerkraut, chop finely and add in)
      Fat-free Dressings:
      I highly recommend this site for oil-free recipes:
      Fermented Bean Paste & Sesame Oil Dressing:
      Miso and Chinese fermented bean paste are quite similar, although fermented bean paste can vary in taste, texture and even spiciness with different brands. http://www.wholeliving.com/recipe/




      Free Screening of Home, plus Discussion

      The first film to be shot 100% with aerial footage, Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Home is a homage to the beautiful planet we inhabit and a warning of what we stand to lose if we do not change our ways.
      Our friends at Singapore Environment Council (SEC) are organising a free screening of Home on Fri, 22 Oct, 7.30pm at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium on the NUS campus: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel

      Following the screening, representatives from Green Drinks - http://sggreendrinks.wordpress.com - the NUS Office of Environmental Sustainability and SEC will lead a discussion of the film.
      Registration is needed at: www.alumnet.nus.edu.sg. Enquiries: 6516.6950.


      Chef Seeks Work at Veg Stall in West

      VSS received the following request, which we gladly pass on:
      My husband's friend is looking for vegetarian stall in western SG to work as a chef assistant urgently. He has experience cooking Chinese dishes. Anyone who has vacancy please call my husband, Khoo, at 9070.9297.


      Foods to Combat Stress, Fatigue & Moods

      VSS is happy to introduce our newsletter readers to Healthfriend, a supplier of health talks and food workshops. We did smoothie demos on 12 Oct with Healthfriend for BP staff. Healthfriend is a social enterprise; profits are distributed to various social institutions.
      Healthfriend presents its November workshop: "Foods to Combat Stress, Fatigue and Moods". The workshop will include a Nutrition Solutions talk by Mayura Mohta and demonstration of healthy organic and natural food recipes which you will get to sample.
      Venue - 329 Yong An Park, River Valley Road, Tembusu #10-01, S. 238361 Tel: 8139.9441
      Date: Tue, 11 Nov
      Time: 10.30-12.30
      Price: $40
      Food recipes demonstrations:
      Life Force Power-Ade
      Fresh Mint Elixir
      Salsa Mole (avocado based)
      Beet Parsley Cleansing Salad
      Mixed Vegetable Brown Rice Salad
      Cabbage with Mushroom Barley Stuffing
      Vegan Chocolate Mouse
      Seats are limited. For more details and registration write to healthfriendhelp@....


      New from Ami’s Veggie Heart

      Oct 5 Tue, 11am-1pm
      Tortilla Soup, Corn Salad, Bell Pepper Cheesy Rice
      Oct 9 Sat, 11am-1pm
      Special Class
      Oct 12 Tue, 11am-1pm
      Make our own Tortillas, Stuffed Potatoes, Enchiladas
      Oct 16 Sat, 11am-1pm
      Make our own Taco shells, Green Peas n Corn Soup, Open Tacos
      Oct 9 Tue, 11am-1pm
      Potatoes with Cottage Cheese, Stuffed Crepes, Chilli Cheese Bread
      Oct 23 Sat, 11am-1pm
      Make our own nacho chips, Loaded Nachos, Burritos
      Oct 26 Tue, 11am-1pm
      Mexican Minestrone Soup, Guacamole n Bean Salad, Mexican Rice
      Oct 30 Sat, 11am-1pm
      Special Class
      Email ami@... or call 9144.6105 to register for any of the above sessions. Please sign up at least 3 working days before to guarantee a seat. If there is demand for a specific menu, additional classes will be added on. Each class will be at SGD $55/- which is payable on that day by cash. After each class there will be either lunch or a high tea session. If you have a custom requirement for any specific item or menu or for special classes, please feel free to contact Ami at the above email or phone number to discuss.


      NutriHub Heads to the Heartland

      It’s becoming easier to find a veg cooking class almost anywhere in SG. Our friends at NutriHub restaurant are part of the reason why it’s easier. Here’s a schedule.
      NutriMeal Cooking class:
      16 & 23 Oct - Fuchun CC
      13 & 20 Nov - Yew Tee CC
      27 Nov - Tampines East CC
      11 Dec & 18 Dec - Toa Payoh West CC
      11 & 18 Dec - Punggol 21 CC
      Eat Raw Feel Good - Raw Food class:
      30 Oct - ACE The Place CC
      4 Dec - Whampoa CC
      22 Jan - Bt Gombak CC
      If you need a space for an event, NutriHub has facility to seat 40 to 50 people and provides healthy organic vegan meals & drinks
      Contact Vinitha at 9236.8402


      Ginger to Relieve Muscle Pain

      Forget the aspirin and other pills for your muscle pain. According to a new study just reported in the Journal of Pain, published by the American Pain Society, daily doses of raw or heat-treated ginger effectively relieve muscle aches and discomfort
      Read the full article at:



      Do You Really Need a Recipe?

      VSS has a cookbook and a recipes page - http://www.vegetarian-society.org/recipe - and there are endless websites with veg recipes (over five million links via Google, and that’s just for vegan recipes), and hundreds of thousands of vegan cookbooks (346,000 links!). However, many people seem to consider "recipes" some kind of forbidden knowledge.
      But there is no mystery to eating veg. Or, rather, there is nothing magical about flesh, dairy, or eggs that keeps people from being able to cook something plant based without a shaman's knowledge and special incantations.
      Indeed, it is entirely possible that many people are intimidated by recipes with obscure, bizarre-sounding ingredients, as well as the often tacked-on agendas (raw, local, fat-free, unprocessed, etc.).
      Be adventurous, trust your instincts, enjoy your mistakes!


      Baking Class at 7 Sensations

      Mon, 1 Nov, 2.30-5.30pm is when you can learn baking skills at a free class, kindly provided by 7 Sensations restaurant, 16 Madras St (Little India), S. 208413, tel: 6298.8198 or 9023 4409 for registration.
      Follow them on FB at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore-
      or visit



      Trip to Titi Eco Farm in Malaysia

      Blossom World will be organising an eco farm tour to Titi Eco Farm in Malaysia : http://www.titieco.com.my Participants will get to indulge in a wholesome organic green diet besides relaxing themselves in the nature.
      Date: 29 to 31 Oct
      Adult: $220, Child (Age 12 & below): $180
      Call Jennifer Goh at 6741.1540 for more info.
      Blossom World Society
      55A Lor 27 Geylang Singapore 388183



      Join VSS and enjoy great discounts on all our events,

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