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VSS eNewsletter 20 July 2010

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 20 July 2010 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS NEWS Veg Diet According to Your Body Type - 25 Jul Kite
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      20 July 2010
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      Veg Diet According to Your Body Type – 25 Jul
      Kite Flying at West Coast Park to Celebrate Shakib
      – 1 Aug

      Is SG Ready for a Weekly Plant Based Food Day?
      The VSS InBox – Three Items
      Food Outlets Page Revised
      The VSS Giro Scheme Needs You

      New Veg Stall in Bukit Timah
      Plant Based Nutrition Sharing Group Launched
      Veg Dog Lives to 29
      Mystery Man Donates 10,000 Veg Meals
      July Issue of VegVibe – Print Edition Soon
      Good Summary of How Meat Hurts the Planet

      Want to go plant-based but don't know how? Join this fun and friendly group who are dedicated to learning and sharing about plant-based nutrition.
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Veg Diet According to Your Body Type – 25 Jul

      In Jun, a capacity crowd attended the Mandarin version of the talk by VSS Exco member and TCM physician, Douglas Teo, on ‘Vegetarian Diet According to Your Body Type’.
      Douglas will be repeating the talk, this time in English, on Sun, 25 Jul, 3-4.30pm. The talk is free and will be held at the Meeting Room on Level 3 of Bukit Merah Public Library. Reservations are not available. Thus, seating is on a first come, first served basis:
      The talk will present the TCM holistic view on the relationship between humans and their environment. The audience will get to know about their body type and what to eat according to their body type, based on a meatless diet.


      Kite Flying at West Coast Park to Celebrate Shakib – 1 Aug

      Last year, one of our most colourful and enthusiastic members, Shakib Gunn, passed away. Two of Shakib’s greatest loves were kites and vegetarianism. In 2009, to celebrate Shakib, we teamed with the Singapore Kite Association - http://ska.askwing.com - and Shakib’s family for a kite outing at Pasir Ris Park .
      This year, our SKA friends have kindly invited us to join them at West Coast Park , Sun, 1 Au, 10am-6pm, Car Park 3 It’s an informal event. Come when you like, bring some picnic eats and, if you don’t have a kite, no worries, someone will loan you one. Or, you can just watch some of Singapore ’s best kite flyers and kite makers doing their thing.
      Singapore Children’s Society will also be having a fundraising event there on the same day: www.childrensociety.org.sg/events/fund_raising.htm
      No doubt, they would welcome any support.


      Is SG Ready for a Weekly Plant Based Food Day?

      In the past couple years, a few cities, as well as a variety of institutions, have started a weekly day in which people are encouraged not to eat meat. Earlier this month, a VSS member publishes a pair related articles asking whether SG is ready for such a day. Please let us know what you think: info@...


      If you’d like to help make such a day happen: info@...


      The VSS InBox

      1. Yes, it really is veg.
      Our previous issue announced a new veg eatery at Kallang Leisure Park . Unfortunately, their website isn’t completed, and if you visit their url, you only see the welcome screen, listing certain meat dishes (which the restaurant offers in veg version), with no mention of vegetarianism. Thus, it was no surprise that three alert readers wrote in to query the nature of the restaurant.
      Always eager to serve our readers, as well as to feed his stomach, your intrepid reporter brought a family member along to try for ourselves. Yes, it really is a veg buffet restaurant, and yes, we urged them to please hurry and finish their website.
      2. Paul the World Cup-predicting Octopus evoked these thoughts from one caring reader.
      Paul the octopus, who is said to have been able to predict the outcome of football matches where the best of fortunetellers could not, could have ended up on some dinner plates just to satisfy the greed of a few.
      Just imagine the hundreds of other animal species with special gifts and skills being needlessly destroyed for food when so many better and healthier options are available. Paul’s story, whether or not you believe he really can predict the future, lends weight to the reality VSS espouses, that animals are thinking, feeling animals, just like humans.


      Food Outlets Page Revised

      One of the most popular places on the VSS website is our Food Outlets page - www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl - listing over 500 veg eateries around the island. We’re always on the lookout for ways to make the listing more user friendly. Our latest change was to switch from listing outlets via MRT station to listing them by district. The change was made because opening of so many new MRT stations makes it more difficult to say which station is nearest to a particular outlet.
      There are a few teething problems associated with the change, plus we’ve been visited by a hacker. So, please be patient as we get everything working smoothly. As always, your help in updating the listings is most welcome: info@...


      The VSS Giro Scheme Needs You

      Upgrading the website and the other educational work VSS does costs money and takes time. If you don’t have extra time, perhaps you have some extra money (perhaps what you save on medical costs by being veg) that you could donate to support awareness of the many benefits of plant based diets.
      As little as $5 a month to the VSS Seeds of Hope giro scheme will be much appreciated, and will entitle you to Premium Member benefits including $100 worth of Food Vouchers:



      New Veg Stall in Bukit Timah

      Kokee Delights - Wholesome Vegetarian Food is the name of a new veg outlet that serves organic brown rice, organic vegetable, no garlic & onion and no MSG
      Venue: Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre #02-188
      Operating hours: 11am - 8pm
      Closed on Tuesday
      Ivy, one of the owners, is an experienced cook, trained by Chef Oh Chong Fah, and has been a vegetarian for many years. Details at


      Plant Based Nutrition Sharing Group Launched

      Last month, we announced that a new Meetup group had formed, one for people interested in exploring raw veg food: http://www.meetup.com/alivesingapore That was in addition to the Vegetarian Meetup group - http://www.meetup.com/singapore-vegetarian - and an Organic Meetup group -
      Now, we’re delighted to announce that yet another veg-based Meetup Group has been founded: the Plant Based Nutrition Sharing Group:

      Joining is free.


      Veg Dog Lives to 29

      This is story is a bit old (from 2002), but it’s a good one about a dog who lived well beyond 100 in dog years, thanks in part to being on a plant based diet. Such a diet may not be right for all dogs, but it seems to have worked for this one.



      Mystery Man Donates 10,000 Veg Meals

      A mysterious Taiwan man invited 10,000 people to eat a free vegetarian meal, says a restaurant owner. Hsu Min-long, of the Lotus Heart Vegetarian Restaurant in Chungho, near Taipei , claimed a young man arrived on a motorbike last week with a bag of money.
      "He gave me 480,000 Taiwan dollars (15,000 US dollars) and asked me to use the money to cook vegetarian meals for the public," Hsu told reporters.
      full story:



      July Issue of VegVibe – Print Edition Soon

      The new issue of VegVibe is now available for viewing at http://vegvibe.com/VegVibeJuly10.pdf
      The exciting news is that VegVibe will be out in a print edition from Sep. Advertisers welcome. Please call 9060.2206 for details.
      The current issue features the usual interesting mix of restaurant reviews, recipes, health tips, as well as a charming feature on this issue’s vegetarian hero, Esha Batish.


      Good Summary of How Meat Hurts the Planet

      Here are 10 reasons why we should show our concern for the environment by eating less meat. It’s a good summary to share with others.




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