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The Science of Anti-Aging - Sat 10 April 2010

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    The Science of Anti-Aging A Talk by Dr Sanjay Doshi, MD Venue: Jalan Binchang*
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      The Science of Anti-Aging
      A Talk by Dr Sanjay Doshi, MD
       Venue:Jalan Binchang*
      Date & time:Sat 10 April 2010, 7 – 9pm
      Fee:Free (Talk only)
      $12 (Talk plus Dinner)
      Limited to 30 persons (VSS members only)

      Anti-aging medicine is a common catch-phrase nowadays, but few have a clear idea of what it is really all about.
      "Anti-aging medicine is the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders and diseases". This is the official definition.
      In plain English, it refers to
      utilising medical science to slow down the aging process, and to keep the body functioning at the optimum level for as long as possible.
      Medical science today (and even more so in the near future) will do amazing things we previously could only dream about. We can already diagnose various hormone imbalances and utilise bio-identical hormonal replacement to have optimal performance.
      Nanotechnology may find a cure for diabetes; nanoelectric currents may expedite tissue healing, including injured nerves. Stem cell research is looking at replacing neuronal cells in Parkinson patients, and heart muscle cells in patients with heart attacks. Bioengineering may enable chemotherapy drugs to be carried directly to cancer cells. Vitamin C infusion may be the next big thing in treating and preventing cancers, allergies and viral infections. Novel tumour markers, thermography and PET scanning may pick up cancers earlier than current modalities.
      And some of these things are already available.
      Sounds like an amazing future awaits us!
      Dr Sanjay Doshi, MD
      Anti-Aging Medicine
      Mediline Wei Min Clinic


      Click here to register.
      Limited to 30 members, so please register early.
      Please indicate whether you would like to include dinner ($12).
      Payment must be received latest by Wed 7 April for this option.
      *Complete address will be provided upon registration.

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      Cheques should be made payable to 'Vegetarian Society (Singapore)'
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