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VSS eNewsletter 14 March 2010

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 14 March 2010 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS NEWS All Newsletter Readers Welcome at More Than Just an
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      14 March 2010
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      All Newsletter Readers Welcome at
      ‘More Than Just an AGM’ – 20 Mar

      10 Tasty New Reasons to Join VSS!
      Part Time Job Opportunity with VSS
      Brown Rice King Speaks at VSS Library Talk
      The VSS InBox
      Interview for Business Traveller Magazine
      Yogurt Class Soy Good
      VSS Helps Open Ubin Green House

      Japanese Vegetarian Cooking Classes at
      Biopolis from Enso Kitchen

      American Idol’s Simon Cowell
      Gives Meat the Thumbs Down

      People’s Association May Promote Raw Food
      Taiwan Organic Trip – 22-29 May
      Podcast with Cardiologist Who Does Triathlons
      Detox + Heal in Nature at Tg Sutera - 3-5 April
      The Gladiators Were Vegans
      Questions about the Validity of Global Warming
      Macrobiotics Cooking Academy in KL
      Save the Pigeons
      Vitamin B12 Recommendations Increased
      Study Compares Bone Fracture Rates
      According to Diets

      VSS rolls out new member privileges. But whether or not you're a member, join us on 20 March to share, discuss and celebrate. Expect food, goodie bags and some entertainment surprises!
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Visit us at www.vss.sg


      All Newsletter Readers Welcome at ‘More Than Just an AGM’ – 20 Mar

      Anyone reading this eNewsletter, whether or not you’re a VSS member, whether or not you’re a vegetarian, is welcome to attend the VSS AGM. In addition to the usual AGM matters, the VSS AGM will also feature a talk about the animal welfare movement in Korea , food from Yuan Xiang, 30 free goodie bags and some entertainment surprises.
      Details are Sat, 20 Mar, 2pm-5pm at National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, Level 4, The Central, above Clarke Quay MRT. Hope to see you there.
      Plus, we hope to debut our newest publication, the Meat Less in Singapore Starter Kit.



      10 Tasty New Reasons to Join VSS!

      VSS members now get to enjoy great food and fabuous savings when they dine at these 10 choice restaurants!
      This plus Food Vouchers, a Free copy of the Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide, special members-only events and so much more, makes membership an absolute steal.
      Best of all, by supporting VSS, you'll be helping to raise awareness to some of the most pressing issues of our time.
      Click here to join us today!


      Part Time Job Opportunity with VSS

      VSS is looking to hire someone with professional experience in doing accounts.
      Time required: approx 5 to 6 hours a week.
      Tasks include:
      a. maintain full set of accounts
      b. handle payments and income
      c. process GIRO applications and transactions
      d. report to VSS Treasurer
      If you believe you have the necessary skills, time and interest, please send your background information and contact to jobs@..., latest by 20 March.


      Brown Rice King Speaks at VSS Library Talk

      When people complain that veg food at hawker stalls isn’t healthy, I point out that veg stalls and restaurants are almost the only places in S’pore where you can find brown rice. Thus, veg eateries are key path breakers in the journey of Singapore towards healthier grains.
      One of the people leading Singapore towards consumption of brown rice, and not just brown rice but organic brown rice, is Heng Guan Hou, who has been at this for many years, back to the days when brown rice was considered weird.
      Hou is doing a VSS Library talk entitled,
      Why Brown Rice is a Better Choice’.
      The venue is Bishan Public Library
      Level 2, Progamme Zone, on Sat, 3 Apr, 3-4pm: http://golibrary.nlb.gov.sg/Event.aspx?EventID=32048
      To read more about Mr Heng, here are two pieces from the local media:




      The VSS InBox

      The Food Outlets page is one of the jewels of the VSS website: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl But it’s a lot of work to keep the list up-to-date. That’s why we greatly appreciate email like the one from this reader.
      I found out the outlet at Emerald ( Somerset ) was closed when I went to Cuppage for training last week. I told my veg friends that the website was not updated. One of my friends commented that the site is not updated because we didn’t provide feedback to you & I totally agreed with him that we have a role to play too. Thus, I’m sending you all these updates.
      VSS replied:
      Yes, Orchard is surprisingly barren as to veg outlets. The good thing is that most non-veg restaurants now have veg food on the menu, or even if it’s not on the menu, they can make it. Last night, I was at a kabob place with some non-veg friends. When I told the waitress that I didn’t see any veg kabobs (although there were veg items in other parts of the menu), she quickly said that they did indeed have veg kabobs.
      Also, do you know about the veg restaurant in the basement of Cuppage Plaza : Nutri-Hub: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/node/733


      Interview for Business Traveller Magazine

      Recently, a VSS Exco member was interviewed in preparation for an article on trends in veg for Business Traveller magazine. Here are the Qs & As.



      Yogurt Class Soy Good

      On Sat, 6 Mar, VSS organised another one of our cooking classes. This one, taught by Adeline Lo (in the accompanying photo), demonstrated how to make soy yogurt and then how it can be used is so many delicious ways. We hope that Adeline - adeline2611@... - will return to do more classes.


      VSS Helps Open Ubin Green House

      Nature Society ( Singapore ) - www.nss.org.sg - is now operating Ubin Green House, just a 3 min walk from where we alight from the bum boat on Palau Ubin. NSS has big plans for making the house a model, both as an environmentally friendly building and as a place for activities by green groups.
      VSS was invited to prepare a programme for the official launch of Ubin Green House on Sun, 7 Mar. Fortunately, Linda Loo (in the accompanying photo) - http://rawfoodlifestyles.com - agreed to lead a yoga session followed by a raw rojak workshop and lunch, with the rojak sauce kindly provided by Chef Dolly Wasan, 9069.1261. Everyone had a good time, especially the ten P4 students from their school’s green group, and the village headman graced the occasion by joining us to partake of the rojak.



      Japanese Vegetarian Cooking Classes at Biopolis from Enso Kitchen

      Enso Kitchen, which specialises in Zen vegetarian cooking, will be running a series of classes at Onaka which is located at Immunos [Biopolis].
      The first classes, with Chef Danny Chu, at Onaka will be held on Mar 26 & Apr 3. For more details: www.ensokitchen.com/event.htm or contact Onaka: e: info@... / 6464-2007.


      American Idol’s Simon Cowell Gives Meat the Thumbs Down

      Even the hyper-critical American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, has been won over to the idea of taking at least one day a week away from meat.



      People’s Association May Promote Raw Food

      Recently, VSS was contacted by People’s Association for help, as they are thinking of doing activities to encourage people to include more raw and other healthy food in their diets. PA is planning events from August at CCs and possibly at Lao Pa Sat. They are looking for people to do workshops/demos.
      VSS hopes to work with PA on this. If you know someone who might do an event as part of this, please contact Jean Heng at PA, jean_heng@...


      Taiwan Organic Trip – 22-29 May

      Violet Lee, former VSS Treasurer, has organized many organic trips, both locally and abroad. This May, she and her brothers are doing another, even better, organic, Mandarin language trip to Taiwan .
      The dates are 14-21 May, and Violet is offering a special discount for VSS members who confirm before 25 Mar, as that date is the airline’s deadline. For more information, call Christopher Lee 9295.1648 or Violet Lee 9006.5525; email: chrislhh@... or violet_lyh@....


      Podcast with Cardiologist Who Does Triathlons

      Heather Shenkman is a vegetarian cardiologist who also does triathlons. You can listen to an interview with her from the Organic Athlete website at http://tiny.cc/vCfUm
      The interview starts at 1.30 mins and goes for almost 20 mins. Topics include how even vegans and athletes can be unhealthy if they eat the wrong foods.


      Detox + Heal in Nature at Tg Sutera - 3-5 Apr

      Last year, VSS had a trip to Tanjong Sutera. This year, our friends at Kampung Senang will be doing a 3-day, 2-night detox retreat there. For details and to register: ring 6749.8509 or email info@...


      The Gladiators Were Vegans

      John McDougall, MD is a noted advocate of vegan diets. The following url links to an excerpt from a talk in which Dr McDougall reports finding that suggest gladiators ate a vegan diet heavy on barley and other grains. He also states that the Roman army went on a vegan diet whenever they went into battle: http://bit.ly/cijL0O


      Questions about the Validity of Global Warming

      Of late, doubts have been raised about whether global warming is really occurring and about the character and credibility of the scientists who are calling on us to act to slow global warming.
      Here are two forceful replies:




      Macrobiotics Cooking Academy in KL

      The VSS website has a page listing local providers of cooking classes, and recently this eNewsletter had an item about a veg cooking school in the UK .
      Now, we are happy to inform you about the Woods Macrobiotics Cooking Academy of Southeast Asia - www.macrobiotics-malaysia.com - in KL offering courses on vegan, organic and macrobiotic dishes. From next month, Woods will be offering courses at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels.


      Save the Pigeons

      For many vegetarians and flexitarians, kindness towards our fellow animals is a key motivation behind our dietary choices. Thus, it’s no surprise that it was a VSS member who started this blog on the plight of local pigeons: http://savepigeons.blogspot.com
      No, people aren’t eating them, although that does happen in some countries. Instead, some pigeons here are being killed for being ‘pests’.


      Vitamin B12 Recommendation Increased

      Based on new research, Jack Norris, a registered nutritionist and president of the Vegan Outreach organisation in the U.S. , has raised his recommendation for how much B12 we need. This is a serious matter, especially for vegans. Please visit http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/vitaminb12


      Study Compares Bone Fracture Rates According to Diets

      Paul Appleby is not only a veg activist in Oxford - http://www.ivu.org/oxveg - he’s also a researcher in a major study of the links between food and health: EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) - http://epic.iarc.fr
      Here’s a summary of a recent report on which Paul served as first author.
      One of the health concerns relating to lactose intolerance appears to be the fear that persons who, for whatever reason, avoid dairy products (a major source of dietary calcium) will be at greater risk of bone loss and fracture.
      Our study of fracture risk by diet group showed that "among subjects consuming at least 525 mg/day calcium" (an amount equal to the Estimated Average Requirement in the UK - considered sufficient for 97.5% of the population) there was no difference in self-reported fracture incident rates between meat eaters and vegans. However, it did also emphasize the fact that "an adequate calcium intake is essential for bone health, irrespective of dietary preferences".
      European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2007) 61, 1400–1406
      Comparative fracture risk in vegetarians and nonvegetarians in EPIC-Oxford
      P Appleby, A Roddam, N Allen and T Key
      Objective: To compare fracture rates in four diet groups (meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians and vegans) in the Oxford cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Oxford).
      Design: Prospective cohort study of self-reported fracture risk at follow-up.
      Setting: The United Kingdom .
      Subjects: A total of 7947 men and 26 749 women aged 20–89 years, including 19 249 meat eaters, 4901 fish eaters, 9420 vegetarians and 1126 vegans, recruited by postal methods and through general practice surgeries.
      Methods: Cox regression.
      Results: Over an average of 5.2 years of follow-up, 343 men and 1555 women reported one or more fractures. Compared with meat eaters, fracture incidence rate ratios in men and women combined adjusted for sex, age and non-dietary factors were 1.01 (95% CI 0.88–1.17) for fish eaters, 1.00 (0.89–1.13) for vegetarians and 1.30 (1.02–1.66) for vegans. After further adjustment for dietary energy and calcium intake the incidence rate ratio among vegans compared with meat eaters was 1.

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