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VSS eNewsletter 26 September 2009

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  • Clarence Tan
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 26 September 2009 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS NEWS The Dog, The Cat and Her Pet Chicken Weblinks
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      26 September 2009
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      The Dog, The Cat and Her Pet Chicken
      Weblinks about Doing Veg Business in China
      Copies of The China Study Available at
      Reduced Price including Delivery

      Tanjung Sutera Getaway: 17-18 Oct
      VSS at Charity Fair This Weekend
      Did Going Veg Improve Your Health?

      Do Hens Suffer?
      Fish Farming Now Accounts for 50% of
      Fish Production

      Next Cooking Class from Genesis: 27 Sep
      Second Issue of Veg Vibe Now Online
      24 Hour Veg Stall in Ang Mo Kio
      How I Became a Vegetarian Cooking Instructor
      Ami’s Veggie Heart Cooking Classes
      Global Social Innovators Forum
      – 1-3 Oct, Fusionopolis

      By Popular Demand, Another Class on
      Japanese Veg Cooking

      Break the Tradition – No More Shark Fin Soup

      Several years ago, VSS had a series of talks at a CC. Next weekend, Sat, 3 Oct, at Bishan Library, we start a new series of talks at libraries. The first talk examines why people are so nice to some animals, such as dogs and cats, but not nice at all to others, such as chickens.
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Visit us at www.vss.sg


      The Dog, The Cat and Her Pet Chicken

      Many important and fascinating topics exude from the interconnections between humans and our fellow animals. Beginning on 3 Oct, VSS, in cooperation with NLB, is hosting a series of four free talks explore these interconnections. The first talk, by Veron Lau of Cat Welfare Society, takes place on 3 Oct, 3pm at Bishan Public Library: http://golibrary.nlb.gov.sg/

      Veron's session is titled ‘The Dog, The Cat and Her Pet Chicken’ and addresses why we so kind to some animals such as cats while, at the same time, we support factory farming for other animals.
      Seating for all the talks is on a first come, first served basis. The first hour of each of the two hour sessions will focus on what the presenter has to show and tell; the second hour will be open to the public to interact with the presenter and fellow audience members.
      1. Presenter: Veronyka Lau, Cat Welfare Society
      Topic: The Dog, The Cat and Her Pet Chicken
      Date/Time: 3 Oct, 3pm-5pm
      Venue: Bishan Public Library, Programme Zone (capacity: 70pax)
      2. Presenter: Dr Sanjay Doshi, Mediline Wei Min Clinic
      Topic: Anti-Aging through a Vegetarian Diet
      Date/Time: 31 Oct, 3pm-5pm
      Venue: Toa Payoh Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room (capacity: 30pax)
      3. Presenter: Louis Ng, ACRES
      Topic: Making a Difference for Animals
      Date/Time: 21 Nov, 3pm-5pm
      Venue: Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room, B1 near lending library (capacity: 70pax)
      4. Presenter: Dr Harvey Neo, Geography Department, NUS
      Topic: Meat Production and Land Use
      Date/Time: 28 Nov, 3pm-5pm
      Venue: Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room, B1 near lending library (capacity: 70pax)


      Weblinks about Doing Veg Business in China

      A VSS representative will be speaking at the China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair, 12-15 Nov, www.vffair.com The talk aims to provide advice on how businesses can connect with vegetarian customers.
      As part of his research for the talk, the VSS member came upon these two Chinese language sites that seem particularly useful: http://www.sushi001.com and http://www.chinavegan.com
      BTW, the representative is participating in the Xiamen event at no cost to VSS.


      Copies of The China Study Available at Reduced Price including Delivery

      Last July, VSS brought Professor T. Colin Campbell to Spore to speak on the findings of his best-selling book, The China Study. At Prof Campbell’s talks, the book sold out quickly. We have ordered more, and they are available for S$28 including postage and delivery charges. The usual bookstore price is about $32 without delivery.
      Online purchase is available at VSS website:
      http://www.vegetarian-society.org/chinastudybook (payment by credit cards).
      Other Payment Options:
      1. Cheque made payable to: Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
      Mailing address: 3 Pemimpin Drive #07-02,
      Lip Hing Building,
      Singapore 576147
      2. Bank Transfer to DBS Bank Ltd
      Account Name: Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
      Account No.: 100-900423-1
      Bank Code: 7171
      Branch Code: 100
      Send us an email if you choose payment option 1 or 2. The book will be sent by post to you 1-2 week upon receipt of payment. We regret that self-collection is not available.
      Videos of Prof’s talks are available at $25 each. Please email your orders to johncheang@... or contact John at 6565.9076 (office) or 96742.512 (hp).
      Please include $10 for delivery charges and allow 3 or 4 weeks for production and processing of your order. You may also self collect the DVDs at 90 Jurong East Street 13, S. 609648. If you choose the self-collect option, please fix an appointment before coming.


      Tanjung Sutera Getaway: 17-18 Oct

      2 days / 1 night trip organized by VSS; 17-18 Oct (Sat & Sun).
      Imagine a cliff-top ocean-facing nature resort with panoramic views of sky and sea meeting seamlessly.
      Imagine an idyllic Eden of undulating gardens, coconut trees, lily and fish ponds.
      Welcome to Tanjung Sutera (Cape Silk), a home-style resort sited on a ‘Magical’ spot, 40 metres up from the South China Sea.
      Join us for a rejuvenating weekend at Tanjong Sutera, just 1½ hours from JB. Register by 1 Oct and enjoy early bird discounts. More details here.


      VSS at Charity Fair This Weekend

      Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore Branch is organizing a 16th Anniversary cum Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Fair on 26-27 Sep (Sat-Sun). VSS will have an information booth.
      Sixty stalls will showcase foods from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, etc., with another stall for other goods such as toys, bags and stationery.

      Date and Time:

      Sat, 10am-8pm; Sun, 10am-7pm


      Open space diagonally opposite Tzu Chi Jingsi Hall (junction of Elias Road and Pasir Ris Drive 1)


      Save the Earth; bring your own reusable utensils and bags.



      Did Going Veg Improve Your Health?

      There’s a lot of scientific evidence about the benefits of going veg, such as that compiled by the American Dietetic Association: http://www.eatright.org/cps/rde/xchg/

      However, sometimes personal experience can speak louder that statistics. Thus, VSS is hoping to compile stories from people in Singapore about how going vegetarian or vegan improved their health or saved their lives. The more compelling stories we collect, the better it speaks for the veg diet and spare others of unnecessary suffering.
      For instance, VSS president, George Jacobs, suffered from sinus problems for many years. This led to a few colds every year and the build up of polyps in his sinuses, which led to surgery to remove the polyps, although some soon came back. Fortunately, when George gave up dairy – he had already been vegetarian for many years – the sinus problems diminished greatly, and he hasn’t had a cold for many years since.
      Another, stronger example is Mdm Wong Thai Thai who, after being diagnosed with leukaemia, switched to an all plant based diet which helped reverse the terminal disease. Mdm Wong was so inspired, she started a vegetarian restaurant on Smith Street, Ci Yan, to share the importance of diet for health.
      By complementing medical evidence with real life stories, authorities may become more receptive sooner. So, please send your story – in any language – to info@.... Thanks.



      Do Hens Suffer?

      Ethology (the study of animal behavior) has advanced understanding of the effects of cage confinement on the well-being of laying hens and, without a doubt, shown that there are very serious welfare consequences. Studies have demonstrated that there are two basic reasons for this: 1) the animals are deprived of the opportunity to express important natural behavior; and 2) the constraints of the cage prevent exercise, which has profound physical consequences for the health of the birds.
      Read the entire article at:



      Fish Farming Now Accounts for 50% of Fish Production

      First, there was factory farming of land animals. Now, factory farming of marine animals produces a significant percentage of the fish that human eat. Fish farming has all the downside to the welfare of the fish, to the environment, to resource utilization that farming of pigs, chickens and other land animals causes.
      Read more at:



      Next Cooking Class from Genesis: 27 Sep

      Thai food is the theme of the 27 Sep cooking class from Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant, 1 Lorong Telok (near Circular Road), 9145.4218, 6438.7118, genesishf@...
      Time: 4-6pm
      Price: $50 per session for 5 items.


      Second Issue of Veg Vibe Now Online

      Don’t miss the new issue of Veg Vibe, the free online magazine about all things veg in Spore and beyond: http://vegvibe.com
      The cover story features VSS’s favourite yogi: Bala, who taught us Laughter Yoga at the VSS National Day party and has provided yoga lessons and lots of energy at many a VSS event.


      24 Hour Veg Stall in Ang Mo Kio

      Name: Xian Long Vegetarian Stall
      Address: Blk 158, #01-590, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
      Tel: C.H. Gan 9616.3119
      Bus: Feeder service from AMK - Alight at Blk 62 and walk down
      Open: Tue-Sun, 24hrs. Closed Mon.
      Nearby Landmarks: Near Ave 4 Market
      Specialty dishes: Ipoh Hor Fun, Minced Meat Noodles
      Organic? No
      MSG (ajinomoto)? Yes
      Do they serve brown rice? No
      Price Range of Main Dish: $5 and below
      Website: No



      How I Became a Vegetarian Cooking Instructor

      Ami Mehta is a VSS member who teaches veg cookery classes (please see next article). Here’s a bit of background.
      I am a self taught vegetarian cook with plenty of inspiration from my mother and mother-in-law, both excellent cooks. I specialize in vegetarian cooking in various multinational cuisines. Growing up in Mumbai, a melting point of cultures from all over the world, gave me exposure to international cuisines.
      I am also a folk art teacher, and cooking to me is one form of art. With this art background, I believe that quality and presentation of food are very important. Thus, when planning a meal, I look into the colours of the food, the place, the occasion, the time and, of course, the people at the dining table.
      I hail from a Hindu vegetarian family and did not have any exposure whatsoever to meat till I moved to Singapore after my marriage to a Singaporean in 1996! Imagine the culture shock I faced then. However, my commitment to vegetarianism has remained steadfast, and I have even inspired my husband to cut down on his meat eating ways!
      My husband is a strong supporter of bringing my talents to the fore. Being a Singaporean, he has a strong penchant for local food and encouraged me to replicate local Singapore cuisine in a vegetarian fashion. He enjoys good quality food and is a great complement to me by being a test taster and constructive critic of my cooking. Also, my late father-in-law was a source of inspiration and encouragement to revive traditional dishes.
      I consider myself to be a new wave vegetarian chef, one who exhibits warmth and homely cooking – even without onions and garlic!


      Ami’s Veggie Heart Cooking Classes

      Here’s the list of classes that Ami Mehta is offering in Oct. Classes are held in Tampines. Venue details will be sent upon registration. Vegan alternatives will be available for dairy products.

      October 2
      10am – 12pm
      Pumpkin & Vegetable Soup
      Four Bean Salad
      Vegetable Pulao Rice

      October 5
      10am – 12pm
      Veggie Heart Special Spaghetti (With a twist, so yummy & so easy to make!!)
      Herb or Cheese Toast
      Creamy Potato and
      Vegetable salad

      October 9
      10am – 12pm
      Mock Duck Curry
      Cheese Rolls
      Caramelized Rice

      October 12
      10am – 12pm
      Yellow Dal (2 Variations)
      Spiced French or Long Beans

      October 16
      10am – 12pm
      Local Singapore Cuisine

      October 19
      10am – 12pm
      Mixed lentils
      Black Pepper
      Saffron Pulao Rice

      October 23
      10am – 12pm
      Kadhi - Yogurt Curry
      Spicy Mung Bean Sprouts
      Cinnamon/Cumin Rice

      October 26
      10am – 12pm
      Dosai (with 1 variation)
      Potato Vegetable
      Coconut Chutney

      Email mehtaami_66@... or call 9144.6105 to register for any of the above sessions. Please sign up at least 3 days before to guarantee a seat. If there is demand for a specific menu, additional classes will be added on.
      Each class will be at $50, which is payable on that day by cash. If you have a custom requirement for any specific item or menu or for weekend classes, please feel free to contact Ami at the above email or phone number to discuss.


      Global Social Innovators Forum – 1-3 Oct, Fusionopolis

      Luminaries from around the world, not to mention prominent Singapore speakers headline the Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF). The forum aims to “bring together a highly trusted community of influential minds from the public, private and people sectors; to seek opportunities to collaborate and embrace innovations that will define business, government and society – to build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world.”
      The theme for GSIF 2009 is “Collaborative Innovations: Investing in Team Earth & an Inclusive World”. There may be opportunities to inject veg perspectives if anyone can attend. Details at http://www.socialinnovatorsforum.org or contact Ng Xueqi, 9489. 2772, gsif@...


      By Popular Demand, Another Class on Japanese Veg Cooking

      Danny of Enso Kitchen, an expert in Zen vegetarian cooking is now teaching for PA. They have added another class on 11 Oct as PA wishes to accommodate more students as the 18 Oct class was fully booked up very quickly.
      Details at http://www.ensokitchen.com/event.htm

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