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VSS eNewsletter 20 August 2009

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  • George Jacobs
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 20 August 2009 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS NEWS VSS on Facebook Climate Crisis Symposium VSS at
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      20 August 2009
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      VSS on Facebook
      Climate Crisis Symposium
      VSS at Yoga Fair – 6 Sep
      Joining NUS’s Efforts to Fight Climate – 7 & 8 Sep
      DVDs of Prof Campbell’s Talks
      Donations Sought for 2nd West African Vegetarian Congress

      Healthy Lifestyle Cum Cooking Lessons (in Mandarin)
      Book on Judaism and Vegetarianism Now Online At No Charge
      The McCartneys and Meat Free Mondays
      Healthy Veg Kids Stand Up for Their Beliefs
      Know Anyone Writing a Paper on Global Warming?
      New Documentary on the Killing of Dolphins for Meat
      Nadya’s Eco Chic Includes Cutting Back on Meat
      How I Became A Vegetarian

      The VSS eNewsletter gets a fresh makeover. We hope you like the new look.
      Among the features in this edition is the inspiring story of ex-model Chantel Goh, whose life was changed after viewinging our 'Seeds' VCD.
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Visit us at www.vss.sg


      VSS on Facebook

      If you’re one of the 10s of millions of people who enjoy networking via Facebook, please think about including the VSS page in your network:




      Climate Crisis Symposium

      VSS will have a booth outside the Climate Crisis Symposium to be held Sat, 29 Aug, 9am-3.30pm at Lecture Theatre 27 on the NUS campus. Admission is free, although registration is required. The list of speakers is impressive; so, please don’t miss this opportunity to educate and inspire yourself. For details, visit www.climatecrisissymposium09.blogspot.com or contact Ms Koh Ting Ting at 9114.7999.


      Climate Crisis Symposium

      VSS at Yoga Fair – 6 Sep

      On Sun, 6 Sep, , 10am-6pm, VSS will have a booth and give a talk at a Yoga Fair to be held at Fort Canning Park @ Cox Terrace. The event is organized by the Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore, and the Guest of Honour is Dr Fatima Lateef, MP for Marine Parade GRC.
      Many yoga proponents are also proponents of vegetarianism, not only for health reasons but also to promote kindness towards other animals (human and otherwise) and to care for the environment. For more information about this fair: 9789.8167 or http://anandamarga.org.sg/category/events



      Joining NUS’s Efforts to Fight Climate – 7 & 8 Sep

      VSS will be taking part in the Green Carnival at NUS, as part of the university’s campaign to reduce global warming. The Carnival activities include urging the NUS community to change their eating habits in light of the strong evidence that the production of animal-based foods is responsible for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions.
      The Carnival’s opening ceremony takes place on Mon, 7 Sep, 10.30-1pm at the NUS Central Forum.
      (a) Climate Change Exhibition – Deadline 2015
      (b) NUS Fights Climate Change – What About YOU?? - film
      (c) Bochup House
      (d) NUS Votes Earth
      (e) Performance by local comedian Hossan Leong
      The Green Carnival is organized by SAVE (Students Against Violation of the Earth): nussu.save@... Check out the significant initiatives, such as Meatless Thursday, that SAVE is promoting: www.nusfightsclimatechange.com



      DVDs of Prof Campbell’s Talks

      DVDs of Professor T. Colin Campbell presentations in Singapore on 18 and 19 July are available at $25 each. Please email your orders to johncheang@... or contact John at 6565.9076 (office) or 96742.512 (hp). Please include $10 for delivery charges and allow 3 or 4 weeks for production and processing of your order. You may also self collect the DVDs at 90 Jurong East Street 13, S. 609648. If you choose the self-collect option, please fix an appointment before coming.


      Cancer Biology

      Donations Sought for 2nd West African Vegetarian Congress

      The International Vegetarian Union, to which VSS belongs, sent the following appeal for funds. So far, the response has not been good. Please consider helping this worthy cause.
      The first West African Congress was held in Nigeria in December 2007, and an international appeal to support that Congress raised about £1300. Details of the 2nd West African Vegetarian Congress in Ghana at the end of October are on www.ivu.org/africa/ghana-2009.html. The 2009 event should be much bigger. If you would like to offer support, you can make a donation by debit or credit card or by PayPal on www.ivu.org/africa/donations.html. Note that all catering will be vegan.


      West Africa


      Healthy Lifestyle Cum Cooking Lessons (in Mandarin)

      Bliss and Wisdom Society will be conducting Healthy Lifestyle Lessons starting on 29 August. The four sessions of healthy lifestyle class will include topics on how our selection of foods and household products affects our health and the environment, what are the facts behind factory farming, how to choose healthier processed foods and how to cook simple and healthy vegetarian meals for ourselves and love ones.
      Dates: 4 Saturdays: 29 Aug, 5 Sep, 12 Sep, 19 Sep 2009; 7pm–8.30pm.
      Where: 2nd storey above Yes Natural grocery store, 599 Geylang Road #02-00 .
      Cost: $20 for the entire 4 sessions.
      Registration and Info: Koh Lee Yong or Sia Siew Hua at 6841.2836 or e-mail to sia_iris@...



      Book on Judaism and Vegetarianism Now Online At No Charge

      People of many different faiths are inspired to be vegetarian at least in part by their religious beliefs. This book, Judaism and Vegetarianism, by Richard Schwartz, a retired professor of Mathematics, explains one example of the match between religion and vegetarianism. Published in hard copy in 2001, it is now available free online at www.jewishveg.com/JudaismAndVegetarianism/

      Here is an excerpt from an endorsement of the book by Rabbi David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland:
      Those who seek to live in accordance with the most sublime values of Judaism will find Richard Schwartz’s book an inspiration and guide for an authentic modern Jewish life that fulfills the injunction to “turn from evil and do that which is good, seek peace and pursue it.”


      Jewish Veg Cookbook

      The McCartneys and Meat Free Mondays

      Here’s an article and YouTube video on the participation of Paul McCartney and his children, including Stella, a noted fashion designer, in the growing worldwide campaign for one meatless day per week:




      6yr-Old Stands Up for Her Right To Eat Veg

      This story reminds me of a friend of mine, an ex-pat from India , who went veg at age 8, even though no one else in his family was veg:



      Girl with Apple

      Know Anyone Writing a Paper on Global Warming?

      Here is a great resources on why plant-based diets are so important for fighting climate change:

      This article is just U.S.-based but gives a good picture of the many ways animal-based food contribute to climate change


      Global Warming

      New Documentary on the Killing of Dolphins for Meat

      Last month, VSS took part in a discussion following the Spore premier of the film Food, Inc. at Cinema Europa at Golden Village at VivoCity.
      On Tues, 25 Aug, 7pm, at the same theatre, our friends at Acres will lead a discussion following the Spore premier of another film on our species’ not-so-nice treatment of our fellow animals.
      Cove - http://thecovemovie.com – exposes how in a cove along the coast of Japan , dolphins are trapped and killed for food. To read a review of the film:

      Speaking of Acres, VSS was honoured to attend the opening of their Wildlife Rescue Centre earlier this month: www.acres.org.sg


      The Cove

      Nadya’s Eco Chic Includes Cutting Back on Meat

      Nadya Hutagalung, along with her husband, Desmond Koh, was a guest of honour earlier this year at the launch of VSS’s Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide:
      Nadya graces the cover of this month’s Simply Her magazine:

      In an article in that issue entitled ‘Eco Chic’, Nadya offers lots of tips on going green, including cutting back on meat. You can learn much more from Nadya at her Green Kampong website: http://www.greenkampong.com/food/




      How I Became A Vegetarian

      Jo Goh is a former top model. Under the name Chantel Goh, she won Best Model Singapore 1991, Best Model In Asia Pacific 1991, and Supermodel of Singapore 1994.
      The reason I’m writing this for VSS is to show my gratitude. It was the ‘SEEDS’ VCD, compiled by VSS, that woke me up and changed my life.
      I started modeling at 17. In the fashion industry, looking good is all that matters if you want to keep your job. All my life, I had been taught that meats are not only delicious but also nutritious. My diet was all about meat, all kinds of meat, low in carbo, zero in vegetables, and I grew to love that diet.
      In 2005, while shopping in Chinatown , I picked up a VCD named ‘SEEDS for a Better World’. I took it because it was free, and I was curious to know what could make this world better. That evening, I watched ‘SEEDS’ and had the shock of my life! I broke down and cried, overwhelmed by sadness. Nobody told me the truth about the hidden cruelty and suffering before. The very next day, I announced to my family, “I am going to be a vegetarian”. In utter disbelief, they thought I had gone mad!
      Since becoming vegetarian, I have felt really good inside-out. My health has improved. Amazingly, my 20-year-old gastric problem is gone. I have even become a regular blood donor! During my meat eating days, I took lots of multi-vitamin pills and went to the gym, but my health was still disastrous.
      It was a bold step to give up my glamorous career as a supermodel and a business in image consultancy. My mum became vegetarian too, and we opened a vegetarian outlet. It is hard work, and we only manage to survive due to my kind husband’s support. However, we carry on mainly to spread vegetarianism. We believe in doing small things in a big way by reminding people the truth about meat, our well being and the harmony we all seek.
      Editor's note: The eatery that Jo and her mum operate is
      Vegetarian Pureland Restaurant located at
      Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah,


      Chantal Goh


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