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VSS eNewsletter - 09 May 2009

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS VSS eNewsletter 09 May 2009 In this issue... VSS NEWS Film Marathon: Gratitude to Earth & Earthlings - 8-9 May Wanted: Information on Veg Stalls in
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      VSS eNewsletter
      09 May 2009



      In this issue...



      VSS NEWS


      Film Marathon: Gratitude to Earth & Earthlings - 8-9 May


      Wanted: Information on Veg Stalls in School Canteens


      Animal Welfare Symposium - 16 May, Sat


      VSS in the News Again with Upgrading of School Canteen Food


      Back to Southern Ridges Trail – 24 May


      Influenza A H1N1 – Letter to the Forum Page






      More Classes from NutriHub - the Organic Fusion Cafe


      More Classes from Wholesome Living


      Jane Goodall Visit Events


      Another Small Step – EU Bans Seal Products


      Healing Foods: Cooking for Cancer Patients


      New Study Suggests Soy May Protect Against Breast Cancer


      Reading and Watching about Influenza A H1N1


      Listening about Climate Change and Other Topics


      Swine Flu Petition


      World Environment Day Global Film Showing: ‘Home’




      VSS NEWS



      Film Marathon: Gratitude to Earth & Earthlings - 8-9 May

      Bright Hill Temple, in coordination with Lapis Lazuli Light and VSS, is holding a free film marathon of films that highlight the many advantages of eating less or no meat. Among the films to be screened are some featured in this newsletter, but not yet shown in Singapore , including A Delicate Balance and Processed People.


      When: 8 May (Fri) 4pm to 9 May (Sat) 5pm

      Where: Dharma Hall, Bright Hill Temple , 88 Bright Hill Road

      Transport: Bishan MRT, then Bus 410 (white plate) or Bus 52




      Wanted: Information on Veg Stalls in School Canteens

      As part of VSS’s effort to increase the quantity and quality of veg food on offer at Singapore schools, VSS would like to collect information on existing veg stalls, so that we can learn from and share information with current stallholders.


      If you know of any veg stalls in primary schools, secondary schools, ITEs or JCs, please send the name of the school, and if possible the name of contact of the stall holder to info@...


      VSS in the News Again with Upgrading of School Canteen Food

      VSS’s efforts to provide students with greener, healthier food choices were again reported on in the media, this time in The Straits Times of 2 May. An article headlined ‘Green envoys plant the seed’ explained how VSS is working with teams of students who are not only reaching out to their schoolmates but who also plan to take the ‘Go Green: Eat Less Meat’ message to other schools.




      Animal Welfare Symposium – 16 May, Sat



      Last year saw Singapore ’s first Animal Welfare Symposium. It looks like this will become an annual event. Once again, VSS will be there, perhaps with the veggie burger we debuted at RI earlier this month


      The symposium is free, thanks to the Lee Foundation, the main sponsor and co-sponsors. However, advance registration is required and only 500 places are available. In addition to lively talks and discussions, the symposium will also feature a bazaar with animal-friendly products.


      Date: 16 May (Sat), 8.30am-6pm

      Venue: NUS, Lecture Theatre 27

      Info: www.animalwelfare.sg or enquiries@...


      Back to Southern Ridges Trail – 24 May

      Earlier this year, VSS led a hike along the Southern Ridges Trail from the foot of Mt Faber to Hort Park . We plan to enjoy the same hike again on Sun, 24 May, except this time, instead of walking from Hort Park to a restaurant for dinner, we plan to cater meals to be delivered to us at Hort Park Details later this month, so please wait until then to book your place – the more, the merrier.




      Influenza A H1N1 – Letter to the Forum Page

      For more on H1N1 Influenza (the disease formerly known as ‘swine flu’) see the links further below in this issue of the VSS eNewsletter. Here’s a letter that a VSS member sent to the TODAY newspaper – it seems that the letter was not published:


      “I REFER to “When Meat Really Is Murder” (April 29). This article highlights the harm done by factory farming of pigs and other animals. Factory farming refers to the modern and rapidly spreading practice of raising animals in buildings similar to the factories in which we produce objects such as watches or plastic furniture.


      These factory farms reduce the cost of meat by providing the highest output at the lowest cost via machinery, biotechnology, global trade, and economies of scale. However, by confining thousands of animals in one building, factory farms create a breeding ground for pandemic diseases, such as swine flu and avian flu. In a vain attempt to combat such diseases, antibiotics must be used on a large scale. In fact, one expert estimates that livestock production accounts for 50% of U.S. antibiotics use.


      Factory farms also damage the environment. For instance, the involuntarily confined animals produce huge amounts of manure and other wastes which foul the air and water. This waste also emits methane and nitrous oxide, two greenhouses gases more potent than carbon dioxide.


      But perhaps the most important reason to end factory farming lies not in the danger of pandemics or in the damage to the environment, but in the living hell suffered by our blameless fellow animals trapped on factory farms and deprived of the social and physical characteristics of a natural life. Recent research is documenting that other mammals, such as pigs and cows, and even birds, such as chickens, have the capacity to think and feel (see, for example, the March, 2008 issue of National Geographic). Indeed, they are not objects to be produced by us in factories.


      We can reduce the threat of pandemics and show kindness towards other animals by moving away from factory farming, reducing our consumption of meat, and enjoying more fruits, vegetables and other plant foods.”







      More Classes from VSS - the Organic Fusion Cafe

      NutriHub’s - Cuppage Plaza , #B2-25 (behind OG Orchard, near Centrepoint) - May Dine & Learn workshops include:


      1. Sat. 16 May, 2-4pm

      “Nutrition & Nutrimeal Cooking”

      $50 inclusive of lunch.


                1.  Fruit Enzyme 

                2.  Polenta Brown Rice Porridge

                3.  Herbal Mushroom                             

                4.  Chickpea Salad


      2. Sat, 23 May, 10.30am-1pm        

      “Harmonising Your Body Energy I”

      $40 inclusive of lunch.

      Learn to:

      1. Protect yourself from harmful Electromagnetic Field / Radiation.

      2. Use Pendulum to check your body & food energy.

      3. Harmonize your body energy with visualization, organic juices and other methods.


      3. Sat, 30 May, 11am-1pm           

      “Nutrimeal – Raw like Cooked”

      $50 inclusive of lunch.


                1.  Swiss Muesli 

                2.  The Green Surprise

                3.  Nutty Fruity Tart                              

                4.  Zucchini Pasta


      Especially for VSS members, 10% discount for attending any of the above workshops. For non-members, enjoy 10% discount for those registered for 2 workshops or more or 10% discount for group of 2 persons or more registering for 1 workshop.


      For registration or enquiry, call 6738.2746 or SMS to Ms Vinitha Ang at 9236.8402.


      Details available on our workshops, foods & services at http://www.nutrihub.blogspot.com


      More Classes and Two Announcements from



      Chef Oh Chong Fah, who has taught for VSS, Kampung Senang, People’s Association and others, is offering more classes this month.


      1. Sat, 16 & 23 May, 3-6pm, two sessions

      Wholesome Bakery (with & without oven)



      2. Sun, 17 & 24 May, 3-6pm, two sessions

      Making Silken Organic Tofu (non-mineral coagulant) and Okara dishes



      3. Advanced Bakery 1, 30 May, Sat, 2:30-6pm, one session

      Pre-requisite must have attended Wholesome Bakery Workshop. http://wholesomeliving-sg.com/Classadvbread.html


      Please sign-up early to avoid disappointment and enjoy early-bird price. For schedules, http://wholesomeliving-sg.com/schedules.html. For payment details, etc., call 6560.1337/9653.1734


      Chef Oh also sends out two announcements:


      1. Wholesome Living will be closing in mid-June mainly because my first veggie baby is expected in July and I am switching business. We are looking for people interested in taking over our current business (organic retails & bakery). If you are seriously interested, please call 9653.1734 for details and viewing.


      2. As we are closing soon, we have some banana plants (small shoots) that can easily be transplanted to give away. If interested, please contact us either via email - info@... or Tel - 6560.1337.



      Jane Goodall Visit Events

      Here are events being held in connection with the world-renowned Dr Jane Goodall’s June visit. For more info: www.janegoodall.org.sg [Note: Although Dr Goodall is vegetarian and the food will likely be vegetarian, vegetarianism doesn’t seem to be emphasised by the Jane Goodall Institute.]




      1. Green Generation Concert - Fri, 5 June, 6–9pm

      Palm Valley, Singapore Botanic Gardens

      Info: www.greengeneration09.com  greengeneration09@...


      Green is in, and this June, there’s no better way to celebrate eco-friendliness and have a blast than joining in the fun with us at 2009’s biggest conservation and entertainment event, the Green Generation Concert, which features world-renowned primatologist, Dr Jane Goodall as keynote speaker.


      2. “Vision for Hope" Youth Symposium - Sat, 6 June, 8am–5pm

      Singapore American School

      $20 per person

      Info: www.jgisyouthsymposium.ning.com chiak@...


      The Jane Goodall Institute ( Singapore ) presents the "Vision for Hope" Youth Symposium, a daylong celebration of how personal action can be a substantial and positive force for making the world around us better.


      The event promises to be an exciting, meaningful and fun exchange of ideas and visions highlighting the ability of youth to bring about a healthier environment, a more equitable society, and a place where people and nature can coexist. Dr. Jane Goodall will be the keynote speaker.


      3. Gorgeous Green Gala, in aid of the Jane Goodall Institute ( Singapore ) - Sat, 6 June, 7pm-10.30pm

      Colonial Ballroom, American Club

      $250 per person

      Info: www.janegoodall.org.sg gala@...


      The Inaugural Gorgeous Green Gala supports the vital and exciting work of JGIS. You can support Singapore’s branch of the Jane Goodall Institute and its many activities, including Roots & Shoots, by attending the JGIS inaugural fundraising dinner and auction.


      Dr. Jane Goodall will be the Keynote Speaker and Guest-of-Honour for the Gala. Take advantage of this special opportunity to meet the internationally acclaimed scientist, New York Times bestselling author, and United Nation’s Messenger of Peace.


      4. Reason for Hope film showing - Sat, 23 May (prior to Dr Goodall’s visit), 11:00am – 1:00pm

      Botany Centre Function Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens



      This documentary is a biography of Jane Goodall, primatologist and conservationist. It is particularly concerned with her spiritual development, and her message of hope that, working together, humans can overcome our differences and make the world safe and habitable for ourselves and the creatures our choices impact.


      This is a great chance to learn about Dr. Jane’s inspirational life and research before her June visit to Singapore . JGIS leaders will lead a Q&A session immediately after the film.


      Another Small Step – EU Bans Seal Products

      In another small step in the long journey towards better human treatment of our fellow animals, the European Union voted overwhelmingly to end imports of seal products, even including some omega-3 pills, in a bid to pressure Canada to end its annual seal hunt, the world's largest.





      “The European Parliament voted to endorse a bill that said commercial seal hunting, notably in Canada , is "inherently inhumane." EU governments still need to back the law, but officials called that a formality and said the ban is expected to take effect in October.


      Canada's East Coast seal hunt is the largest in the world, killing an average of 300,000 harp seals annually. The EU bill targeted the Canadian hunt because of the size of the annual slaughter and the way seals are killed — either clubbed or shot with rifles. In the past, they have also been killed with spiked clubs, or hakapiks.”




      Healing Foods: Cooking for Cancer Patients

      These two cooking classes are based on the principles of the Gerson Therapy and Hallelujah Acres. All the dishes are vegan, but some contain onion and garlic.


      The second class is a repeat of the first class.


      When:           Mon, 18 May, 10.30-1.30; Sat, 27 Jun, 10.30-1.30</

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