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VSS eNewsletter - 01 May 2009

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS VSS eNewsletter 01 May 2009 In this issue... VSS NEWS VSS in Lian He Wan Bao Classifieds Section in the VSS Forum VSS Participates in Let¡¯s Do Our
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      VSS eNewsletter
      01 May 2009



      In this issue...



      VSS NEWS


      VSS in Lian He Wan Bao


      Classifieds Section in the VSS Forum


      VSS Participates in Let’s Do Our Part


      Learning from Geese






      ‘Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally’ �C Book Launch


      Video Source from VegSource


      The Only Diet for a Peacemaker is a Vegetarian Diet


      Crabs Feel And Remember Pain Suggests New Study


      Enso Kitchen’s Japanese Cooking Videos


      Metta Charity Walk cum Family Carnival


      Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup Recipe (Serves 4)


      Cooking Demo and Buffet at New Green Pasture Café �C 3 May


      News From Kampung Senang


      The Startling Effects of Going Vegetarian for Just One Day


      Singapore Veg Eatery Now Has a Branch in Bali




      VSS NEWS



      VSS in Lian He Wan Bao


      VSS has been working with people at RI to enhance the food in the canteen there and to raise awareness of the wisdom of non-meat choices. One part of this effort was the launch of a veggie burger in April. You can read Lian He Wan Bao’s coverage of the launch at http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=node/957




      Classifieds Section in the VSS Forum

      The VSS Forum offers a way to interact with like-minded people. There is now a classifieds section in the Forum:


      The categories and sub-categories are as follows:




      Buy & Sell




      Mobile Phones


      Companion Animals




      Please check it out at http://www.vegetarian-society.org/my_forums


      VSS Participates in Let’s Do Our Part

      A VSS representative will be speaking on Sun, 16 May, 2pm-8pm, as part of the Let’s Do Our Part event at Hort Park : www.letsdoyourpart.com Net proceeds from the event go to the River Kids Project, which works to prevent child trafficking in Cambodia : http://www.riverkidsproject.org


      The VSS talk is entitled ‘Change Your Diet, Change the World’. Titles of other talks include ‘Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally’, by Betty Khoo; ‘How We Can Do Our Part in Small Ways, Every Day’, by Shamala Tan; and ‘The Personal Reward in Social Enterprise’, by Dr Sarah Clay Mavrinac.


      Learning from Geese

      A VSS member sent the following email to the Forum page of The Straits Times which was published online on 29 Apr:



      I refer to “Goose may vanish from dinner plates” (Straits Times, 25 April, 2009). Yet again, bird flu raises its scary head, along with swine flu. Maybe the deaths of humans and of other animals will give us pause to rethink our food sources.


      In the case of geese, rather than eating them, we might want to learn from the way they cooperate with each other. For instance, geese in nature fly in a “V” formation. In this way, as they flap their wings, they create an uplift for those geese immediately behind them in the formation. As a result, the whole flock has a flying range that is at least 71% further than if each bird flew alone.


      Another example of cooperation among geese arises when members of the flock leave the formation because they fall ill or are shot by hunters. Should that occur, two other members of the formation accompany their flockmates to provide help and protection.


      Of course, the geese who we eat never have an opportunity to fly in magnificent formations. As is the case with the other animals raised to be food for humans, these geese are confined to crowded, unsanitary buildings. Such conditions promote disease among geese, chickens, pigs and others.


      Perhaps, if we humans learn a lesson from geese and cooperate with other animals, such as geese and pigs, we might all enjoy healthier lives.









      ‘Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally’ �C Book Launch

      This is the new title of VSS member Betty Khoo’s revised book, filled with inspiring stories and useful information that anyone concerned about cancer �C and that’s all of us �C will want to read. 


      There’s an informative article about the revised book’s launch in the 17 Apr 09 post on a local blog with the great name of Eco Walk The Talk





      Video Source from



      VegSource, the organisation that hosts the IVU website, has started a new video feature. Twice a week, they add short video clips of notable vegans and vegetarians, who share personal stories and perspectives about being veg.


      If you want to see these videos as they come out, you can subscribe to the VegSource Newsletter. Every time they post a new video, they'll send you a notice by email.


      To subscribe to these alerts:



      Recent clips include:


      John Robbins: Wrong to eat animals?



      John McDougall MD: My health awakening



      Jeffrey Masson PhD: on his new book, “The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food”:



      Jay Gordon MD: Defeating the culture of obesity



      Joel Fuhrman MD: Curing with the vegan diet:



      The Only Diet for a Peacemaker is a Vegetarian Diet


      Here’s a Catholic perspective on reasons to eat less or no meat:




      Crabs 'Feel And Remember Pain' Suggests New Study

      Here’s an excerpt from an article that you might want to encourage Chilli Crab eaters to read. The full article is at:






      New research suggests that crabs not only suffer pain but that they retain a memory of it. The study, which was carried out by Professor Bob Elwood and Mirjam Appel from the School of Biological Sciences at Queen's University, Belfast, looked at the reactions of hermit crabs to small electric shocks. It was published in the journal "Animal Behaviour". Professor Elwood, whose previous work showed that prawns endure pain, said his research highlighted the need to investigate the treatment of crustaceans used in food industries.


      Enso Kitchen’s Japanese Cooking Videos

      Enso Kitchen, a restaurant that features Zen-style Japanese vegetarian food, has posted 12 online cooking demos: http://www.ensokitchen.com/media_09.htm  Plus, they are having a Mother’s Day promotion.




      Metta Charity Walk cum Family Carnival


      Organiser:     Metta Welfare Association - http://www.metta.org.sg  

      Date:            Sunday, 7 June

      Time:            9am-6pm

      Venue:            Metta Building ( 32 Simei St 1) Free shuttle bus service between event venue and Simei MRT station is available from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

      Highlights: Experience the exuberance of bustling funfairs right here! Interesting games and stage performances will guarantee kids a field day! Adults can indulge in a dazzling array of treats like handicrafts, apparel and vegetarian food purveyed by over 100 stalls in this massive bazaar!


      There’s also a walkathon led by Guest-of-Honour Ms Jessica Tan, MP for East Coast GRC. All proceeds will fund Metta’s welfare services in aid of 1,000 beneficiaries from various races and religions.


      Carnival:       Free admission

      Charity Walk: $10 for individuals and $5 per person for groups of 20 or more

      (goodie bag and limited edition tee included).


      Contact: 6580.4688, Ms Ng Zi Hui


      Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup Recipe (Serves 4)

      In April, VSS members joined others in an ACRES-sponsored event at Speakers Corner to urge people not to eat shark fin soup. Here, courtesy of ACRES, is a veg version of the controversial soup.



      Yellow beans

      1 carrot

      Half a spaghetti squash (known as shark fin melon)

      3 Chinese shitake mushrooms cut into strips

      2 black and white fungus cut into strips

      10 grams lily flowers

      1 toufu cut into strips

      1 sheet beancurd skin (fuzhouk) broken into pieces

      10 grams celery cut into strips

      10 grams carrot cut into strips



      Black soy sauce

      Ground white pepper

      Table salt

      Black vinegar

      Sweet potato starch



      Cut the carrots into chunks. Boil together with the yellow beans to make the soup stock. Strain the stock when soup base is ready. Put the stock aside.


      Spaghetti squash

      Cut the squash into quarters and boil in water with skin. Once soft, take out the squash and leave it to cool in an ice-filled pot.


      After cooling, you can easily peel the strands of squash away from the skin. Be careful not to tear the strands apart. Keep the strands together so that you get the ‘shark fin’ in whole pieces when served.


      Cooking the soup

      Heat oil in pan. Stir in the stripped carrots and mushrooms till fragrant. Stir in the rest of the ingredients, except the squash (shark fin). Once it’s fragrant, add in prepared stock. Add seasoning to taste and black soy sauce for colour. Bring to boil, stir in sweet potato starch. Stop when you get the consistency you prefer. Then last but not least, add in the beancurd skin into soup. Now, gently place the pieces of ‘shark fin’ into the soup. Let it simmer for 10mins on low heat.


      Finally, serve with a sprig of coriander and a dash of vinegar.


      Cooking Demo and Buffet at New Green Pasture Café �C 3 May

      Sophia of New Green Pasture Cafe at 190 Middle Road, #04-22 Fortune Centre, S188979 will be holding an 'all-you-can-eat-buffet' with free cooking demo of pineapple fried rice and button mushroom soup event on 3 May (Sun) from 3pm to 6pm at a cost of $28/pax.  Interested parties can call Sophia or Angela at 6336 8755 to register. 


      While you’re at New Green Pasture Café, please be sure to drop some money in the VSS donation tin that Sophia kindly provides.


      News From Kampung Senang

      Our friends at Kampung Senang now offer a wide range of internet resources at http://kgsenang.multiply.com  


      Also, check out their Saturday Weekend Mart Special, that includes a guided organic herbs farm tour, a wellness talk on an emotional freedom technique by Lena Chen, and an organic juicing demonstration, plus an organic lunch that includes organic juicing sampling.


      NorthEast Kampung Senang Activities Centre

      Blk 840 Tampines St.82 #01-205, S. 520840

      23 May (Sat) 9am to 12pm

      $20/person, $30/2-persons (inclusive of Organic Lunch and Organic Juicing sampling)


      Contact Elaine at 67852568 or elainelow@...


      The Startling Effects of Going Vegetarian for Just One Day



      Many leading vegetarian organisations urge meatarians who aren’t ready to go 100% veg to just try to reduce their meat consumption. For example, in Belgium , they have Meatless Thursdays and in the U.S. , the meatless day is Monday.


      The stats in the excerpt below, from the U.S. , show what a powerful positive impact this kind of meat reduction can have on the environment. Just think of the positive impact vegetarians have by going meatless everyday.

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