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VSS eNewsletter - 25 March 2009

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  • George Jacobs
    http://docs.google.com/File?id=dsb2qcg_204rzfq96ff_b VSS eNewsletter 25 March 2009 In this issue... VSS NEWS VSS 10th Anniversary AGM, Sat, 28 Mar, 2-5pm (This
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      VSS eNewsletter
      25 March 2009



      In this issue...



      VSS NEWS


      VSS 10th Anniversary AGM, Sat, 28 Mar, 2-5pm (This week!)


      Reading Aloud To Children - 31 Mar, 7.15pm


      Holistic Wellness Symposium 2009 – 11-12 Sep


      Letter About Graciousness To The Forum Page Of TODAY






      Gorgeous Green Gala Dinner


      Death On A Factory Farm


      Whale Sharks In Sentosa? No Thanks!


      8-Week Wellness Programme


      New Restaurant In Katong


      Genesis Cooking Class – 29 Mar


      More Dine & Learn Workshops From Nutri-Hub


      Course By Theosophical Society




      VSS NEWS



      VSS 10th Anniversary AGM, Sat, 28 Mar, 2-5pm

      Sat, 28 Mar, 2pm-5pm, VSS will hold our 10th anniversary AGM at The Giving Place, the HQ of the National Volunteer and Philanthropic Centre, located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-88, The Central, just above Clarke Quay MRT on Level 4, in the MPH room.


      Light refreshments, including a vegan birthday cake by Halimah, will be served. For directions: http://www.nvpc.org.sg/Pgm/Others/NVPC_F_ContactUs.aspx 



      Please attend the AGM to celebrate what VSS has done over the past 10 years, to discuss what we will do in 2009 and beyond, and to explore how you might be involved in our urgent task of educating the public about the benefits of moving towards diets that are part of a kinder and wiser way of life.


      Reading Aloud To Children - 31 Mar, 7.15pm

      Last year, VSS launched its Parent Support Group to help parents who are raising their children as vegetarians. Two key aspects of raising children are teaching them values and helping them learn to read and like to read. On Tue, 31 Mar, Awareness Place (Well Being), #03-39 Bras Basah Complex, will host a workshop that addresses both these key aspects of child rearing.


      The workshop, to be conducted by a VSS member, is on Reading Aloud to Children. Participants will learn how to read aloud in any language in a way that promotes children’s ability to read and their desire to read, at the same time that we teach values, in particular, values related to how we humans treat our fellow animals.


      This workshop is a repeat of one from Dec. For details, contact Cixin at pohkim@... or 6336.5067. More than 20 people have already registered.


      Holistic Wellness Symposium 2009 – 11-12 Sep

      Kampung Senang has put together this two-day event to share knowledge and experience in holistic wellness – body, mind, soul and environment. VSS will be participating.


      Title: Transforming Our Life Template for a Harmonious Global Village

      When: 11-12 Sep, 9am-5pm

      Where: Quality Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 201, Balestier Road, S. 329926, www.qualityhotel.com.sg, MRT: Lavender

      Fee: $250 (Before 01 May 2009), $250 (Group of 5 or more), $300 per person

      (Includes course materials, 2 lunches and 4 tea-breaks)

      Info: www.lifetemplate.org or hws@...

      Topics: Holistic Wellness services, hurdles in educating and reaching out to the public about holistic wellness, current trends and new findings, networking among Holistic Wellness service providers.


      Letter About Graciousness To The Forum Page Of TODAY

      A VSS member sent the following letter to Today newspaper. It doesn’t seem to have been published.


      I refer to “Gracious, really? 90 per cent of Singaporeans think so”, (March 12) and the reply by Mr Rick Lim Say Kong (March 16).


                Perhaps we need an expanded definition of graciousness. Gandhi wrote that a nation’s “moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. These non-human animals are the weakest among us. They cannot speak for themselves; they depend on us to protect them. Is not the strong caring for the weak a key component of graciousness?


                Fortunately, Singapore ’s track record in regard to the treatment of our fellow animals displays many positives and shows promise of further improvement. For example, local organizations such as Acres, Cat Welfare Society, Action for Singapore Dogs, House Rabbit Society, Animal Lovers League and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals demonstrate people’s commitment to treating our fellow animals properly.


                In terms of legal protection for other animals, laws are in place in Singapore and being enforced to stop the trafficking of wild animals, such as turtles, and the harming of domestic animals, such as cats.


                While we still have room for improvement in how we treat domestic and wild animals, our treatment of factory farmed animals, such as chickens and pigs, stands out as the area where our graciousness towards other animals needs the most improvement. Worldwide, humans consume more than 50 billion land animals annually, and in Singapore we consume millions. Whether these helpless creatures are raised and killed here does not matter; our dollars make it happen.


      The large majority of these animals live short, miserable lives confined from birth in cramped unnatural conditions. For instance, the typical chicken lives but six weeks, seldom seeing the sun, squeezed into a space about the size of an A4 piece of paper.


      However, even in the area of meat eating, Singapore shines compared to the majority of the world’s countries. With approximately 4.5 million people, we boast about 400 dedicated vegetarian restaurants and stalls, with vegetarian options available at many non-vegetarian eateries. 


      Furthermore, my unscientific observation is that more people here are eating less meat. Recently, a medical doctor told me that she is eating less meat and dairy because of their effect on global warming, and a professor told me that he eats less meat due to his revulsion over the treatment of factory farmed animals.


      Therefore, as to our treatment of our fellow animals, it does seem that Singapore already does relatively well and has the potential to continue as a model for other countries.







      Gorgeous Green Gala Dinner


      Jane Goodall is one of the world’s most famous vegetarians. Known for her path breaking work for and with chimpanzees in Africa , Dr Goodall is now travelling the world to help her beloved chimps by changing the behaviour of the chimps’ close cousins, we humans. Towards that end, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which focuses its efforts on students.


      Here in Singapore , they are known as the Jane Goodall Institute ( Singapore ): JGIS. VSS participated in the parade they held at the Botanic Gardens. To raise funds to support their noble efforts, JGIS is holding a Gorgeous Green Gala at the Colonial Ballroom of the American Club on Sat, 6 Jun at 7pm. The price is $250 per person and dress is either “Gorgeously Green” or formal attire.


      There will be a gourmet vegetarian meal and a live auction featuring several fabulous items. Last but not least, the distinguished guest and speaker is Dr. Jane Goodall. For more information on the event: gala@... or www.janegoodall.org.sg


      Death On A Factory Farm

      HBO recently broadcast a show in the US about factory farming. No word about when or if it will be broadcast here. In the meantime, here’s a bit about the film.




      Whale Sharks In Sentosa? No Thanks!

      Our friends at Acres – www.acres.org.sg – are circulating the following petition:




      While the petition is not specifically about food, it does speak to how we humans treat and think about our fellow animals.


      Just for a bit of balance, here are parts of a reply received about a week ago by a VSS member who signed the petition:


      “As of today, over 3,000 of you have written to us and we hope you can spare a few minutes for our side of the story. As an organization that is committed to inspire the conservation of the ocean through education, we fully understand your concerns with regards to the feasibility of whale sharks in captivity. 


      That is why we have been, and still are - to this date - considering alternatives for our overall Marine Life Park design plans, while simultaneously peer reviewing our animal collection and exhibits content.


      While we go about our work, we also want to highlight that the whale shark exhibit at the Marine Life Park was submitted as part of the winning bid in an international competition for the Integrated Resort on Sentosa in late 2006. As such, the organization is bound to deliver the integrity of the bid, and any proposed replacement for the whale sharks must be defensible in that it must be viable and be as broad, if not compelling, in its appeal to bring in visitors to Singapore - the reason Singapore decided to have the integrated resorts.


      We do not take these undertakings lightly and as such, we need time to investigate all available options to provide Singapore with a world-class Marine Life Park .   The process of replacing promised attractions in a winning bid is neither simple nor unilateral. Papers, presentations, permits and many rounds of fine-tuning and debate are required.  We welcome ideas at csr@...."


      8-Week Wellness Programme

      The 8 Weeks to Wellness (8WW)  programme is a package that includes pre and post-health screening, health lectures on the preventive and therapeutic aspects of the vegetarian diet by doctors, a dietician and certified health educators, cooking demos, vegetarian meals, workbooks and other materials. The maximum number of participants is 40 and reservation is by pre-payment only.


      When: 8 consecutive Sundays from 12 Apr, 4pm-6.15pm, except the first and last sessions, 8:30am-10:45am

      Where: Balestier SDA Church (Social Hall), 120 Balestier Road, S. 329680

      Cost: $80 total for the entire 8 sessions

      Registration and Info: Eunice @ 6299.4571 (M-F 8:30am-12:30 pm) or 9711.3947
      or e-mail

      or http://www.4shared.com/file/93202283/cac8e59f/8_weeks_to_wellness-_2nd_Revision_Registration_Form.html



      New Restaurant in Katong


      Here’s a new veg restaurant with an intriguing name and a great website, brought to you by the folks at The Whole Earth in Geylang.


      Name: Naive

      Address: 99 East Coast Road, S. 428795

      Phone: 6348.0668

      MRT: Paya Lebar

      Buses: 10, 10e, 14, 14e, 16, 32, 40

      Landmarks: Opp. Katong Mall and Katong Village

      Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am-10pm

      Brown rice: Yes

      Organic: Some organic mushrooms

      MSG (Ajinomoto): No

      Onion & garlic: No

      Eggs: No

      Dairy: Very few dishes with dairy

      Email: eat@...

      Website: http://www.naivecompany.com

      Delivery: No

      Catering: No


      Genesis Cooking Class – 29 Mar

      A lot of the Kim Chee on the market contains fish. To help our marine friends, we can make our own Kim Chee. Learn how at this class.



      Korean Kim Chee

      Korean side dishes

      Water Chestnut Dessert


      Date:  Sun, 29 Mar

      Time: 4pm – 7 pm

      Place: Genesis Health Food Restaurant, 1 Lorong Telok

      Price: $40 per person

      Info:   6438.7118, genesishf@...


      More Dine & Learn Workshops From

      Here’s the latest line-up of workshops from Nutri-Hub in Cuppage Plaza near Somerset MRT.


      Sat 28 Mar, 10.30am-1pm

      Title: Harmonising Your Body Energy I

      Price: $40 inclusive of lunch


      Learn how to protect yourself from harmful Electromagnetic Field / Radiation.

      Learn how to use Pendulum to check your body & food energy.

      Learn how to harmonize your body energy with visualization technique, organic juices and other methods.


      Sat 4 Apr, 10.30-1pm

      Title: Nutrition & Vitality Cooking

      Price: $50 inclusive of lunch 


      Nutrition talk on why & what to replace in your diet, how to boost your immune system & how to manage your colon health.

      Followed by Vitality Cooking Demo - Asian Salad Delight using local greens & Cashew Fig 5 grains Brown Rice Porridge.


      Sat 18 Apr, 1pm-3pm

      Title: Nourishing your Body, Hair & Skin

      Price: $10


      Organic set lunch.

      Learn how good nutrition and skin care can help you to look good and feel good.


      Sat 25 Apr, 10am-12noon   

      Title: Harmonising Your Body Energy II

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