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VSS eNewsletter - 08 December 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter 08 December 2008 In this issue... VSS NEWS VSS Exhibition Opens At AMK Library Volunteer Opportunity – Flag Day, 17 Dec (Wed) Want To Make A
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      VSS eNewsletter
      08 December 2008



      In this issue...



      VSS NEWS


      VSS Exhibition Opens At AMK Library


      Volunteer Opportunity – Flag Day, 17 Dec (Wed)


      Want To Make A Video of The VSS Smoothie Demo?


      Notes From The First Parent Support Group Meeting


      VSS In The News And On The Web


      Veg Food Stall Vendors Sought For School Canteens






      Great Article In TODAY


      Copies Of ‘The China Study’ Available At Genesis Health Food Restaurant


      Cooking Classes By Lily at Angel’s Heart


      Another Way That Meat Pollutes


      New Location For New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


      Another Local Blog Worth Visiting


      Wellness Weekend at Kampung Senang, 21 Dec


      Food Art Class For Children, At Ci Yan, 13, 14, 20, 21 Dec


      Cattle Industry Publication Interviews PETA Founder


      Obama On The Benefits Of Eating More Fruit And Veg




      VSS NEWS



      VSS Exhibition At AMK Library – Volunteers Needed

      One of the ways that VSS brings its message to the public is exhibitions at libraries. Our colourful and informative exhibition features videos, display panels, sculptures, flyers, stickers, VCDs and opportunities for input.


      Our next exhibition will be at Ang Mo Kio Public Library 9-30 Dec (dates have been extended). The library is at 4300 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, S. 569842, and is open daily, 10am-9pm; Tel: 6332.3255; Nearest MRT, Ang Mo Kio; Nearest Bus Interchange, Ang Mo Kio; Buses: SBS 13, 86, 162, 138, SMRT 851, 852, 853.


      Please visit the exhibition. Your feedback is most welcome as to how to improve the way that VSS attempts to spread the veg message. Also, please consider whether the exhibition might fit where you study, work, worship, etc.


      Finally, if you can help staff the exhibition – shifts are 3-4 hours - please contact wenjin@... 



      Volunteer Opportunity – Flag Day, 17 Dec (Wed)


      Our friends at Kampung Senang are having a flag day on Wed, 17 Dec, and they need our help to collect funds at various MRT stations. As you probably know, Kampung Senang promotes veg in their talks and by providing organic vegetarian food. Among the other great things they do are help for cancer patients, the elderly and people who need mobility aids such as wheel chairs, not to mention a Waldorf Centre for young children. For details: http://www.kg-senang.org.sg


      VSS will receive 15% of all the funds that VSS volunteers collect on behalf of Kampung Senang. Here are the details:


      Number of volunteers needed:      500

      Minimum age of volunteers:          16 and above

      Time Slots:                                 (8am to 12pm), (11am to 3pm), (2pm to 6pm) and (5pm to 8pm)

      Locations:                                   Islandwide

      Collection Centres / MRT stations: Tampines MRT station, Ang Mo Kio MRT station,  Kovan ( nearby carpark), Outram Park MRT station , Tanjong Pagar MRT station ,  Waterloo Street( outside Kuan Yin Temple) , Braddell MRT station , Yishun MRT station, Woodlands MRT station, Jurong East MRT station


      Contact Siu Kar Luen at 6749.8509 or volunteer@... to arrange where to help.



      Want To Make A Video Of The Smoothie Demo?

      Our smoothie workshop is becoming increasingly popular. For example, we are doing it for a temple later this month. We’d like to make a video of the basic smoothie demo that is done near the beginning of the workshop.


      If you (or someone you know) are willing and able to volunteer to make such a video, pls contact info@...  To watch an amateur attempt at such a video, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Claf9uGPZg




      Notes From The First Parent Support Group Meeting



      If you wanted to attend the first meeting of the VSS Parent Support Group but weren’t able to make it, you can read notes from the meeting at:




      VSS In The News And On The Web

      Last Friday’s Straits Times ran an article quoting two VSS members on the link between meat and the environment. On the same page, is a very nice article about folks with a pisang goreng stall who promote veg: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=node/957




      Veg Food Stall Vendors Sought For School Canteens

      In our effort to save lives through the prevention of poor health, VSS has been investing effort in schools, educating and encouraging more schools to provide healthier food and set up vegetarian stalls. Some schools have expressed interest.


      Now, we’re looking for people who can run school canteen vegetarian stalls. This will be a business for the vendor, not for VSS. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact info@...

      In case you are not familiar with higher quality veg food and school guidelines, food can be supplied by restaurants which VSS can recommend. In this case, you would only need basic food preparation skills (to piece ingredients together). VSS can also facilitate cookery consultation for possible vendors.







      Great Article In TODAY

      Last month, TODAY newspaper had an excellent article explaining why eating less or, even better, no meat helps protect the environment. We liked the article so much that we’ve put it on the VSS website:





      Copies Of ‘The China Study’ Available At Genesis Health Food Restaurant

      The China Study, by Professor T Colin Campbell, is a top-selling health book which contains data from health studies done worldwide, including a large study done by China ’s Ministry of Health, Oxford University and Cornell University . The book explains why a vegan diet may reduce health risks.


      One place to purchase the book and enjoy vegan food is Genesis Health Food Restaurant at #1 Lorong Telok, S. 049014, 6438.7118, genesishf@...


      Open 8am-8pm, except Friday, 9am-3pm, Closed Sat, Sunday 9am-3pm



      Cooking Classes By Lily At Angel’s Heart

      Lily Ko, who started the Yogi Hub restaurants that morphed into 7 Sensations and Angel’s Heart, will be conducting cooking classes at Angel's Heart Café, 28 Stanley Road . The dates are Sat, 13 and 20 Dec. Classes are from 1pm-3pm. Fee: $50 per lesson.


      For details and to register, call Fanny at 6220.4344 after 1.30pm or Lily herself at 9182.6898.



      Another Way That Meat Pollutes

      We 6.7 billion humans eat more than 40 billion chickens every year. Those poor fellow animals emit lots of chicken poop which, like the excretions of the other Earthlings we raise for food, causes a grievous amount of pollution of the soil, water and air.


      Here’s an example:





      “How to handle the 650 million pounds of chicken manure produced in the state each year has sparked a fierce debate between environmentalists and the state’s powerful poultry industry. State officials hope to bring Maryland in line with most other states next month by enacting new rules for where, how and how long chicken farmers can spread the manure on their fields or store it in outdoor piles.” 



      New Location For New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant

      282 Jalan Besar. S. 208925 is the new address of New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant. Tel: 6398.0836. Nearest MRT: Lavender




      Another Local Blog Worth Visiting

      The following blog, by a local science teacher, has lots of good info on the environmental impacts of meat, including these facts:


      Fish farming returns only one pound of farmed salmon for 3 pounds of fish food given to the salmon, a return of only 33%. The tiniest of fish are harvested from the ocean, dried and fed to the farmed salmon. This is destroying the ocean ecosystem. (These tiny organisms are part of the natural food chain in the ocean ecosystem.)


      Here’s the URL for the blog: http://asal-sakti.blogspot.com



      Wellness Weekend At Kampung Senang, 21 Dec

      Looking for a veg holiday meal? Kampung Senang may have the answer. Their Wellness Weekend event includes a Christmas lunch ($8, booking required). Also, various types of natural therapy will be explained and demonstrated.


      Date: Sun, 21 Dec

      Time: 12pm-5.30pm

      Place: Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre (near Aljunied MRT)

      Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent , #01-205, Singapore 380106, Tel: 6749.8509, http://www.kg-senang.org.sg



      Food Art Class For Children, At Ci Yan, 13, 14, 20, 21 Dec

      Children aged 4 and above, as well as adults, are invited to decorate all sorts of Xmas baked goods, such as gingerbread cookies. This unique event is helmed by Adrian Seow, son of the famous Mdm Wong of Ci Yan Organic Health Food Restaurant, 8 Smith St (nearest MRT – Chinatown Point or Tanjong Pagar). Adrian is a qualified bakery chef. Materials and tools are provided. All materials and baked goods are vegan.


      Place: Ci Yan Restaurant

      Dates: 13, 14, 20, 21 Dec (Sat and Sun)

      Time: 3.30-4.30 (each class will be different)

      Fee: $18 per class (payment to be made on the date of the class you attend)

      Contact: adrian_seow@... 8303-6346



      Cattle Industry Publication Interviews PETA Founder

      Here’s a good example of how people with very different views can, nonetheless, communicate with each other. Visit this URL to read a recent interview with the founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which appeared in CattleNetwork: http://www.cattlenetwork.com/Content.asp?ContentID=270850



      Obama On The Benefits Of Eating More Fruit And Veg

      This YouTube video (starting at the 50 second mark) is from earlier this year, before the U.S. presidential election: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn4KwSl8FGo (you may need to download free software to use YouTube)


      It’s nice to see that the president-elect understands the many benefits of moving towards a plant-based diet. The points Obama makes should be clear to anyone who takes the time to read on the topic.












      Visit http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl
      for a comprehensive list of vegetarian eateries

      or email us at info@...

      to notify us of new places.






      Chief Editor:                               Dr George M Jacobs

      Layout Consultant:            Mr Gangasudhan






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