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VSS eNewsletter - 27 November 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter 26 November 2008 In this issue... VSS NEWS VSS Exhibition At AMK Library - Volunteers Needed Successful First Meeting of Parent Support Group
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      VSS eNewsletter
      26 November 2008



      In this issue...



      VSS NEWS


      VSS Exhibition At AMK Library - Volunteers Needed


      Successful First Meeting of Parent Support Group


      In This Festive Season, If You Are Upgrading Your TV…






      Dance India , Taste India


      On Their Way To Slaughter In Singapore


      Meditation Course With Ang Hwee, The Vegetarian Weightlifter


      Statins Or Dietary Changes To Reduce Heart Disease?


      More Classes From NutriHub


      Meet The Flexitarians


      Holiday Horrors




      VSS NEWS



      VSS Exhibition At AMK Library – Volunteers Needed


      One of the ways that VSS brings its message to the public is exhibitions at libraries. Our colourful and informative exhibition features videos, display panels, sculptures, flyers, stickers, VCDs and opportunities for input.


      Our next exhibition will be at Ang Mo Kio Public Library 9-22 Dec. The library is at 4300 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, S. 569842, and is open daily, 10am-9pm; Tel: 6332.3255; Nearest MRT, Ang Mo Kio; Nearest Bus Interchange, Ang Mo Kio; Buses: SBS 13, 86, 162, 138, SMRT 851, 852, 853.


      If you can help staff the exhibition – shifts are 3-4 hours - please contact wenjin@...



      Successful First Meeting Of Parent Support Group


      VSS’s Parent Support Group (PSG) aims to help parents navigate the murky, sometimes bumpy, waters of raising veg kids. PSG’s first meeting was last weekend. All agreed that it was a success, and future activities are being planned.


      To learn more, drop an email to psg@...



      In This Festive Season, If You Are Upgrading Your TV...


      Please consider donating your old LCD/Plasma TV with a 26” or larger screen to VSS. Visuals have always been important in conveying our messages during exhibitions. A big screen with big sounds will help deliver our big messages in speaking for the helpless animals and the planet. A portable 26” or larger LCD/Plasma screen would be great! One with a built-in disc drive would be even better.

      On behalf of the farmed animals, thanks for considering this plea.







      Dance India , Taste India


      Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) and Annalakshmi vegetarian restaurant bring you "Dance India , Taste India ", a 4-day cultural extravaganza of Music, Dance, Cuisine and Craft.

      Venue: Hong Lim Park/Speakers Corner, ( Upper Pickering Street , Clarke Quay MRT Exit A)


      Dates: 27 Nov (6pm-10pm), 28 Nov-30 Nov (10am-10pm)

      Free Admission. All are welcome.


      ·         Enjoy classical, semi-classical, folk, and contemporary music and dance by invited artistes from India , local artistes and TFA International artistes from India , Malaysia and Singapore .


      ·         Workshops and demonstrations of veg cooking, mehendi, yoga, painting & sketching, music and dance and many more.


      ·         If you wish to take home a little of what India has to offer, treat yourself to the beautiful and colourful selection of Indian apparels, artefacts and handicrafts.


      ·         Come and sample the rich variety of Indian vegetarian food from selected corners of India !


      ·         For the little ones, there are games, fashion show and many activities to keep their creative minds at work!


      For more information, visit http://templeoffinearts.org/diti



      On Their Way To Slaughter In Singapore


      With the advent of the Internet, there are so many more media outlets for veg views and news. Here’s a good example.


      VSS’s own Bhangra teacher and founder of the NUS Animal Welfare Group, Jaipal Gill, sent Stomp a photo of chickens being transported for slaughter in Singapore , plus his comments: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/viewContent.jsp?id=42527



      Below is what Jaipal’s post said. If you go online, you can read some of the comments that Jaipal’s post evoked. We can’t decide whether to laugh or cry after reading the comments. You may be able to post your own comments.


      The STOMPer emailed us with thoughts on this:

      "I was driving in the North of Singapore on 18th Nov and saw chickens being transported in a Malaysian registered lorry.

      "Although a common sight on our roads, we should stop to reflect for a moment about the suffering these chickens have to go through for us.

      "They travel long distances from Malaysia , are crammed into small cages and kept without shelter food or water for hours. Just think of the time it takes for these lorries to clear customs!


      "They are exposed to weather elements, be it rain or shine. And those further inside have to put up with feces and urine from the chickens above.

      "It is sad that we treat sentient beings like that when surely less cruel alternatives could be arranged.

      "I wonder what is the death/ injury rate of chickens transported like this and how many birds have to go through this on a daily basis."


      It was also in last Thursday's (20 Nov) copy of MyPaper, hardcopy as well as softcopy, but we are not sure for how long it will be online.



      Meditation Course With Ang Hwee, The Vegetarian Weightlifter

      Earlier this year, VSS held an event featuring some of Singapore’s vegetarian all-stars: Teresa Hsu, the 111 years-young social service provider; M. Rameshon, the Singapore national record holder in the marathon; and Ang Hwee, who has won medals in international weightlifting competitions.


      There’s a quieter side to Ang Hwee who is the Project & Events Head for a VWO. He and Sean Liew are offering a 4-session meditation course, which also highlights vegetarianism.



      Dates: 10, 17, 24, 31 Dec (Wed)

      Time: 7.30pm-9pm

      Place: Singapore Foochow Association, 21 Tyrwhitt Road , Foochow Bldg, Level 5 Training Room

      Investment: $80/pax; $10 off for VSS members

      Info: 6396.7782, bcbear2@..., www.Therapy-Coaching.com



      Statins Or Dietary Changes To Reduce Heart Disease?


      The following letter about the use of drug therapy to combat high levels of cholesterol appeared in the New York Times of 18 Nov. It was written by Dr Dean Ornish, an advocate of plant-based diets.


      To the Editor:

      Re: “Cholesterol-Fighting Drugs Show Wider Benefit” (front page, Nov. 10):

      Researchers reported that statin drugs cut the risk of a heart attack by 50 percent by reducing inflammation as measured by elevated levels of C-reactive protein. Chronic inflammation may be an important cause of coronary heart disease. What many people don't realize is that comprehensive lifestyle changes also reduce both inflammation and cholesterol levels as effectively as cholesterol-lowering drugs, but without the costs and side effects of these medications.

      Your article about this study did not mention changes in diet and lifestyle as a viable alternative to a lifetime of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

      Last year, more than $20 billion was spent in this country on cholesterol-lowering drugs like Lipitor, most of which could be avoided by changing diet and lifestyle. If millions more people are prescribed these drugs as a result of this new study, then the resulting costs will be billions of dollars more per year.

      This is coming at a time when health care costs - really, disease care costs - are reaching a tipping point. President-elect Barack Obama has made it a priority to provide health care to the 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance.

      At a time when the economy is melting down, wouldn't it make more sense to emphasize lifestyle interventions that are both medically effective and cost-effective than only cholesterol-lowering drugs? And the only side effects are good ones.

      Dean Ornish

      Sausalito, Calif.,

      Nov. 12, 2008


      The writer, a medical doctor, is founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.



      More Classes From NutriHub


      NutriHub - the Organic Fusion Café, 5 Keok Road, #B2 -25, Cuppage Plaza , Singapore 228796 – is offering more of its Dine & Learn workshops.


      Sat 6/12 10am to 12noon

      “Harmonising Your Body Energy I”

      $40 inclusive of lunch


      Sat 13/12 1pm to 3pm

      “Nutrition & Vitality Cooking I”

      $50 inclusive of lunch                                               


      Sat 20/12 1pm to 3pm

      “Nutrition & Vitality Cooking II”

      $50 inclusive of lunch


      Sat 27/12 10am to 12noon

      “Harmonising Your Body Energy II”

       $40 inclusive of lunch


      10% discount for those registered for 4 workshops or 10% discount for groups of 3 or more persons who register for 1 workshop.


      For registration, call 6738.2746 or SMS Ms Vinitha Ang at 9236.8402.



      Meet The Flexitarians


      Flexitarians are people who usually eat veg but every now and then eat non-human animals. Here are two articles about these folks:







      Holiday Horrors


      Finally, here’s an article about how vegetarians deal with holiday meals with flesh-eating family and friends. This article talks about the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving but is relevant regardless of what the holiday is.













      Visit http://www.vegetarian-society.org/?q=fdl
      for a comprehensive list of vegetarian eateries

      or email us at info@...

      to notify us of new places.
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