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VSS eNewsletter - 16 October 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    Dear Readers – We’re trying something a bit different in this issue. Hope you like it. Feedback welcome: info@vegetarian-society.org Hope to see you at
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      Dear Readers – We’re trying something a bit different in this issue. Hope you like it. Feedback welcome: info@...  Hope to see you at the EGM this Sunday

      VSS eNewsletter
      16 October 2008


      In this issue...


      VSS NEWS

      VSS EGM With A Cancer Prevention Talk By Betty Khoo – This Sunday!

      Letter To The PM And The Official Reply



      Hope Café Dawns

      First ‘Loving Hut’ Opens In Singapore

      Our Fellow Animals Have Personalities Too

      Veg In the Blogosphere And On The Web

      Free Online Conference On The Environment

      Vegetarian Food Show In JB

      Memorable Quotation

      Dine & Learn Classes By NutriHub

      Celebrity Vegetarian In The News


      VSS NEWS

      VSS Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) With Cancer Prevention Talk By Ms Betty Khoo

      VSS will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 19 October, Sunday from 3.30pm to 5.00pm. The purpose of this EGM is to amend the VSS constitution to provide for greater flexibility, and we will need a quorum in order to pass the necessary amendments. If you are a VSS member, please do attend as only members can vote on this important issue. Although we welcome anyone who is interested to attend the EGM and take up membership, we are unfortunately unable to allow those who become members on the day of the EGM to vote.

      The EGM will be held at Bestway Building , 12 Prince Edward Road, Singapore 079212, Level 2, Room 02-03 and will begin with a brief update on VSS activities, following which the two amendments will be considered

                               LOCATION MAP









                                             source: http://www.cae.edu.sg/lm.shtml


      Last, but not least, as part of the VSS EGM, we will have the good fortune of listening to a talk by Ms Betty L. Khoo-Kingsley, author of Cancer Cured Naturally.

      Betty is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker who will explore the topic of ‘How to Live a Cancer-Preventative Lifestyle’. Of course, Betty will speak about the importance of vegetarian food and also highlight the advantages of organic, locally grown food.



      Details of her book Cancer Cured Naturally are available at http://www.selectbooks.com.sg/getTitle.cfm?SBNum=42119






      Letter To The Prime Minister And The Official Reply

      Below is a letter that VSS sent to PM Lee. After the letter is the reply. Also, here’s a good quote from the PM: “Singapore could be a ‘living laboratory’ for solutions to challenges that the rapidly growing number of cities around the world face, as they strive to develop economically while safeguarding the environment.” – speech at the World Cities Summit , Singapore , 25 June 2008.


                                                                                                                           30th September 2008


      Dear Prime Minister Lee


      Long term contribution to a better Singapore through prevention of poor health.


      This is written to appeal for more attention to the multi-faceted benefits of a plant-based diet.

      Having no natural resources, it is a great loss to Singapore when our precious human resources are diminished, especially when our people are lost in the prime of their lives. Experts agree that a majority cases of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and others diseases can be preventable. They also agree that it is prudent and cost effective for the long-term to invest in prevention, given the high and escalating treatment costs.

      UN scientists and other experts have stated that human’s present dietary patterns are not sustainable as they deplete global resources and wreak environmental havoc.

      Moving towards a plant-based diet through awareness and choice would benefit all.


      This is not about imposing lifestyle choices on people or about being seen as a nanny state, but is a real concern for the people’s welfare, and now the Planet’s.

      Singaporeans can still have our satay, char kuay teow and chicken rice, but they can be in healthier plant-based versions. Given time and demand, even better tasting varieties of local food can evolve and be explored. Other new healthful food trends, like fusion foods, can be encouraged.

      Singapore can become a true food paradise where food is not only tasty and amazingly wide in variety but is moving towards a kindness to our health, to other animals and the planet.

      While Singapore continues to thrive in our medical and health care programmes, we could also shine in preventive sciences. Being a small country of largely educated people with excellent leadership and infrastructure, we can be an example to the world of how we can enjoy life with plant-based foods and responsible living.

      Enclosed is a cookbook which we produced with SNP and our annual reports. In the appendix are other ideas and a brief summary of VSS’s past efforts and plans. We would be delighted to elaborate. We would be even more delighted if an audience with you is possible.
      Thank you for your kind attention.

      George Jacobs, Ph.D.

      President, Vegetarian Society ( Singapore )







      8 October 2008


      “The Prime Minister has received your letter of 30 Sep 08, with the enclosed cookbook and

      annual report.


      We share your hope that Singaporeans can enjoy healthy food and lead healthy lives.

      Thank you for your efforts.


      Yours sincerely,

      Ng How Yue, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister”








      Hope Café Dawns


      A new vegetarian eatery has just opened called Hope Café. This is certainly a unique establishment, which is staffed by the Visually Handicapped. Here are the details:





      Name:                    Hope Café

      Type of outlet:         café

      Address:                 Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped,

      Yusof Building , 47 Toa Payoh Rise, Singapore 298104

      Landmarks:             Behind Marymount Convent School

      Contact:                 6251 4331 (ext 145)

      Website:                 www.hope.com.sg

      Email:                     info@...

      Bus Services:                    Bus Stops 1 & 2
      SBS - 54, 130, 132, 156, 162, 166
      TIBS - 167, 851 and 980
      Bus stop 3 & 4
      SBS - 231, 59

      MRT Station:            Braddell

      Opening Hours:        Mon to Fri - 8.30am to 5.30pm

      Sat 10.00am-1.00pm

      Dairy:                     Yes

      Eggs:                     Yes

      Brown Rice:             No

      Organic:                  No

      MSG:                      No

      Onion & Garlic:         Yes

      Delivery Service:      Not Available

      Catering Service:      Not Available

      Price:                     S$5 and below

      Information collected on 13th October 2008


      First ‘Loving Hut’ Opens In Singapore




      Loving Hut is an international chain of vegetarian cafes with outlets in several other Asian countries and the US . With the maiden outlet already opened, we hear that other Loving Huts are set to open here in the near future as well. Well, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the locations of the upcoming outlets are confirmed.







      Name:                    Loving Hut

      Type of outlet:         café

      Address:                 3 Temasek Boulevard

      Suntec City Mall, Sky Garden

      #03-016 @ Tower 2, Singapore 038983

      Landmarks:             Opposite Toys "R" Us / Happy Kidz (inside Suntec City Mall)

      Contact:                  6238 6755

      Website:                 www.lovinghut.com.sg

      Email:                     info@...


      Bus Services:           (a) Bus stop at Suntec City along Nicoll Highway

      10, 14, 16, 70, 70M, 196, 546

      (b) Bus stop at Suntec City Convention Centre

      36, 70M (7.00pm onwards for weekdays), 97, 106, 111, 133, 162M (7.30pm onwards for weekdays), 502, 518, 531, 576, 578, 579, 581, 700A (7pm onwards for weekdays), 857

      MRT Station:            City Hall

      Opening Hours:        Daily from 11.00am-10.00pm

      Signature Dishes:     Fragrant Herbal Rice, Satay, Thai Wrap, Salad Roll, Curry, Vietnamese Pho, Gourmet Coffee and Tea, Fusion Cold Drinks

      Price:                     S$4.80 and above

      Dairy:                     No

      Eggs:                     No

      Brown Rice:             Yes

      Organic:                  Some Dishes

      Onion & Garlic:         Few Dishes

      Delivery Service:      Available within Suntec City

      Catering Service:      Not Available

      Information collected on 10th October 2008



      Our Fellow Animals Have Personalities Too

      An interesting article by a senior writer at Imaginova, Ms Jeanna Bryner (inset photo), reports that a mathematical model may be able to explain how personality is widespread in the Animal Kingdom. The full story is available at LiveScience.com via the link below.



      More Veg in the Blogosphere And The Web

      In our last issue, we mentioned a Singaporean who does vegan baking but overlooked including the website URL. Well, here is the link to view all that delectable cuisine.


      The VSS members had the opportunity to sample some of her cupcakes during the event last Saturday, and it was thumbs up all around!


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