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VSS eNewsletter 24 September 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 24 September 2008 VSS News Volunteers Needed – Now More Than Ever Worldwide Events in
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      VSS eNewsletter, 24 September 2008


      VSS News

      Volunteers Needed – Now More Than Ever

      Worldwide Events in October on Behalf of Our Fellow Animals

      Invited Speakers


      Other News

      Progress Made on Endangered Species and TCM Products

      Group Forms to Promote Organic Vegetarian Food

      Organic Shop Opens along Farrer Road

      Raw Food Demo/Tasting Class

      Keat Lim Veg Stalls

      Good News for Ang Mo Kio

      Hakka Thunder Rice

      Nobel Peace Prize Winner Issues Statement on Meat and Climate Change

      Veg Cook/Manager Needed at NTU

      RSPCA Urges Clergy to Celebrate Animals

      Kampung Senang Art Exhibition and Charity Sale

      Another Place to Find Out about Veg Outlets

      Aussie Study Finds Veg Diets Cheaper, Healthier and Greener

      Six Food Mistakes Parents Make



      VSS News

      Volunteers Needed – Now More Than Ever

      Meat consumption is on the rise, locally and globally, wreaking destruction in its wake, in the form of rising incidence of disease, environmental devastation, world hunger and the suffering of our fellow animals.

      In the face of this frightening reality, if you would like to volunteer in a big way to convince more people to eat less or no meat, let us know – Please - info@...

      We can all do something to help, no need to wait for the government or others, as is illustrated in this humorous video:


      Worldwide Events in October on Behalf of Our Fellow Animals

      The month from October 1, World Vegetarian Day, to November 1, World Vegan Day, is variously known as:

      World Vegetarian/Vegan Month
      Reverence For All Life Month
      World Vegetarian Awareness Month

      For details of events that are happening around the world see

      VSS is planning something very practical for this special month. Our goal is to update the Outlets page of our website. This is probably the most popular page on our website, among both long-time vegetarians as well as people exploring vegetarianism.


      Unfortunately, the listings of the Outlets page are woefully out-of-date, and updating them is a time consuming process. Fortunately, if everyone does just a couple outlets we can do the job.


      Here's the information we seek. However, we realise that not all categories are relevant to all outlets. Please send the info you collect to info@... Thanks a bunch!


      Name of outlet


      Postal code

      Phone numbers – landline/hp

      Nearest MRT


      Nearby landmarks

      Days and hours the outlet is open

      Specialty dishes

      Do they serve brown rice?

      Is the food organic?

      Do they use MSG (ajinomoto)?

      Do they use onion & garlic?

      Do they use eggs?

      Do they use dairy products?



      Do they deliver?

      Do they cater?

      Date you collected this information


      Invited Speakers

      A good way to garner attention for vegetarianism is to invite a well-known speaker from overseas. Last year, VSS tried inviting Professor Colin Campbell, author of The China Study. However, we were unable to raise the funds required.


      Last month, we invited Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, as we had heard from a veg society in Belgium (where he recently spoke) that the cost would potentially be much less. For more on Dr Pachauri, please see the article 'Nobel Peace Prize Winner Issues Statement on Meat and Climate Change' near the end of this newsletter.


      Other News

      Progress Made on Endangered Species and TCM Products

      On the 14th Aug, ACRES (Animal Concerns, Research and Education Society) announced encouraging news on the progress of the ACRES and STOC Endangered Species-Friendly labelling scheme. 274 TCM shops (from 189 companies) now display the ACRES & STOC Endangered Species-Friendly TCM Label, pledging to never sell products containing endangered species parts. The scheme is funded by the Animals Asia Foundation.


      For more on the TCM labelling scheme: http://www.acres.org.sg/campaigns_labelscheme.htm


      Group Forms to Promote Organic Vegetarian Food

      More and more vegetarians are trying to go organic at least some of the time, because evidence suggests that organic is better for our own health and the health of people who work in agriculture, better for the environment and better for the non-humans animals poisoned by pesticides.


      Fortunately, there's a new organization in Singapore promoting organic veg food. Cielo Sereno, which means 'calm blue sky' in Italian, does local organic tours for any organization with a minimum of 30 pax. Their tours are very popular; in fact, they are often over-subscribed: www.cielo-sereno.net


      Organic Shop Opens along Farrer Road

      Name of outlet: Piore Organic Life Shop

      Address: Blk 3, Queen's Rd, #02-163, S. 260003 (along Farrer Rd )

      Phone: 6474.4047

      Email: pioreorganic@...

      MRT: Queenstown 

      Bus: SBS 153, 174, 186, 93, 165; SMRT 855, 961

      Landmark: St Margaret's Girls School

      Open: Mon-Sat, 9.30am-7.30pm; Sun, 10.30am-3pm; Closed public holidays


      Specialty dishes: Organic juices, coffee, tea and cookies. More soon

      Brown rice? No

      Organic? Yes

      MSG: No

      Onion and garlic: Yes

      Eggs and Dairy: No

      Delivery: for purchases of $200 and up

      Catering: No

      Date info collected: 12/9/2008


      Raw Food Demo/Tasting Class

      Linda Loo of Raw Food Lifestyles, www.rawfoodlifestyles.com, who was featured at the VSS National Day Party this year, is offering people a chance to learn raw food recipes that are fast to prepare, tasty and require no dehydrating. Here's the details:


      Raw Food Lifestyles Demo/Tasting Class:

      Date: 11 Oct 2008 Sat

      Time: 1pm - 3pm

      Cost: S$80/pax

      Venue: Confirmed participants will be notified separately

      Details: Demo of 4 raw recipes, food tasting and Q & A

      Contact: www.rawfoodlifestyles.com


      Linda invites people, asking, "Are you excited to come and be inspired by how easy and fun raw foods can be? Because we are limiting group size, do sign up to RSVP your space a.s.a.p. Full payment must be received 5 days before class dates, and payment is non-refundable for participants who do not turn up."


      Keat Lim Veg Stalls

      A reader sent the following about a chain of veg stalls


      1. Name of outlet: Keat Lim Vegetarian Food
      Address: Blk 728, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Coffee Shop, S. 560728
      Phone: 9693.2138

      Email: eve_wes@...
      MRT: Ang Mo Kio
      Landmark: Ang Mo Kio Community Library

      Specialty dishes: Set meal with rice and a dish (customizable according to both its gravy and content), à la carte dishes like Sambal Fish, Sambal Sotong, Yi Mian, Hor Fan, Hokkien Mee, Mee Goreng
      Onion & garlic? No
      Eggs? No
      Catering? Yes
      Delivery: No

      Date you collected this information: 17/09/2008

      2. Name of outlet: Keat Lim Vegetarian Food
      Address: Blk 91, Whampoa Drive , #01-48, S. 320091
      MRT: Boon Keng, Novena, Toa Payoh
      Specialty dishes: Popiah, Fried Bee Hoon, Curry

      3. Name of outlet: Keat Lim Vegetarian Food
      Address: Blk 244A, Upper Thomson Road , Coffee Shop, S. 574369
      MRT: Bishan
      Landmark: Thomson Plaza
      Specialty dishes: Popiah


      Good News for Ang Mo Kio

      A reader reports a new outlet in Ang Mo Kio: Silver Stream Cafeteria Coffee Shop at Blk 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-697, S. 566226. Their dishes include Claypot Rice, Minced Meat Noodles, Wanton Mee, Hor Fun, and Mee Goreng. The shop is open every day till 9pm.


      Hakka Thunder Rice

      While Singapore is much better than most countries for finding veg outlets, it does happen that we can be at a food centre with no veg food other than the cut fruit stall, or maybe the veg stall has closed already, or maybe we're tired of eating at the place's only veg stall all the time.


      Here's one reader's suggestion:


      I found this stall, named Hao Ji, selling vegetarian Hakka Thunder Rice at 28 Food City Coffeeshop at Blk 252, Jurong East St 24. Priced at $3, it is good and value for money. The stall also sells non-veg food. The owner is Ms Lily, contactable at 9155.7764. The stall opens every day, except Friday, from 7am-2 pm.   


      Veg Cook/Manager Needed at NTU

      A vegetarian cook/manager is needed for a vegetarian food stall at  Nanyang Technological University 's Canteen 9. Pls contact the boss of Canteen 9 at 9111.2722, should you need further info.  


      RSPCA Urges Clergy to Celebrate Animals

      Here's another reminder that many religions, not just a few, urge kindness to our fellow animals.


      The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – UK ) is calling upon clergy to celebrate animal services with renewed focus this October following a new Church of England initiative to make 'Time for God's Creation'.


      Launched in June, the Archbishop of Canterbury and leaders of other denominations called upon Christians throughout England to put the environment at the heart of their worship this autumn.


      Oxford theologian the Revd Professor Andrew Linzey said the initiative presented a perfect opportunity for congregations to re-examine their duties towards living creatures.


      He said: "It is vital that Christians remember their specific responsibilities towards animals during this welcome renewal of environmental concern. What we call 'the environment' or 'creation' comprises individual creatures, many of them sentient, who need our care.


      "Animal Welfare Sunday falls on 5th October and provides a real opportunity for clergy to organise services that both celebrate God's creatures and underline the importance of behaving responsibly towards them."


      RSPCA director general Mark Watts said: "Many people tend to think that animal abuse happens at the hands of just a few, but in truth as a society we need to think far more deeply about how our lifestyle impacts on animals and how we may be, directly or indirectly, permitting suffering.


      "Faith groups can play an important role. We hope they will seize the moment and take a lead in promoting responsible attitudes towards animals."

      The RSPCA has published a Service for Animal Welfare booklet, written by Professor Linzey, complete with prayers, readings and liturgies, which is available to download from the Society's website (


      The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is Vice-Patron of the RSPCA, which was founded by an Anglican priest, the Revd Arthur Broome in 1824.

      Nobel Peace Prize Winner Issues Statement on Meat and Climate Change

      Dr Rajendra Pachauri, a vegetarian, is Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He issued a statement (excerpted below) on meat consumption and climate change:

      Dear Reader,

      Worldwide, livestock-farming is responsible for no less then 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions (Source: FAO, Livestock's Long Shadow, 2007). Greenhouse gas emissions through meat production and associated land-use changes are one of the most important causes of climate change/warming. Yet people, especially in high-income societies, continue to eat large amounts of meat. This high meat intake not only has negative effects on the climate and biodiversity; it is also harmful for our health because it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and other diseases of affluence. Hence, it is very important to limit our meat consumption. Eating less meat means less greenhouse gases will be emitted.

      Because our food, and especially meat consumption, is such a significant cause of greenhouse gas emissions, an essential means we have in the fight against climate change may very well be our fork. Each time you eat a vegetarian meal instead of a meat based meal, you contribute to mitigation of emissions of greenhouse gases which cause climate change. Even if you would only skip meat once a week, you would still save 170 kilograms of CO2 every year. That is about the amount you emit by driving your car 1100 km. So skipping the meat now and then is a good recipe against climate change.

      But of course one person can only do so much. It is also the responsibility of governments and industries to ensure that sustainable alternatives like vegetarian food are widely available and affordable.

      Yours sincerely,

      Dr. Rajendra Pachauri
      IPCC President
      Nobel Peace Prize winner 2007

      You may be able to download the presentation, which is full of useful stats, and watch a 10 min video of the lecture here:


      And, you can read more on the topic at



      Kampung Senang Art Exhibition and Charity Sale

      Kampung Senang, the " Village of Inner Peace ", is a charitable organisation that was established in 1999 to serve the community and environment through a holistic and natural approach, which includes vegetarianism. Kampung Senang has brought services to more than 10,000 worthy recipients.


      All this requires funds. To raise funds, Kampung Senang is holding an art exhibition and sale, featuring Chinese paintings and calligraphy. The programme begins 25 Sep and continues till 25 Mar of next year, Mon–Sat, 10am–6pm, (closed Sun/Public Hols).


      To view and perhaps purchase the art works and help Kampung Senang, please go to their Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent, #01-205, S. 380106, Tel: 6749.8509, Email: email@..., Website: http://www.kg-senang.org.sg/pdf/flyer_art%20exhibition%20edited%20260808_SL-KY.pdf


      Another Place to Find Out about Veg Outlets

      We've mentioned this blog before, but it deserves another mention, as they do a good job of updating their info on veg outlets: http://ilovemyveg.blogspot.com


      Aussie Study Finds Veg Diets Cheaper, Healthier and Greener

      Here's an article from an Australian newspaper

      Research comparing diets heavy, light and free of meat has found that vegetarianism is cheaper, healthier and easier on the environment.

      But dieticians urge caution with the study, produced by the manufacturer Sanitarium, which is owned by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church , saying going meat-free is not necessarily better.

      The findings show it costs $508 a week to feed four adults on a traditional meat diet. A reduced meat diet costs $418 a week, while a vegetarian diet costs $394.

      "A massive 20 per cent reduction in costs can be achieved by maintaining the vegetarian diet," the company said in a statement.

      The analysis also showed the plant-based diet used 50 per cent less water, led to 12 times less land being cleared and had six times lower greenhouse gas emissions than a meat rich diet similar to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

      It also contained almost 50 per cent lower saturated fat and 25 per cent more fibre and folate.

      Read the entire article at:



      Six Food Mistakes Parents Make

      A recent article in the New York Times gives 6 pieces of advice on encouraging kids to eat healthy foods. It's all common sense, but here they are, followed by the link to the entire article.


      ·         Involve children in preparing healthy foods. Kids are more interested in eating foods that they helped prepare.


      ·         Pressure, threats and bribes don't work. If children are coerced to eat healthy foods, they won't develop a positive attitude towards those foods.


      ·         Keep unhealthy foods out of the house, instead of having them in the house and telling kids that they can't eat them. Forbidden fruit is twice as sweet.


      ·         Be a good model for children. They are likely to copy adults' eating habits.


      ·         Make healthy foods tasty. Maybe adding a bit of sauce or spice will transform "boring" foods into treats.


      ·         Keep trying. "Susan B. Roberts, a Tufts University nutritionist and co-author of the book 'Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health,' suggested a 'rule of 15' — putting a food on the table at least 15 times to see if a child will accept it. Once a food is accepted, parents should use 'food bridges,' finding similarly colored or flavored foods to expand the variety of foods a child will eat. If a child likes pumpkin pie, for instance, try mashed sweet potatoes and then mashed carrots. If a child loves corn, try mixing in a few peas or carrots. Even if a child picks them out, the exposure to the new food is what counts.


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