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VSS eNewsletter, 8 July 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 8 July 2008 Happy Singapore Meatout Week! If you re vegetarian, please celebrate by
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      VSS eNewsletter, 8 July 2008


      Happy Singapore Meatout Week!

      If you're vegetarian, please celebrate by inviting a non-veg for a meal. If you aren't a full-time vegetarian, please celebrate by going veg for an entire day or maybe even the entire week.


      VSS News

      VSS in the Blogsphere

      Singapore Meatout Week – 7-13 July

      Visit the VSS Exhibition at Jurong West Community Library

      Veg Food Fair in Little India – 12 July


      Other News

      Another Listing of Veg Outlets

      Wellness Living Fair - 12 Jul

      Another Website Worth Visiting

      Interested in Doing a Veg Push Cart Business 

      Wong and Bachchan Voted Asia 's Sexiest Vegetarians

      7 Sensations Opens Tanjong Pagar Branch

      Did Banned PRC Swimmer Ingest Steroids from Pork?

      Meatout Week Discount on Brownies


      VSS News

      VSS in the Blogsphere

      The VSS party on 21 June made it to the blogosphere, with photos, at http://living-vegan.blogspot.com


      The name of the blog is Living Vegan: Life of a Vegan in Singapore and Interesting Vegan and Vegetarian Related Stuff.


      Singapore Meatout Week – 7-13 July

      Meatout is an event celebrated in about 25 countries around the world, usually on a day in March: http://meatout.org The idea is to encourage meat eaters to try going a day or more without meat.


      In S'pore, we've been celebrating Meatout for the past few years, but we do it a bit differently. First, as S'pore is more advanced than most countries when it comes to meat reduction, instead of just a day, we do an entire week. Second, instead of March, we celebrate Singapore Meatout Week in July to coincide with the S'pore Food Festival.


      The main events for this year's Singapore Meatout Week are listed below. They are Kampung Senang's Racial Harmony Day event, 6 Jul, the VSS exhibition at Jurong West Community Library, 28 Jun-13 Jul and the Vegetarian Food Fair in Little India, 12 July. Details below for the latter two.


      Also, some schools may have their own Meatout events this month.


      Visit the VSS Exhibition at Jurong West Community Library

      From 28 Jun to 13 Jul, 10am-9pm, VSS is having an exhibition at Jurong West Community Library (near Boon Lay MRT). We are very proud of our exhibition materials and are always upgrading them. Your feedback on the exhibition is most welcome. Plus, if you want, while you're visiting the exhibition, you can chat with library patrons who stop to have a look.


      Also, you can pick up VSS materials to share with family, friends and colleagues. Or, even better, bring them along to the exhibition.


      Veg Food Fair in Little India – 12 July

      VSS will have a booth at The Vegetarian Experience, a charity veg food fair in Little India, across from Mustapha, on Sat, 12 Jul, 11am-8pm: http://www.mft.org.sg/vegetarianexp.asp


      All proceeds go to helping the sick and needy elderly. To buy tickets: 6368.3301.


      Other News

      Another Listing of Veg Outlets

      In addition to the listing of veg outlets on the VSS website - http://www.vegetarian-society.org - here's another place to go to find out where to go for veg food



      Wellness Living Fair - 12 Jul

      NutriHub, the organic fusion café on Orchard, is hosting a Wellness Living Fair, Sat, 12 Jul, 11am-6pm. Admission is free, including free samples of organic veg food.


      Here is the schedule of talks and demos



      Talk – Stress Management with Shiatsu Healing, by Michelle Ayn Tessensoln



      Talk – The Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy, by Plant & Planet



      Demo - Soap Making, by MunHon



      Demo – Yoga, by Sudehpa


      Location: 5 Koek Road , B2-25/26 Cuppage Plaza (next to Centre Point, behind OG Orchard)


      Contact: 6738.2746, gchoo@...


      Another Website Worth Visiting



      7 Sensations Opens Tanjong Pagar Branch

      7 Sensations is the new name for Yogi Hub on Madras Street . They are the folks who provided the delicious food for the VSS New Beginnings Launch Party on 21 June.


      Now, they have a café in Tanjong Pagar. Here are the details.


      Name: 7 Sensation Cafe

      Address: Tanjong Pagar Plaza , #02-30, (Above NTUC)

      MRT: Tanjong Pagar

      Tel: 6227.8148

      Open: M-F 11am-5pm, Sa 11am-3pm, Closed on Sunday

      Brown rice: Yes

      Organic: Yes

      MSG: No

      Eggs: No

      Dairy: No

      Onion/Garlic: No

      Catering: Yes

      Delivery: Yes

      Eggs and dairy in some desserts, but vegan desserts also available. Also, dairy in some hot drinks.


      Interested in Doing a Veg Push Cart Business 

      'Revelation' is the name of a new shop selling veg food. They are also looking for partners in setting up push cart business at MRT stations, shopping complexes, office blocks, pasar malams and school canteens to sell take away fast food such as Vegetarian base sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers topped with their own special sauce.


      Interested parties should contact 6296.3438, revelation@...


      Wong and Bachchan Voted Asia 's Sexiest Vegetarians

      A poll done by the animal protection organisation PETA has elected Faye Wong and Amitabh Bachchan as 2008's Sexiest Vegetarians for Asia :



      Maggie Q, whose photo is featured on the VSS homepage, was one of last year's winners. More Maggie at http://goodcelebrities.wordpress.com/2007/11/10/maggie-q-and-pro-vegetarian-peta-ads


      Plus, read a CNN interview with Maggie in which she talks about how she has rescued dogs and how she helped in the making of the film Earthlings: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/asiapcf/11/14/talkasia.maggieq


      Did Banned PRC Swimmer Ingest Steroids from Pork?

      Vegetarians have long warned that meat contains drugs of all sorts that are fed to our fellow animals so that they grow fat fast and can be killed as soon as possible. Here, in a report from the UK 's Telegraph newspaper, may be a dramatic example of this phenomenon.


      Olympics: Chinese Swimmer Banned for Drugs


      By Gareth A Davies and Richard Spencer in Beijing

      Last Updated: 12:44am BST 28/06/2008


      The British Olympic Association yesterday issued a stern warning to British athletes and team officials "to eat within the confines of Team GB official catering facilities" in Beijing .


      The advice comes in the wake of a Chinese swimming medal prospect having been banned for life after testing positive for a steroid that he may have ingested innocently with his dinner.


      The Chinese Swimming Association confirmed yesterday that Ouyang Kunpeng, the country's leading backstroke swimmer, had failed a routine, out-of-competition random urine test on May 1, causing a major embarrassment for the hosts of this summer's Olympics.


      The drug concerned, clenbuterol, is widely used in China 's pig farms and can enter the food chain. In 2006, 336 Shanghai residents suffered food poisoning by pork tainted with the weight-loss steroid, popular among bodybuilders.


      As a result of this incident, BOA officials have expressed concern that athletes who eat out in Beijing 's restaurants may unwittingly be taking in banned drugs along with their food. Sweet and sour pork, therefore, will be off limits.


      To read the full article



      Meatout Week Discount on Brownies

      Once again, The Brownie Factory in the Takashimaya Food Hall of Ngee Ann City, is offering a 15% discount on 3 of their vegetarian brownies during Singapore Meatout Week, July 7th - 13th. The 3 chocolate lovers delights are  

      Triple Chocolate Brownie (vegetarian - egg free)
      Nutless Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie  (vegetarian - egg free)
      Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownie (vegan - egg & dairy free, made with soy milk)

      Contact: 6745.4250, browniefactory@...


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


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      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/index.php?q=taxonomy/term/3


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