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VSS eNewsletter 1 July 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 1 July 2008 VSS News Singapore Meatout Week - 7-13 July Visit the VSS Exhibition at
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      VSS eNewsletter, 1 July 2008


      VSS News

      Singapore Meatout Week – 7-13 July

      Visit the VSS Exhibition at Jurong West Community Library

      Veg Food Fair in Little India – 12 July

      Volunteering for VSS Events


      Other News

      Racial Harmony Day Lunch at Kampung Senang Tampines – 6 July

      Marsiling Veg Outlet News on New VSS Web

      Bicyclist Completes Singapore-Beijing Ride to Promote Veg

      Veg Athletes

      How To Attain Vibrant Health – A Talk

      How to Build a Strong Immune System – A Talk

      More Classes from Awareness Place

      New Kind of Tempeh

      Former Surgeon Promotes Non-Invasive Heart Diseases Cure: Veg Diets

      How I Became Vegetarian – The Story of a 14yr-old in the U.S.

      Plant Foods for Preserving Muscle Mass




      VSS News

      Singapore Meatout Week – 7-13 July

      Meatout is an event celebrated in about 25 countries around the world, usually on a day in March: http://meatout.org The idea is to encourage meat eaters to try going a day or more without meat.


      In S'pore, we've been celebrating Meatout for the past few years, but we do it a bit differently. First, as S'pore is more advanced than most countries when it comes to meat reduction, instead of just a day, we do an entire week. Second, instead of March, we celebrate Singapore Meatout Week in July to coincide with the S'pore Food Festival.


      The main events for this year's Singapore Meatout Week are listed below. They are Kampung Senang's Racial Harmony Day event, 6 Jul, the VSS exhibition at Jurong West Community Library, 28 Jun-13 Jul and the Vegetarian Food Fair in Little India, 12 July. Details below.


      Some schools may have their own Meatout events this month.


      Visit the VSS Exhibition at Jurong West Community Library

      From 28 Jun to 13 Jul, 10am-9pm, VSS is having an exhibition at Jurong West Community Library (near Boon Lay MRT). We are very proud of our exhibition materials and are always upgrading them. Your feedback on the exhibition is most welcome. Plus, if you want, while you're visiting the exhibition, you can chat with library patrons who stop to have a look. Also, you can pick up VSS materials to share with family, friends and colleagues.


      Veg Food Fair in Little India – 12 July

      VSS will have a booth at The Vegetarian Experience, a charity veg food fair in Little India, across from Mustapha, on Sat, 12 Jul, 11am-8pm: http://www.mft.org.sg/vegetarianexp.asp


      All proceeds go to helping the sick and needy elderly. To buy tickets: 6368.3301.


      Volunteering for VSS Events

      If you'd like to help with VSS activities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Fang Qi Lim, fangqi.lim@...


      Everyone has different skills and interests; so, different volunteer activities will suit different people. For example, if you like driving around and putting things together and taking them apart, you'll enjoy helping set up and take down VSS exhibitions.


      Here are comments on the volunteering experience from two people who helped at a recent VSS event.


      "I would say volunteering for VSS is a unique and new experience. Volunteering in promoting Vegetarianism is one of the ways to help billions and billions of animals on Earth to voice out their helplessness, fear, pain, suffering which they could not defend themselves at all. What makes it more meaningful and satisfactory is that we are also helping to spread the message of saving Mother Earth through going Vegetarianism and encouraging other to have a healthy and compassionate lifestyle. Oh, what I gain from doing this? I step out of my comfort zone and conquer the new territory which is so easy and rewarding." - Crystal, New Volunteer


      "Volunteering at VSS exhibitions is all about giving back to the society for me and helping to speak up for animals that need help. That gives me the energy and vigour to advocate and promote Vegetarianism, as I know I have a little mission to fulfil, and the numerous lives are hoping for me to stand up for them." - Jeff, 12-years-old


      Other News

      Racial Harmony Day Lunch at Kampung Senang Tampines – 6 July

      Our friends at Kampung Senang are starting up Singapore Meatout Week with an event for what they are calling Racial Harmony and Eco Harmony Day on Sun, 6 Jul.


      Where: Kampung Senang, Blk 840 Tampines St 82

      When: Sun, 6 Jul, 9am-3pm, lunch 11am-1.30pm

      What: Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western vegetarian dishes

      Why: To encourage everyone to become vegetarian or eat less meat so as to reduce food wastage and reduce carbon emission.

      Call: 6749.8509 to indicate your attendance.

      Price: Donations


      Marsiling Veg Outlet News on New VSS Web

      With our new website, we're working to update our very outdated veg outlet listings. Our Marsiling reporter informs us that the 8 Immortals there has closed but that another outlet has opened.


      Please send outlet updates to info@...


      Name of outlet: Tanaka Vegetarian Food

      Address: Blk 306 Woodlands St 31 #01-19

      Postal code:  730306

      Phone numbers – landline/hp:  9661 1939

      Nearest MRT: Marsiling

      Buses: 187, 856, 925, 926, 950, 960, 963, 966

      Nearby landmarks: Fuchun Community Centre, Woodlands Polyclinic

      Days and hours the outlet is open: Daily 6am-3pm (Alternate Monday OFF)

      Specialty dishes: Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Lor Mee, Nasi Lemak, Vegetarian Chicken Rice, Kway Chap, Laksa

      Do they serve brown rice? No

      Is the food organic? No

      Do they use MSG (ajinomoto)? Yes

      Do they use onion & garlic? No

      Do they use eggs? Yes

      Do they use dairy products? No

      Email: No

      Website: No

      Do they deliver? No

      Do they cater? No

      Date you collected this information: 23 June 08


      Bicyclist Completes Singapore-Beijing Ride to Promote Veg

      Back in March, we carried news of Sam Yeoh, a Malaysian living in S'pore, who had set off on a 9000km journey from here to Beijing to spread vegetarianism. After seeing a video about meat production's contribution to global warming, Sam decided to do something big to let others know of the destruction that meat causes. So, this 10yr vegetarian quit his job and started off for Beijing . Along the way, Sam's plan was to raise public awareness of the fact that going veg is a green action that each of us can take 3 times a day.


      The last we had heard from Sam, he was in Penang , and that was a while back; so, we were becoming a bit worried.


      Fortunately, there's good news in this report on the rest of Sam's inspiring trip.


      There were some changes in Sam's original route after he reached Penang on Mar 27.  He teamed up with the MP for Tanjung Bunga District, Mr Teh Yee Cheu, and two others who were cycling for another noble cause – to raise fund for five needy organizations in Malaysia by cycling from Penang to Xiamen , China . Sam continued with his "Go Veggie; Go Green" campaign as they rode together.


      Unfortunately, in Alor Star, on the way to Thailand , Sam fell and hurt his legs.  Consequently, the cyclists had to stop cycling for a while to seek medical treatment. They arrived in Bangkok on May 18, where they were invited to a sumptuous vegetarian dinner at the home of a kind doctor and his wife.

      From Bangkok , they continued their journey to Laos and then Vietnam , arriving in Hanoi on Jun 1. There, Sam left the team and travelled on his own. From Vietnam , he cycled to Guangzhou and arrived at the Great Wall in Beijing on June 20.


      Congratulations, Sam!


      How To Attain Vibrant Health – A Talk

      Kenosis Living Spring is a Catholic ministry dedicated to promoting holistic health in body, mind and spirit. Vegetarianism is one part of that.


      Their next gathering focuses on how to attain vibrant health.


      Date:          12 Jul, Sat

      Time:          2-4.30 p.m.

      Venue:        Church of Sts Peter and Paul (3rd floor Chapel)

                        225A Queen Street

                        S. 188551



      Speaker:     Ms Wendy Yeo

      Charges:     $12 per person



      Wendy Yeo, Herbalist and Health Food Chef, will share easy-to-follow preventive remedies, recipes, therapies and spelt. Delicious/Healing Food will be served.


      Registration is required for logistics purposes. Please register with Selena by Tue, 8 Jul at 9684.8646.


      How to Build a Strong Immune System – A Talk

      Adventist Community Services is organzing a Health Talk to provide tips on how to balance acidic and alkaline foods in our diet to ward off diseases, and how to use short-term and long-term remedies to fight off diseases.


      Speaker: Mark Chan, a certified NEWSTART Health Educator. NEWSTART is an acronym for a set of 8 health principles. Mark has conducted numerous health lectures in churches, corporations and Resident Committee Centres in Singapore .


      Date: 13 Jul, Sun

      Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

      Venue: 6 Ashwood Grove, S (739956)

      Fees: $5.00 person (UP is $10.00)

      To register: sms your name to 9743 8362.


      The first 20 registrants will receive a free health book called 'The Ministry of Healing', worth $10.00. Plus, there will be free tasting of home-made anti-oxidant juice.


      Veg Athletes

      This article discusses vegetarian athletes, including vegans, from a wide range of sports in the US .



      More Classes from Awareness Place

      Normally, we don't announce classes until near the time when the class is scheduled to begin, but the last set of classes at Awareness Place, #03-39 Bras Basah Complex, by the same two bilingual (Chinese-English) instructors filled so quickly, we thought we'd give you a chance to beat the rush.


      Vege Fast Food Class

      Purpose: To keep busy vegetarians healthy with simple DIY nutritious diet. Going vegetarian can be as easy as 'abc'.


      Date/Time:  21 & 28 Sep, Sun, 2pm – 4pm

      Fee:           $30 (2 lessons)

      Details: Conducted by Mr. Wong Kew Yew, who has done interviews and cooking demos on Radio FM 95.8


      * few vacancies left. Re-run 14 & 21 Dec, Sun, 2pm – 4pm


      Organic Educational Tour

      Purpose: Provide a One stop link for vegetarians.


      Date/Time:     1 Oct (Public Holiday )

      Fee:           $60 (inclusive of 3 organic meals)

      Details:        Conducted by Mr. Wong Kew Yew, who has done interviews and cooking demos on Radio FM 95.8


      Vegetarian Cooking Workshops ~ Reunion Dishes

      Purpose: To usher in New Year with a Vege New Look, featuring creative, nutritious, delicious, simply elegant cuisines for the family. A good start to a good year.


      Date/Time:    16 Nov to 30 Nov 08, Sun, 2pm–4.30pm

      Fee:           $60 (3 lessons)

      Details:         Conducted by Mr. Oh Chong Fah, Certified People's Association

                          Vegetarian Culinary Instructor


      To register, contact semd@... or 6336.5067, 6337.7582.


      New Kind of Tempeh

      Scientists in Europe have developed a new kind of tempeh, with barley and oats as the base instead of soy beans. The fermentation process is similar, as are many of the health benefits: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/05/080528095627.htm


      Former Surgeon Promotes Non-Invasive Heart Diseases Cure: Veg Diets
      Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has no qualms about stepping inside the [ U.S. 's} No. 1 heart hospital and criticizing angioplasty. Angioplasty and other invasive treatments are is mainstays of cardiac care, and they pay the bills. This invasive approach is what's wrong with medicine, says the retired Cleveland Clinic surgeon who has been affiliated with the hospital for 40 years. Esselstyn has turned his life's work to demonstrating that heart disease doesn't need to exist in the first place. And if it does, it can be reversed. The remedy is a plant-based diet, he says. Learn to live with no meat, no fish, no dairy or oils of any kind, and make yourself "heart-attack proof". One recent morning, Esselstyn slipped on a white lab coat and told a group assembled in a Clinic classroom that treating heart disease with stents and statins is not the answer. He implored them to accept that the body, given the right fuel, can restore coronary arteries damaged by the fatty Western diet.


      Read the entire article at http://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2008/06/exsurgeon_caldwell_esselstyn_e.html


      How I Became Vegetarian – The Story of a 14yr-old in the U.S.

      We'd rather have stories from Singapore , but here's a great one from the U.S. If this 14-year-old can see the light, why can't more adults??



      Plant Foods for Preserving Muscle Mass

      Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that are key to good health. Now, a newly released study by the U.S. government's Agricultural Research Service-funded scientists suggests plant foods also may help preserve muscle mass in older men and women.


      The study was led by physician and nutrition specialist Bess Dawson-Hughes at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston , Mass.


      The typical American diet is rich in protein, cereal grains and other acid-producing foods. In general, such diets generate tiny amounts of acid each day. With aging, a mild but slowly increasing metabolic "acidosis" develops, according to the researchers.




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