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VSS eNewsletter 17 June 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 17 June 2008 VSS News Help Update VSS Food Outlets List
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      VSS eNewsletter, 17 June 2008


      VSS News

      Help Update VSS Food Outlets List

      Veg Food Fair in Little India – 12 July

      Letters Published in The Straits Times Forum Page

      Revival of 'How I Became a Vegetarian' Series

      Volunteers Needed for VSS Exhibition at Jurong West Community Library


      Other News

      Taiwan Leads the Way in Veg-Is-Green Action

      Ordering Mock Meat Online with Local Delivery

      Counter of Determination

      KFC Canada Promises To Improve Chicken Welfare

      Meat on the Menu at World Food Summit

      Are Humans Herbivores

      Local Veg Ultramarathoner's Story

      How I Became Veg, from the UK

      VSS News

      Help Update VSS Food Outlets List

      We have had a lot of positive feedback about our new-look website, but the site still has lots of room for improvement. Please send your suggestions to info@...


      What most needs updating is the Food Outlets page. Even if people are clear on Why to be veg, they still need to know the How, and our Food Outlets page is a big part of the How. Here's the list of info we'd like to have on the various outlets, but every little bit helps. Pls only send info that you have personally obtained; no rumours or hearsay, pls. Pls send to info@...


      If you can do a section of S'pore, such as the area around a particular MRT station, that would be ideal.


      Name of outlet


      Postal code

      Phone numbers – landline/hp

      Nearest MRT


      Nearby landmarks

      Days and hours the outlet is open

      Specialty dishes

      Do they serve brown rice?

      Is the food organic?

      Do they use MSG (ajinomoto)?

      Do they use onion & garlic?

      Do they use eggs?

      Do they use dairy products?



      Do they deliver?

      Do they cater?

      Date you collected this information


      Veg Food Fair in Little India – 12 July

      VSS will be participating in a charity veg food fair in Little India, across from Mustafa, on Sat, 12 Jul: http://www.mft.org.sg/vegetarianexp.asp


      Letters Published in The Straits Times Forum Page

      Partly thanks to the VSS Letter Writers Group, there has been a bevy of letters sent to the media, and some of them were published either in print or online. Plus, the letters attracted a reaction from those who respectfully presented differing views. Here are a few of the letters:



      Revival of 'How I Became a Vegetarian' Series

      Because nothing inspires more than real life stories, VSS is hoping to revive an occasional series that used to run in this eNewsletter: 'How I Became a Vegetarian'.


      People love stories; so, please send in yours. Even if you're not 100% veg yet; even if right now, you are still eating meat but eating less. Write to save lives – human lives, the lives the other animals. We can help edit. Send in any of Singapore 's language.


      Here's what one reader wrote back in Feb 05:


      The idea of being a vegetarian came up about three years ago. I had taken a yoga course on breathing techniques. While on the course, I found that when I took less meat, the breathing techniques seemed more effective, and my unhealthy body started to feel stronger.

      I decided to try out being fully vegetarian one year after the course, with the support of my wife and other fellow course members. The benefits started to show in many ways. I lost 10 kg from 83 kg to 73 kg. I felt lighter, less sluggish. I had more energy for all my daily activities. My blood cholesterol level returned to normal and skin problems I had suffered for years disappeared.

      Other course members experienced various positive changes after becoming vegetarians in combination with continuing yoga: better complexion, a more cheerful outlook on life and enhanced health, such as fewer bouts of constipation. Of course, good health depends on many factors, and diet and exercise are only two of these.

      I would advise everyone, especially if you are middle-aged, to try out being vegetarian, as middle age is the time when our bodies start to slow and diseases such as high BP, diabetes and cancer are very common. I am not saying that it is miracle cure, but it can help, as we literally are what we eat.

      What about your story? Please send it - long or short (but we prefer 300 words or less), with your name or anonymously - to

      We may put it in this Newsletter and on the VSS website if you give your permission.


      Volunteers Needed for VSS Exhibition at Jurong West Community Library

      From 28 Jun to 13 Jul, VSS will have an exhibition at Jurong West Community Library. We need at least 4 people each day so that we can keep the exhibition staffed from 10am-9pm. If you can help, pls contact us at info@...


      Other News

      Taiwan Leads the Way in Veg-Is-Green Action

      More than one million people in Taiwan have pledged to help cut carbon emissions by being a vegetarian. Taiwan 's population is about 23 million. It is estimated that the one million vegetarians would reduce at least 1.5 million tons of carbon emissions in Taiwan in one year.

      The Union of NoMeatNoHeat made the announcement during its anti-global
      warming drive. Many prominent politicians, such as the legislative speaker, the environment minister, and Taipei and Kaohsiung 's mayors, pledged to become vegetarians.



      Ordering Mock Meat Online with Local Delivery

      Now, we can easily make mock meat dishes, such as veggie burgers and sausages, at home by ordering ready-to-prepare products from a local internet site: http://www.revelationsingapore.com/Products.htm


      Minimum $50 order for delivery anywhere in S'pore. Or, you can visit their shop:



      24 Beatty Road

      Singapore 209949

      T: 6296.3438

      E: info@...

      11am-8pm Mo-Th, 11am-4pm Fr & Su, closed Sa


      Counter of Determination

      If you want something to strengthen your determination to eat less or no meat and to convince others to do so as well, have a look at this counter that updates the number of our fellow animals killed for meat: http://sfvegan.org/countergen.html


      KFC Canada Promises To Improve Chicken Welfare

      Maybe we can consider it a victory when the animals whom we eat are at least treated slightly better before they are killed. Here's one example:



      Meat on the Menu at World Food Summit

      Earlier this month, the World Food Summit was held in Rome , but someone forgot to tell the people in charge of feeding the delegates that meat contributes to world hunger:



      Are Human Omnivores

      You can download a free ebook on the complex issue of whether humans are omnivores: http://www.free-ebooks.net/goto.php?id=1212536241

      You must do a quick free registration.


      Local Veg Ultramarathoner's Story

      Here's the story of a local vegetarian who completed last month's ultramarathon. He plans to run again, if you'd like to join him to train or to run the race.


      I did not know what hit me when I signed up for Sundown Ultramarathon, 84km, held on 31 May 2008, but I knew for certain that it was a really crazy idea. The last time I had run a marathon was 14 years ago at the age of 20!


      I called this ultramarathon 'the Race of My Life' as I attempted to raise awareness and funds for a local animal welfare group – Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) - http://www.acres.org.sg - and to prove to sceptics that vegetarians can have lots of stamina.


      I have been a Vegetarian for 6 years (plus 2 years before that part time) for many reasons. Health has never been an important reason for me to become a vegetarian. However, I do believe that vegetarians recover faster and can train harder than non-vegetarians counter-parts.


      My preparation was not enough, but I had to carry on, as the thousand plus dollars that well-wishers have given me in support of ACRES had to be fulfilled through this run. Someone asked me how I could survive the Ultra with so little training, and I told him, "The pain I experienced during the 14 hours, 14 minutes it took me to finish the ultramarathon are nothing compared to the pain we inflict on the billions of animals whom we eat".


      As a result of this experience, I have become more courageous and enlightened, and I realized that every small effort that we make in this world matters! I will run in the Ultramarathon again next year - to clock a better time, to run a longer distance, and most importantly, to get more supporters to do what is right: to Save the Earth!


      goh tong wee



      How I Became Veg, from the UK

      The writer is an officer of the UK Veg Soc.


      My earliest reason for becoming a vegetarian was the world food crisis. I'm sure I've told the story several times before so I won't bore you with it again. It was back in the early 70s. Something an aid worker said on the radio made me realise that in the short-term, Westerners eating meat were, in effect, stealing more than their fair share of the world's resources. I had studied agriculture at university and this came as quite a shock. I saw that our studies were very narrow, concerned only with profitability in this country and took very little account of our place in the wider world and the effect we might be having on others. Looking into the subject a little more seemed to suggest that, ultimately, widespread meat eating would be unsustainable.


      For years and years I thought I was the only one. All the other veggies I met seemed to have been prompted to choose their way of life for health reasons or because they cared about animals and, in latter years, because they were worried about the environment. Others told me outright that I was wrong, that food shortages were down to politics and turning veggie wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference.


      Suddenly, I appear to be vindicated. Reputable newspapers and websites everywhere have been expounding on the subject. It was slightly weird to see the argument I had somehow dimly formulated to myself in my youth being spelled out in black and white in a popular journal:


      "Global food prices have risen by around 40% in the last year, causing riots in many countries. Oil prices, a wave of bad harvests and biofuel crops have all played a part in this, but a sudden surge in meat consumption, with both Asia and Latin America racing to catch up with western consumption levels, is also a huge factor. Indefensibly, while people starve, 8kg of grain is used to produce 1kg of beef.


      I'm no economist, but if we eat less meat, the demand for grain for animal feed (and finished meat prices, slightly paradoxically) should fall. Which, in turn, should enable poorer populations to access cheaper grain. Moreover, it would seem to be something we each can effect immediately, today, by just eating and buying less meat" [Tony Naylor writing in The Observer's Food Monthly]


      Strangely, it doesn't feel at all good to be in the right for once. The whole notion that by the 21st century humans still haven't resolved the question of fair shares for all is rather depressing and it feels that anything I could say on the subject would be trivial. Although my younger self wanted to do something in token solidarity with the world's hungry, I can't really say I've ever been hungry myself. Having a meal delayed by a few hours occasionally doesn't truly count and giving up meat in Britain still leaves a host of other nutritious options. My hope is that the saying "every little counts" is more than a good advertising slogan, and if enough people feel the same way and speak out about it, we might yet make a difference.


      Bronwen Humphreys

      Local Network Co-ordinator, UK Vegetarian Society


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries

      Click here to notify us of new places


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