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VSS eNewsletter, 2 June 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 2 June 2008 VSS News VSS at Atrium@Orchard - Volunteers Needed Dedicated VSS Member
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      VSS eNewsletter, 2 June 2008


      VSS News

      VSS at Atrium@Orchard – Volunteers Needed

      Dedicated VSS Member Passes Away

      VSS on the Radio

      1000 + Attend Indonesia Vegetarian Society National Congress


      Other News

      Vegan Fashion

      Book Recommendation and Inspirational Message

      Who Is Inside Our Circle of Compassion? Watch the Video Online

      Why You Might Also Like To Join Nature Society ( Singapore )



      VSS News

      VSS at Atrium@Orchard – Volunteers Needed

      Once again, the environmental movement has asked VSS to bring a veg perspective to how we can protect the Earth. Still, most greenies, not to mention the general public, don't know how meat pollutes and how meat contributes mightily to global warming. We need to educate them. Here's one way you can do that.


      Event: RE-live!@Atrium

      Dates: 5 Jun (Thu) to 8 Jun (Sun)

      Time: 12pm 9pm daily

      Location: Atrium@Orchard (outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT/Plaza Sing)


      Organized by ECO Singapore , RE-live! @ Atrium is a youth environmental carnival which hopes to engage the public on the importance of leading a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and to drive the public to RE-think and RE-live their existing habits.


      Together with friends from other groups, Vegetarian Society is setting up an exhibition at this carnival. We hope to share with the public that eating less or no meat is the single most effective way of curbing global warming and reducing other environmental problems such as deforestation.


      We are definitely in need of volunteers to spread this invaluable message to the public! If you would like to volunteer, please contact: lauwenjin@...


      Dedicated VSS Member Passes Away

      One of the most dedicated VSS members, Mr Ng Chin Siong (Huang Zhenxiang), passed away last month. Chin Siong was a regular at VSS exhibitions. Not only would he staff the exhibition for many hours, arriving before his shift and staying after it ended, but he also contacted others to take shifts. And, while staffing an exhibition, Chin Siong reached out to the public in a friendly, informative manner. He never complained and was friendly with everyone.


      Chin Siong – It was a privilege to know you. Thanks so much for everything you did.


      VSS on the Radio

      Tues, 3 Jun, 10am-11am, on "The Living Room" on 938LIVE, a VSS representative will join representatives from Acres (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) - http://www.acres.org.sg - and One Singapore - http://www.onesingapore.org


      Topics will include factory farming, environmental sustainability and providing enough for all the humans on the planet. A great combination.


      1000 + Attend Indonesia Vegetarian Society National Congress

      A VSS member had the good fortune to attend the national congress of the Indonesian Vegetarian Society (IVS) and sends this brief report.


      IVS has 60,000 members and 45 branches around the country. More than 1000 people attended their congress at the Jakarta International Exposition Center , which will also host the 2010 World Vegetarian Congress.


      In addition to a wide range of talks and a wide variety of music and dance performances, the IVS congress also included 50 stalls, mostly from vegetarian restaurants around Jakarta .


      The featured speaker, and the person who officially opened the congress, was Dr. Anie Kurniawan, Head of Clinical Nutrition in the Ministry of Health, MD and Ph.D. in Nutrition, who is a vegetarian. Other speakers, all of whom are also vegetarians, included:


      Mr Indra Gunawan, CEO of Gramedia Group, who spoke on his own journey to vegetarianism and how not all veg food is healthy;


      Professor Prasasto Satwiko, Centre for the Study of Energy at University Atmajaya, who spoke on Environmentally-Friendly Architecture;


      Professor Maitree Suttajit, of Chiang Mai University , President of the Asian Vegetarian Union, who spoke on the role of fruits and vegetables in boosting our immune system;


      Mr Susianto Tseng, Chief Operations Officer of IVS and IVU (International Vegetarian Union) Regional Coordinator for Asia/Pacific, who reported a study he did on the nutritional status of vegetarian children in Indonesia;


      Dr Kamalanathan, President of the Malaysia Vegetarian Society, whose topic was meat-eating and cancer;


      Ms Sophia Latjuba, an actress and singer, who emphatically stated, "I will never stop preaching why it's important to be a vegetarian. When I see reporters, I tell them that I'm a vegetarian. I started off being a vegetarian as a challenge, but then I educated myself, and now being a vegetarian is something I will do all my life";


      Mdm Mohana Gill, who spoke about her two award-winning veg cookbooks - http://mosat.com.my/mosat_network.htm - Vegemania and Fruitastic. Fruitastic was awarded the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards prize for the categories, "Best Single Subject Cookbook" and "Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook" for 2006;


      Himanshu Bhatt, Penang editor for The Sun newspaper in Malaysia , who spoke on "Meat: The Hidden Killer".


      Future event: Asian Vegetarian Union congress in Batam, Nov. 2009.


      Other News

      Vegan Fashion

      Stella McCartney was first known to many as the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney (both outspoken about their vegetarianism). But Stella is famous in her own right. In 2001, she launched her own fashion house (with Gucci) under her name. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella's high-end brand has no leather or fur.


      Now you can purchase many items from her collection online. Among the items in her collection are shoes, bags, and accessories. While too pricey for many of us, it's still fun to look! To shop or browse, please visit the website:



      Book Recommendation and Inspirational Message
      Here are some wise words from a subscriber to the eNewsletter.

      "Be Vegan, Stop Animal Cruelty, Save the Planet, Be the Healthiest You Can Be".  This is the mantra we should follow.

      I have always wanted to healthy and fit, always been concerned for animals and in the last few years I have been awfully concerned about this dying planet we call Earth, that we are killing, and is our only home. These three issues are profound concerns in themselves and reflect deeply on our spirituality, our physical wellbeing and our relationship with everything around us. To be vegetarian and more so vegan is the most powerful decision any of us can make in significantly addressing these dilemmas and truly feeling like we are making a difference.

      There are many books out there on the state of the environment, on factory farming or animal welfare/cruelty, and on how to be healthy, but it is hard to get a sense of reality when many of us don't live in a heavily polluted area, never see how animals are bred, treated and killed for food, and/or cannot see the wood from the trees in regard to what foods are actually nutritious for us.

      Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman (although written a number of years ago) is the most compelling, well written book I have read in this broad space of 'ethical living'. Lyman truly inspires us with facts, figures and real life experiences, thereby arming us with a strong sense of purpose so that we can live our lives each day knowing we are individually making a profound positive difference to ourselves and to everyone and everything around us.


      Who Is Inside Our Circle of Compassion? Watch the Video Online

      Who do we care about? This is the question asked in the new video "Liberation-It's All Connected" from PETA. The video dynamically explains what vegetarians have been saying for years – humanity has made progress in our treatment of our fellow humans, such as curtailing slavery and child labour, and now is the time to include our fellow animals in our circle of compassion. Vegetarianism is one potent way to do this. Watch the video free online at



      Why You Might Also Like To Join Nature Society ( Singapore )

      Of course, VSS hopes that every reader of this eNewsletter chooses to become a dues-paying ($30/yr) member of VSS. The VSS membership form is still at - http://vegetarian-society.org/downloads/MembershipForm5threv.pdf - but the address to which to send the form is now: 3 Pemimpin Drive, #07-02, Lip Hing Bldg, Singapore 576147 (address for correspondence only)


      There are also many other worthy organisations you might want to consider joining, such as Nature Society ( Singapore ). Nature Society organises many interesting events for its members. The following two events are open only to paid members of Nature Society.


      7 Jun Sat
      Go Green, Go Vegetarian With NSS (2). Our 2nd session in the series will be Sat 7 June where Evelyn's `Taukuanh Pouch', served with a simply prepared yet
      appetizing chilli sauce will make an appearance. Angie's `Pumpkin & Beans Stew', an unusual side dish, would be a nice accompaniment for tea. Open only to paid members of Nature Society ( Singapore ).


      29 Jun - Sun
      Pulau Ubin Ramble with the Nature Ramblers led by Yap Chung Kui. In this 4hr/8km ramble, you will explore the numerous trials and savour the rustic charm of the countryside Also see Malay kampongs, fish ponds, coconut groves and fruit trees. The highlight will be a visit to Chek Jawa where you can view marine life from the new boardwalk and climb the tower to have a good look at the surrounding mangrove swamp. Meet at 7.45am at Changi Point Jetty to board the boat to Pulau Ubin. Boat fares to be borne by participants. Not suitable for children below 12 yrs. Open only to paid members of Nature Society ( Singapore ).


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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      The VSS eNewsletter is non-copyright. Readers are encouraged to share the contents elsewhere.


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