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VSS eNewsletter, 14 April 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS_LOGO VSS eNewsletter, 14 April 2008 VSS News VSS in Demand Indonesia Vegetarian Society Annual Conference, 24-25 May Forum Page Letter about Food Shortages
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      VSS eNewsletter, 14 April 2008


      VSS News

      VSS in Demand

      Indonesia Vegetarian Society Annual Conference, 24-25 May

      Forum Page Letter about Food Shortages


      Other News

      Correction to Outlet Information

      Be a Veg Iron Man/Woman

      Announcing www.vegatopia.org: A Multi-Disciplinary Academic Resource

      Vegan Shoes

      Two Books with Great Titles

      Follow Sam's Bicycle Journey Online

      Why Vegetarianism Is All Wrong

      More, More, More Classes at Raw Food Cuisine

      The Hidden Costs of Working in a Slaughterhouse

      Taiwan's Environment Minister to Go Veg on Earth Day

      Classes at Wholesome Living

      New Shop Specialises in Frozen and Canned Veg Food

      Great Article in the Sunday Times, 13 Apr


      VSS News

      VSS in Demand

      It is a good sign that VSS has been receiving an increasing number of invitations to speak and do exhibitions for schools, non-profits, companies, religious organisations and health fairs.


      For Earth Day, we'll be at the G-POP! Carnival at Singapore Poly, Tue & Wed, 22-23 Apr, 12noon - 5pm, SP Plaza. The organizers of this event really understand how meat means bad news for Mother Earth, and that is one of the main messages of the event.


      After Earth Day, VSS's next event that is open to the public will be the Lianhe Wanbao Beauty and Healthcare Fair at Suntec, Level 4, Hall 402 & 403, Sat & Sun, 26-27 Apr, 10am-10pm.


      We exhibited at this event last year, and the people in charge were so impressed by the quality of our exhibition that this year they gave us a featured spot. Let's hope they were also impressed by the content of our message. If you haven't seen our display, please do come by, and if you feel the urge to stay and help at the VSS booth, please obey that urge.


      Indonesia Vegetarian Society Annual Conference, 24-25 May

      You might be surprised to know that in all of Southeast Asia , Indonesia has by far the largest vegetarian society, the Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS). Their annual conference will be 24-25 May (Sat-Sun) in Jakarta : http://www.ivs-online.org/v2/viewnews.php?id=67&table=headline&topic=Headline+News


      This will also be the occasion for a gathering of the Southeast Asia Vegetarian Union (SEAVU), with representatives from veg organisations elsewhere in SE Asia, including Singapore . If you're interested in attending, please contact IVS directly:


      Sekretariat IVS Pusat
      Royal Progress International Hospital
      Danau Sunter Utara
      Sunter Paradise I
      Jakarta Utara - 14350
      Phone: 62-21-6450365
      Fax: 62-21-6450365


      Forum Page Letter about Food Shortages

      The following letter from a VSS Exco member was published last week in the online version of The Straits Times Forum page.


      I refer to the special report 'Food shortage causes world eating disorder' in The Straits Times of Saturday, 5 April 2008. While the current food shortages result from a complex combination of causes, meat production is one of the main causes.


      Currently, we 6.6 billion humans eat more than 50 billion of our fellow land animals annually. These other animals consume more food than the entire human population, not to mention the inputs of water, pesticides and energy involved in meat production or the huge quantity of waste products, including greenhouse gasses, that these unfortunate creatures produce during their unnatural and short lives.


      Meat eating is indeed grossly wasteful of the crops we grow and of the resources required to grow those crops. For instance, more than 10kgs of plant food are required to produce just 1 kg of beef. Thus, a readily available way to address our current food shortages is to reduce our meat consumption or stop eating meat entirely.


      Of course, this would not address the chronic food shortages in poor countries that approximately 800 million of our fellow humans face due to poverty.


      Other News

      Correction to Outlet Information

      The previous issue of the VSS eNewsletter incorrectly reported on the whereabouts of Barbara Chan. Barbara is working at LivinGreens at 325 Beach Road , Tel: 6396.5523, www.livingreens.com.sg


      VSS apologies for the error.


      Be a Veg Iron Man/Woman

      The good folks at Singapore Vegetarian Meetup – http://vegetarian.meetup.com/476 - have a great idea. Sat, 19 Apr, 9am, they are combining a makan session in Chinatown with blood donation at the Blood Bank at SGH.  You're welcome to come along just for the makan.


      BTW, the Red Cross recently sent out a mailer to blood donors notifying us that the blood supply is running low. So, this would be an excellent time to donate. Did you know that one of Singapore 's top blood donors, Goh Joo Heng, is a vegetarian?


      Announcing www.vegatopia.org: A Multi-Disciplinary Academic Resource
      Vegatopia is dedicated to providing a comprehensive academic resource on all things vegan. If you are a student, researcher or teacher interested in any aspect of veganism, Vegatopia is a site for you. Vegatopia intends to be an interactive forum for dialogue, informing individual and collaborative research and teaching, as well as making a contribution to vegan activism and having a positive impact on veganism in a wider sense.

      The website includes:

      - A news page with information about vegan academic activities, such as     conferences, seminars, publications or courses.

      - A diary with alerts to upcoming talks and other events.

      - A comprehensive, interdisciplinary bibliography. We have archived over 1500 references relevant to the theory and practice of veganism. The bibliography is searchable according to keywords, such as 'social research' or 'activism'.

      - A list of significant media sources relevant to veganism, including print, television and radio broadcasts, films and music.

      - A set of resources for research and teaching veganism in academia, including the text or notes of lectures on veganism, conference papers, theoretical notes, and other unpublished work.

      - A research forum, inviting discussion of ideas for future academic work to research and promote ethical veganism.

      - An archive of public statements on vegan matters.

      - Links to other organizations promoting veganism, including activist groups, educational charities and more.


      Vegan Shoes

      This interview is with Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman, who is not only a vegetarian but also has a line of vegan (no leather) women's shoes: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=4603076


      We don't have any list of places in S'pore to buy non-leather shoes, but these days there do seem to be more shoes made from synthetic leather or other materials.


      Two Books with Great Titles

      Vegetarianism and concern for our fellow animals are hot topics in publishing these days. This is reflected by the fact that many relevant books can be found at the public library. Here are two books with catchy titles. The first isn't at NLB yet (please ask them to order it), but the second is. And, did you know that if a book isn't at your neighbourhood branch, for $1.50, you can request that it be sent to you there?


      1.    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian, 3rd edition, written by Frankie Avalon Wolfe, M.H., Ph.D., published by Penguin.


      This updated and revised guide to the joys of vegetarianism features 75 delicious recipes! You will learn tips on changing eating habits as painlessly as possible. The book also covers the health and psychological aspects of going "veg." http://www.healingfeats.com/frankie.htm


      2. The Perfectly Contented Meat-Eater's Guide to Vegetarianism: A Book for Those Who Really Don't Want to Be Hassled About Their Diet, written by Mark Warren Reinhardt, published by Continuum.


      The author is a columnist with his own blog:  http://markwarrenreinhardt.blogspot.com The book's strong suit is its humorous approach to winning over meat-eaters.


      Follow Sam's Bicycle Journey Online

      Sam Yeoh, the vegetarian who is bicycling from Singapore to Beijing to promote veg and environmental awareness, has an update journal: http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/3268


      Why Vegetarianism Is All Wrong

      Every now and then, it's good to read the other point of view on vegetarianism. Someone sent this to VSS: http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/vegetarian.html#link20

      We had some friendly dialogue with the person, and in the end, we agreed to disagree. Here are excerpts from one of the emails the person sent VSS.


      Neither am I an expert in the related areas nor do I claim to know the exact details. However, I eat what I feel is most beneficial to me which is a mix of meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts etc. One will be missing a lot of nutrients/minerals from other sources if he is just a vegetarian or solely a meat eater. Modern man has been led to believe it is unhealthy to eat too much meat. In fact, I am supportive of the Paleo diet because that is what our ancestors, the earliest man ate. They hunted and killed animals for food. How far we have come.

      As for horror stories about the brutal torturing and killing of animals, I am extremely angry towards the people involved. I have seen the videos. The right way is to kill them fast and short, be it physically or through other means such as injection of drugs so as to end their suffering immediately. I condemn their actions of unnecessary and extreme cruelty. However, there is nothing wrong with killing animals for food. Food chains are there for a reason. If killings animals for food is wrong, then all the animals out there should be put in jail.

      Now, after converting to the anabolic diet which is close to the Paleo diet, I feel much better. I feel that my health is improving. Yeah, there you go. I love the greens but I love meat as well =) It is natural. The way to go!


      More, More, More Classes at Raw Food Cuisine

      Raw Food Cuisine now holds so many classes, we hardly have space to list them all; so, we'll just give you the URL:



      The Hidden Costs of Working in a Slaughterhouse

      Here is information on two recent studies suggesting that slaughterhouses are harmful not just to those who are killed there and those who eat the individuals killed in the slaughterhouses but also to those working there and to those who come into contact with slaughterhouse workers.



      Taiwan's Environment Minister to Go Veg on Earth Day

      Radio Taiwan International reports that Taiwan 's minister for the environment, Winston Dang, says he will eat a vegetarian diet on Earth Day to help reduce CO2 emissions. Earth Day falls on Apr 22: http://english.rti.org.tw/Content/GetSingleNews.aspx?ContentID=55876


      Dang says it is a growing trend that people are eating less meat to help fight global warming, but he says more studies about the issue are needed before the government puts diet in its policy plans. Taiwanese environmentalists are calling on the public to go vegetarian. A United Nations report says 18% of CO2 emissions around the world are caused by the livestock industry.


      Classes by Chef Oh Chong Fah

      Here are some exciting new classes by chef Oh Chong Fah. The first three are at his Wholesome Living shop (6560.1337). The last one is at Kampung Senang's Holistic Lifestyle Centre (6742.1896) near Aljunied MRT.


      1.    Fermentation 1 @ Wholesome Living: 16 & 23 Apr, Wed, 7-10pm, details: http://www.wholesomeliving-sg.com/CLASS_FERMENTATION.htm


      2.    Tofu Making and Okara Cooking @ Wholesome Living: 20 & 27 Apr, Sun, 3-6pm, details at http://www.wholesomeliving-sg.com/CLASS_TOFU.htm


      3.    New! Home-made Spreads @ Wholesome Living: 26 Apr, Sat, 3-5:30pm


      4.    Uniquely Singapore ! Western Style Cooking @ Holistic Lifestyle Centre: 19 Apr, Sat, 3-6pm.


      New Shop Specialises in Frozen and Canned Veg Food

      Revelation Pte. Ltd. is the name of a new shop specialising in frozen and canned veg food at 24, Beatty Road, S. 209949, near the Tamil Language Centre. Here's more info.


      Nearest MRT                                     Farrer Park and Boon Keng

      Days the outlet is open                      Mon-Fri, and Sunday

      Opening hours                                  11.00am to 8.00pm

      Specialty dishes                                Frozen and canned Vegetarian food.

      Do they serve brown rice?                   Sell un-cook brown rice.

      Is the food organic?                                   Most

      Do they use MSG (ajinomoto)?           Less than 1%

      Do they use onion & garlic?                         Some

      Do they use eggs?                                     No

      Do they use dairy products?                        No

      Phone numbers – landline/hp             6296.3438

      Email                                               revelation@...

      Website                                           still developing

      Do they deliver?                                Yes, purchase S$50.00, charge S$10.00; purchase S$100.00 free delivery.

      Do they cater?                                  No


      Great Article in The Sunday Times, 13 Apr

      Cheong Suk-Wai is a well-established journalist with The Straits Times. In The Sunday Times of 13 Apr, Lifestyle section, p. 14, she recounts how illness led her to try vegetarianism, and, somewhat to her surprise, she's enjoying what she eats. Here's an excerpt:


      Struggle [to adopt to a new diet, in this case, a veg diet] rarely tastes this good. In fact, it seems hardly a struggle at all, not when greens are cheap, plentiful, a cinch to cook and – here's the main thing for me – largely free of stress-causing chemicals. How good it is to know I can be full of beans without having to blow my pay packet or have an animal killed. Plus, two months on, I am 8kg lighter. Wahey!



      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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