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VSS eNewsletter 13 March 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 13 March 2008 VSS News VSS AGM - 22 Mar (Sat), 5.30pm-7.30pm Meatout Day at Kampung Senang
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      VSS eNewsletter, 13 March 2008


      VSS News

      VSS AGM – 22 Mar (Sat), 5.30pm-7.30pm

      Meatout Day at Kampung Senang – Thu, 20 Mar

      VSS at L'Organic Outdoor Market – This Sat


      Other News

      Another Cooking Class by Oh Chong Fah

      Day Care Nanny Needed for Veg Baby Girl

      To Beijing by Bicycle to Promote Vegetarian

      Env Essay Contest

      What Does This T-Shirt Mean?

      Singapore's Top Marathoner – A Vegetarian

      Cooking Classes at CCs

      Teaching Children What To Say About Why They Are Veg

      1Day Local Organic Trip


      VSS News

      VSS AGM – 22 Mar (Sat), 5.30pm-7.30pm

      VSS's AGM will be a chance to reflect on and celebrate our activities in 2007 and to plan our activities in 2008 and beyond. This year's AGM will be held on Sat, 22 Mar, 5.30pm-7.30pm at 3 Pemimpin Drive, #07-02 , Lip Hing Bldg, S. 576147. This is walking distance from Bishan MRT.


      Anyone is welcome to attend the VSS AGM, but only present members can vote. We hope to serve some light refreshments as part of the event.


      Meatout Day at Kampung Senang – Thu, 20 Mar

      The past few years, VSS has celebrated Singapore Meatout Week in July, in order to coincide with the Singapore Food Festival. Most other countries where Meatout is celebrated have a Meatout Day in March, on the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere.


      Fortunately, our friends at Kampung Senang are doing something on 20 Mar, and VSS is helping. Here are the details.


      Date: 20/3 Thu

      Time: 11:45am-2:30pm (lunch); 5pm- 6.45pm (dinner)

      Venue: Kampung Senang Holistic Living Centre, Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent #01-205

      Fee: Free 300 sets of healthy organic vegetarian meals, Donations are welcome. Please bring your identification to collect your meal coupons from HLC before 15 Mar or email Kampung Senang: email@...


      Volunteers needed. Ask for Agnes: 6742.6627, agneschong@...


      VSS at L'Organic Outdoor Market – This Sat

      Please stop by the VSS table at the L'Organic outdoor market, Block 18, Unit A, Dempsey Road , this Sat, 15 Mar, 10am-5pm. While not all organic shops are 100% veg, we do have a lot in common. Let's emphasise our common goals.


      For more info: 6474 7142, info@... http://www.lorganic.sg/busines.html


      Other News

      Another Cooking Class by Oh Chong Fah

      Here are two more opportunities to learn from Chef Oh Chong Fah.


      Pure Cooking - 16 Mar, Sun, 3-6pm

      Fermentation - 19 & 26 Mar, Wed, 7-10pm


      Details at www.wholesomeliving-sg.com or write to info@...


      Day Care Nanny Needed for Veg Baby Girl

      A baby girl, born Oct 2007, needs a day care nanny. Monday to Friday, 8am to 6.30pm, alternate Saturdays, 8am-1pm. Her meals must be vegetarian; can take dairy products. Wage range is $500-$550, negotiable. Prefer someone near to the Woodlands. Contact Gilean at 9382.0916 or ginlean@... for more details.


      To Beijing by Bicycle to Promote Vegetarian

      After seeing a video about meat production's contribution to global warming, Sam Yeoh, a Malaysian living in S'pore, decided to do something big to let others know of the destruction that meat causes. So, this 10yr vegetarian has quit his job and started on a 9000km journey from here to Beijing .


      The journey will take an estimated 6 months. Along the way, Sam will do his best to raise public awareness of the fact that going veg is a green action that each of us can take 3 times a day. We hope that Sam can send updates along the route. Good luck, Sam!


      Env Essay Contest

      ECO (Environmental Challenge Organisation) is sponsoring an essay contest for youth 17-25 years of age. Details at http://www.eco-singapore.org/our-efforts/csd


      The essays should deal with aspects of Sustainable Development. There's lot of ways to tie that to vegetarianism.


      What Does This T-Shirt Mean?

      Last week, a VSS member saw someone wearing a t-shirt that said, "Meat Is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder" http://www.threadless.com/product/490/Meat_is_Murder_Tasty_Tasty_Murder


      What do you think people are saying when they wear this t-shirt? It seems to be anti-veg: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/meat

      But, anyone can make their own meaning. And, of course, most of the taste in meat dishes comes from the spices, such as chilli, curry and ginger, all of which are vegetarian.


      Singapore's Top Marathoner – A Vegetarian

      The 'Mind Your Body' section of ST for 4 Mar had a great interview with M. Rameshon, the Singapore national record holder in the marathon. In the interview, Rameshon discusses his vegetarian diet. And, there's a great photo of him.


      It's an excellent piece to show to people who wonder how to obtain sufficient strength and energy on a vegetarian diet.


      Cooking Classes at CCs

      Interested in learning Middle Eastern cooking? Veg classes will be taught at various CCs by Geeta Jayabalan who runs the Culinary Capers cooking school in KL.


      Here are the dates and times. Please contact the individual CC for details.


      1. Mon, 17 Mar Tanglin CC 2-5pm 

      2. Mon, 24 Mar Yio Chu Kang CC     7-10pm  

      3. Tue, 25 Mar Jalan Besar CC    7- 10pm 

      4. Sat, 29 Mar Tanjong Pagar CC  2-5pm  


      Teaching Children What To Say About Why They Are Veg

      Here's a story that poses a dilemma for people raising veg kids.


      Kai, my 4yr-old son, goes back and forth between being sort of proud about our vegetarianism, then being embarrassed by it. I predict this is something that will happen until he is an adult. At Christmas, when we showed up at my grandmother's house, the very first thing he did upon entering the house was to very loudly declare to everyone there, "We don't eat chicken, cause that's yucky!" It was so embarrassing, and, of course, my grandmother didn't appreciate it.


      But then a couple weeks ago, his preschool teacher told me he was announcing to all his friends at school that he eats chicken nuggets for dinner every night! And when they told him, "I don't think so because you are vegetarian", he vehemently insisted that he had indeed eaten chicken.  

      I'm always perplexed about how to address the reason "why" we don't eat animals. Everyone else in my family eats meat. So, of course, I can't relate being veg to respecting animals, because then Kai will assume that the rest of our family doesn't respect animals because they eat meat.


      A few nights ago, we were with a friend who was eating chicken, and Kai wouldn't stop telling her how disgusting that was. I could have died! So, I try to just make it simple and say, "we just don't like it". But he's too smart for that and will question me and want to challenge me on that point.

      1Day Local Organic Trip
      This organic tour is a variation of the one that has sold out quickly many times in the past. Here are the details.

      Date: 5 Apr (Sat)


      8.30am: Meeting Place @ Outram Park
      [Car Park next to Outram Park MRT Exit H; Opp Pearl Centre]


      8.45am: Departure

      [Simple breakfast on the bus]

      9.30am: Green Circle Organic Farm
      [guided tour on organic farming; fresh produce shopping]

      12.30pm: Lunch @ Biogenic International, Tanjong Pagar
      [learn why biogenic and bioactive foods are important to health]

      2.00pm: Shopping @ Organic Paradise, Chinatown
      [10% discount for non-promotional items storewide]

      3.00pm: Shopping @ Yes Natural, Geylang
      [short health talk; door gifts]

      5.00pm: Dinner @ New Green Pasture, Bugis
      [creative and wholesome dinner, in a warm and cozy dining atmosphere]

      6.20pm: Drop off at Bugis MRT

      **itinerary subject to change, in unforeseen circumstances, without prior notice


      Investment: $55/pax (include 3 meals, transports and entrance fees)

      Payment to be made at Kampung Senang, Block 106, Aljunied Crescent . Tel: 6749.8509.


      Max #: 40pax



      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


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      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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