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VSS eNewsletter 19 February 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 19 February 2008 VSS News Made in Singapore Veg Sticker Goes Worldwide Talk and Food Demo
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      VSS eNewsletter, 19 February 2008



      VSS News

      Made in Singapore Veg Sticker Goes Worldwide

      Talk and Food Demo for the Elderly

      Making Our Views Heard on Climate Change


      Other News

      Good Reading from Malaysia – Available in JB

      Gerson Diet Presentation by Kenosis Living Spring 

      Juices and Desserts Demo

      VGML Café Moves

      A Recommended Recipe Site

      More on the Horrors of Factory Farming

      Veggie Pride Parade

      I Love Vegetarians


      VSS News

      Made in Singapore Veg Sticker Goes Worldwide

      Here, from the Downloads page of the VSS web, is a photo of a Brazilian rock guitarist proudly displaying the ‘Love Us, Not Eat Us’ sticker, developed here in Singapore and distributed to many countries around the world: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/downloads/photo_by_Bet_Niemeyer1.jpg

      To see a list of all the countries to which the sticker has been sent and to order some to distribute, please go to http://www.loveusnoteatus.com You can order the sticker size or the car decal size, and in Chinese or English.


      Talk and Food Demo for the Elderly

      Recently, VSS has been doing a lot of activities for students, but we like working with all ages. For example, last Fri, we did a Mandarin-language talk/food demo for a group of elderly people at Poh Ern Shih temple in Pasir Panjang. If you know good venues/audiences, pls contact VSS at info@...


      Making Our Views Heard on Climate Change

      VSS received the following email. We hope everyone will take this and any other opportunity to spread the word about the link between meat eating and climate.


      In Singapore , a new inter-ministerial committee has been set up to look into the sustainable development in all sectors. National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan and Environment and Water Resources Minister Yaacob Ibrahim will co-chair the committee, which will also include Minister for Finance Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Transport Raymond Lim, and Minister of State for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran.


      The committee is seeking ideas / views from the members of the public, with contact as follows:


      *SMS or e-mail us your views*


      WHAT can be done to help ensure that sustainable development takes root

      here? Are there particular areas which you think the ministerial committee

      ought to also examine?


      E-mail * stpol@... * < stpol@... > or send an SMS to 9827-7514.

      For SMS messages, type stpol, followed by a space and then your views.


      Other News

      Good Reading from Malaysia – Available in JB

      Our last issue had ordering info for the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)’s - http://en.cap.org.my - very good booklet entitled ‘What’s Wrong with Eating Meat’. A reader wrote in to say that,


      It is definitely NOT Necessary to go all the way to Penang to obtain a copy. If you or a friend goes to Johor Baru, you can purchase a copy of CAP's bi-monthly newsletter at Popular's Book Shop at City Square or their newest store -HARRIS at the Aeon @ Tebrau City along Kota Tinggi Highway (opposite Johor Jaya) after Carrefour. At the back page of every issue there is an ORDER FORM for all their booklets and its prices. Therefore, with a credit card, you can purchase CAP materials from the comfort of your home. Also, you can subscribe to their Untusan Konsumer newsletter for S$15 per year.


      Other valuable CAP booklets available at Popular:


      - What They Don't Tell You About Milk

      - Cancer Causing Chemicals

      - Prevent Cancer

      - Genetically Modified Foods

      - Our Immune Systems

      - Danger Foods


      Gerson Diet Presentation by Kenosis Living Spring 

      Kenosis Living Spring is a Catholic ministry dedicated to promoting holistic health in body, mind and spirit. They promote vegetarianism. Here is one of their upcoming events.


      Date:         Sat, 8 Mar

      Time:         2-4.30 p.m.

      Venue:      Church of Sts Peter and Paul (3rd floor Chapel)

      Speakers: Tan Kai Hock and Wendy Yeo

      Topic:        Healing the Gerson Way - How to Defeat Cancer and other Chronic Diseases

      Info: Selena at 9684.8646


      In response to a question from VSS, the following information was received:


      The Gerson diet is all vegetarian.  However, when it comes to some of the supplement, one can chose to take strictly vegetarian supplements or a mixture of others.  So it is not a problem for vegetarians to practice Gerson Therapy. http://www.gerson.org/default.asp


      Juices and Desserts Demo

      Adventist Community Services is organizing a Unique, Vegetarian and Healthy Fruit Juices and Healthy Desserts Demo.


      Purpose: To instill creativity in drinking healthy juices and eating natural, guilt-free desserts among vegetarians


      Date: Sun, 23 Mar

      Venue: 6 Ashwood Grove, S (739956)

      Time: 2:30pm to 4:00pm

      Fees: $20.00 per person

      Demonstrator: Mark Chan


      1.    Anti-oxidant Kedongdong Juice

      2.    Refreshing Watermelon and Coconut Juice

      3.    Natural Red Dragon Fruit Agar Agar

      4.    Invigorating Passion Fruit Agar Agar

      5.    Healthy Apricot Candy

      6.    Unsweetened Apricot Mousse


      For enquirers or registration, sms 9743.8362


      VGML Café Moves

      A reader wrote in to inform us that the VGML Café at Morse Road , near Harbourfront MRT, moved to Lakeside last month. If anyone has further details, please let us know. Thx.


      A Recommended Recipe Site

      Sometimes, people write to VSS asking us to recommend cookbooks and recipes. Of course, everyone’s tastes differ. The internet – including the VSS site - is a great place for recipes, with thousands, if not millions, of veg recipes on offer. One reader wrote in to suggest the following site for veg recipes, including veggie burgers: http://www.howtocookeverything.tv/htce/Home/index.html


      The person behind the site isn’t veg – so there are also non-veg recipes - but as the site’s creator learns more about the horrors of meat production, he is becoming increasingly veg friendly.


      More on the Horrors of Factory Farming

      This article tells about the illnesses contracted by people working in slaughterhouses: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/03/AR2008020302580.html?hpid=topnews

      Veggie Pride Parade
      The First Veggie Pride Parade in America will take place in Greenwich Village , New York City, on 18 May. Parade participants are encouraged to dress up in costumes and to wear sign boards announcing their pride in their vegetarian lifestyle. Local restaurants will represent themselves with banners. And otherwise, contingents from all walks of life are encouraged to get involved.

      The parade is fashioned after, and will take place the same weekend as, the Veggie Pride Parade in Paris . The Parisian parade was the first of its kind in the world and has been going on annually since 2001. Visit http://www.veggieprideparade.org for more information about the Parisian roots of the parade as well as the genesis for the New York spin-off.

      I Love Vegetarians

      We've been asked to mention this website from Germany : http://www.loveanimals.de/


      It has posters you can download for free, with pictures of cute non-human animals, such as rabbits and deer, and the slogan, "We love vegetarians".


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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      To Unsubscribe: vegsoc_sg-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com


      The VSS eNewsletter is non-copyright. Readers are encouraged to share the contents elsewhere.





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