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VSS eNewsletter 30 January 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 30 January 2008 Please Read This - Wise Words from Head of Nobel Prize-Winning Panel
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      VSS eNewsletter, 30 January 2008


      Please Read This –


      Wise Words from Head of Nobel Prize-Winning Panel

      Please forward this article to your family, friends and colleagues to give them yet one more good reason to stop eating meat. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5iIVBkZpOUA9Hz3Xc2u-61mDlrw0Q Here’s the entire article, after which we have our regular newsletter.

      Lifestyle changes can curb climate change: IPCC chief

      Jan 15, 2008


      PARIS (AFP) — Don't eat meat, ride a bike, and be a frugal shopper -- that's how you can help brake global warming, the head of the United Nation's Nobel Prize-winning scientific panel on climate change said Tuesday.


      The 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), issued last year, highlights "the importance of lifestyle changes," said Rajendra Pachauri at a press conference in Paris .


      "This is something that the IPCC was afraid to say earlier, but now we have said it."

      A vegetarian, the Indian economist made a plea for people around the world to tame their carnivorous impulses.


      "Please eat less meat -- meat is a very carbon intensive commodity," he said, adding that consuming large quantities was also bad for one's health. Studies have shown that producing one kilo (2.2 pounds) of meat causes the emissions equivalent of 36.4 kilos of carbon dioxide.


      In addition, raising and transporting that slab of beef, lamb or pork requires the same amount of energy as lighting a 100-watt bulb for nearly three weeks.


      In listing ways that individuals can contribute to the fight against global warming, Pachauri praised the system of communal, subscriber-access bikes in Paris and other French cities as a "wonderful development."


      "Instead of jumping in a car to go 500 meters, if we use a bike or walk it will make an enormous difference," he told journalists at a press conference.


      Another lifestyle change that can help, he continued, was not buying things "simply because they are available." He urged consumers to only purchase what they really need.


      Since the Nobel was awarded in October to the IPCC and the former US vice president Al Gore, Pachauri has criss-crossed the globe sounding the alarm on the dangers of global warming.


      "The picture is quite grim -- if the human race does not do anything, climate change will have serious impacts," he warned Tuesday.


      At the same time, however, he said he was encouraged by the outcome of UN-brokered climate change negotiations in Bali last month, and by the prospect of a new administration in Washington .


      "The final statement clearly mentions deep cuts in emissions in greenhouse gases. I don't think people can run away from that terminology," he said.


      The Bali meeting set the framework for a global agreement on how to reduce the output of carbon dioxide and other gases generated by human activity that are driving climate change.


      Pachauri also sees cause for optimism in the fact that, for the first time since the world's nations began meeting over the issue of global warming in 1994, "nobody questioned the findings of the IPCC."


      "The science has clearly become the basis for action on climate change," he said.

      In 2007, the IPCC issued a massive report the size of three phone books on the reality and risks of climate change, its 4th assessment in 18 years.


      Pachauri said it was too late for Washington to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, the sole international treaty mandating cuts in CO2 emissions.


      The United States is the only industrialised country not to have made such commitments.


      But he remained hopeful the US -- under a new administration -- would be a "core signatory" of any new agreement.


      "With the change that is taking place politically in the US , the chances of that happening are certainly much better than was the case a few months ago," he said.


      At 67, Pachauri said he has not yet decided whether to take on a second five-year mandate as IPCC head. Elections take place in September.


      On the one hand, he said, the experience he has acquired would serve him well.


      But the advantage of retiring, he said with a smile, is that his carbon footprint -- the amount of C02 emissions generated by all this travels -- would be greatly reduced.


      VSS News

      VSS at Junction 8 This Sat


      Other News

      Healthy Cooking Classes

      Another Veg Facebook Group

      From Kampung Senang

      Yu Sheng Veg-Style

      Veg Reunion Dinner

      A (Mostly) Plant-Powered Professional Athlete


      VSS News

      VSS at Junction 8 This Sat

      The Raffles Junior College Interact Club has invited VSS to participate in YOUth Got Heart, a community service road show and volunteer festival this Sat, 2 Feb, 10am-7pm at the open plaza of the Junction 8 shopping centre. The roadshow will showcase about 20 VWOs, the needs of their beneficiaries and the services they provide. There will also be CCA and other performances on stage, as well as talks by various VWOs and other speakers to let the students and public understand more about the needs of the less fortunate.


      Other News

      Healthy Cooking Classes

      Here’s more cooking classes at an organic shop: Nature Zone,
      Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza , #02-06 Tanjong Pagar Road , (S) 082001. Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar.


      Session 1 –

      Dishes: soba salad, ma jiang mien, rainbow salad, salad sauce

      Dates: Fri, 22 Feb, 6.30pm-8pm or Sat, 23 Feb, 2pm-3.30pm


      Session 2 –

      Dishes: sushi roll, funori cold dish, funori desserts (also, nutrition tips)


      Dates: Fri, 29 Feb, 6.30pm-8pm or Sat, 1 Mar, 2pm-3.30pm


      Fee: $20 per session; rebate of $5 for those who sign up for 2 sessions


      Registration: Catherine / Adeline at 6223.6234 / 9822.9775


      Another Veg Facebook Group

      Vegetarian Food Gourmet is the name of another Facebook group that has sprung up. Here, from the founder, is his motivation for starting the group, “I would like to share some of the best vegetarian food I have tasted in Singapore . So come and join my hunt to pamper my taste buds”.



      From Kampong Senang

      Here’s some of what Kampong Senang has planned around CNY time.


      (A) Organic goods hampers available for charity sales.

      Type A – $88, Type B – $128

      Collection date: 1-5 Feb 2008, additional charges will be charged for delivery services.


      (B) The collection dates for organic Festival Salad (Yusheng) with fresh home-made cream, New Year Cookies/Goodies and Cashew Nut are 5-13 Feb


      (C) Steamboat Reunion Buffet from 26 Jan to 2 Feb 2008 for Lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm and/or Dinner from 5pm to 7pm.  Kindly book 3 days in advance.


      Please contact us @ 6749 8509 or email@...


      Venue: Holistic Lifestyle Centre is just a short walk from Aljunied MRT Station. Bus services 80 and 155 stop at Geylang East. Bus services 64, 125, 125x, 40, 62, 63, 100, 155 and 158 stop at Aljunied Road . Please see location in http://www.kg-senang.org.sg/ and for other information.


      Education Classes/Workshops


      A) Oxygen Hi Fiber Juicing Class on  2/2/08, 23/2/08

      Date and Time: Sat 2pm-3.30pm

      Venue: HLC, Blk 106, Aljunied

      Fee: $12/class


      B) Lily Ko’s Cooking Class (Intermediate)

      Date: 08/03/08

      Sat 3-5pm

      HLC, Blk 106, Aljunied

      Date: 09/03

      Sunday 3-5pm

      Venue: Blk 840, Tampines

      Fee: $240 for 4 lessons, $216 for Kg Senang member.


      C) Preparation of Healthy Meal

      By Ms Adeline Lo

      Date: 28/01 Mon

      Time: 7-9.30pm

      HLC, Blk 106, Aljunied

      Fees: Detox Camp Alumni $30, Member $35, Public $40


      D) 3 Day Family Detox & Organic Diet Camp

      21–23 Mar Fri-Sun

      9.30am-5pm (Mandarin)


      Yu Sheng Veg-Style

      Many veg outlets will be having Yu Sheng promotions. We’ll try to list some in our next issue. Here’s one:


      Green Connection, No 5 Angus Street, Merchant Square , tel: 6536.1770, email: melleosplace@... for your delivery and catering needs, http://www.melleosplace.com


      4-6 pax - $18.80; 10 pax – 28.80; add $10 to each price for veg abalone


      Veg Reunion Dinner

      Date:   Feb 17(Sun) @ 6pm Sharp

      (Registration starts at 5:45pm)  



      Function Room, The Rivervale Condo @ Sengkang

      (Participants will be notified of detailed address)



      * Buffet

      * Update of Our Place

      * Sharing Session: healing stories from our friends



      $20/adult & $10/children under 12. Payment is at the door.

      * If anyone wants to join in the fun preparation for the event, the following help is needed:

      1.      Helpers to prepare some dishes, and anyone who can assist, please call Kim Huay at 9845-9119.

      2.      Photographers for the event.

      3.      Helpers to buy paper plates, bowls, fork & spoon, cups, tissue paper, distilled water, garbage bags, table cloth.

      4.      Helpers to set up the place at 5pm and lay out the food.

      5.      2 receptionists for registration.

      6.      Transport of food.





      A (Mostly) Plant-Powered Professional Athlete

      Earlier this year, we had news about Scott Jurek, a 100% vegetarian ultramarathoner. Here’s something from The Wall Street Journal about Tony Gonzalez, an all-star National Football (American football) League player, 6-foot, 5-inches (1.95 metres), 247 pounds (112 kgs) who switched to a mostly vegetarian diet before the start of the recently concluded season and ended up breaking a record for players at his position:



      What inspired him to make the switch was the book The China Study, which we’ve mentioned here frequently.


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


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