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VSS eNewsletter 8 November 2007

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  • George Jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter, 8 November 2007 A Happy and Healthy Deepavali to All Our Hindu Readers! VSS News VSS
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      VSS eNewsletter, 8 November 2007

      A Happy and Healthy Deepavali to All Our Hindu Readers!

      VSS News

      VSS Exhibition at Library@Orchard 4-18 Nov

      Our Exhibition Here, There and Everywhere

      IVU World Vegetarian Congress

      Other News

      The Health Benefits of Indian Veg Food

      Veg Outlet Updates

      More Classes from Chef Chong Fah

      Kampung Senang Events

      Shan You Events on Heart Disease

      Holistic Health Green Carnival @ Fort Canning Centre

      Vegetarian Japanese Lunch Every Sunday

      Genesis Vegetarian Restaurant Now Open Later

      Sad, But Important, Video Available Online

      Subsidizing the Wrong Foods

      Tweens and Teens Going Veg

      Raw Food Demonstration– 24 Nov

      Health Seminar on Diabetes - 13 Nov

      VSS News

      VSS Exhibition at Library@Orchard until 18 Nov

      We are having an exhibition at Library@Orchard from 4-18 November. This is similar to the exhibition we've had at other libraries, but each time, the exhibitions gets better. And, remember, Library@Orchard is closing soon; so, don't miss this chance to visit a unique space.

      Maybe the most inspiring part of the exhibition are the people staffing it for VSS. For example, one of these people was a normal meat eater until she visited our last library exhibition at Tampines Regional Library, last July. Inspired by the exhibition, especially the pictures and videos of our fellow animals' needless suffering, this person, her husband and two kids decided to embark towards vegetarianism. They still aren't all the way there, but this VSS volunteer is far enough along that she wants to share her knowledge and inspiration with others.

      Why not bring a non-veg friend or family member to the exhibition? Maybe lightning will strike for them too!

      Plus, as part of the exhibition, on Sundays at 3pm, VSS is having talks. The last one is this Sun, 11 Nov, 3pm on 'The Intelligence, Emotions, and Personality of Our Fellow Animals'. The exhibition and talks are free.

      All programmes are also posted on NLB blog at http://blogs.nlb.gov.sg/orchard

      Our Exhibition Here, There and Everywhere

      Many other pro-veg organisations have asked that we set up our exhibition at their events, and, schedule permitting, VSS is happy to do so. BTW, we need about $1000 to repair and upgrade our exhibition materials. To donate, pls contact info@... We already had one person write in about making a donation.

      Here are other places we'll be. See the Other News section of this newsletter for details.

      Shan You Counseling Centre's Heart Disease seminars – 10 Nov (Eng); 1 Dec (Man)

      Malaysia Vegetarian Society's Exhibition and Food Fair – 16-17 Nov, at Putra World Trade Centre in KL; (for info, contact Dr Kamalanathan: ksappani@...)

      International Meatless Day Carnival – 18 Nov, in Penang (for info, contact Mr Pishu Murli Hassaram, penangmeatless@...)

      Holistic Health Green Carnival @ Fort Canning Centre – 24-25 Nov

      IVU World Vegetarian Congress

      The International Vegetarian Union will be holding its World Vegetarian Congress, 27 Jul – 3 Aug, 2008 in the centre of Dresden , Germany . This Congress will be special as it marks the 100th anniversary of the first World Vegetarian Congress, held in the same city. The organizers have been planning the event for years. To secure the best accommodation value, book now: http://www.ivu.org/congress/2008/index.html

      Other News

      The Health Benefits of Indian Veg Food

      A reader recently sent in the following info.

      Studies suggest that Indian veg food can be good for our health. First, curry, found in Indian and other local dishes, may help to fight cancers, especially colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer and leukaemia . Furthermore, turmeric, the spice which gives many Indian dishes their lovely yellow colour, may inhibit the growth of tumours. Curcumin, an antioxidant and anti-arthritic found in turmeric, may also aid liver and kidney function.

      Indian veg food can have many other health benefits. For example, the ginger found in many Indian dishes is thought to help with a variety of ailments, including motion sickness, indigestion and cough. Plus, when Indian dishes are cooked from scratch, we can throw in our own fresh vegetables.

      Veg Outlet Updates

      1. A reader wrote to say:

      Hi, please note the following stall has closed about 3 weeks ago.

      Third Sister Kitchen, 111 North Bridge Road #B1-07, Stall 5, Peninsula Plaza .
      2. More sad news from a reader:

      Yogi House under your section "Raffles MRT" is closed.

      3. Another reader had happier news:

      New veg stall at Kim Tat Seng Eating House in Marine Parade:

      -- name of stall: Good Earth (previously in Eunos)

      -- name of coffee shop: Kim Tat Seng Eating House

      -- Address: 5, Marine Parade, Centre, #01-05, Republic Theatre (Old)

      -- Stall opening hours: 7am to 2pm, serving vegetarian wanton and sui-jiao mien, rest on Wednesdays.  Rest on Thursdays if Wednesdays are first / fifteen day of the Chinese calendar month. From 3pm to 9pm serving dishes by orders (i.e. the "zhu-cao" style), rest on Thursdays. Rest on Fridays if Thursdays are first / fifteen day of the Chinese calendar month.

      -- No eggs, no brown rice for the time being (will do so if more customers keep asking for it :)

      -- no contact numbers.

      4. And, just before the deadline, here's another new place:

      'Food #03' is a social enterprise of Post-Museum. Both are at 107+109 Rowell Rd, near Jln Besar, in Little India. Open 5pm-11pm, Tues-Fri, and 12pm-11pm, Sat-Sun. Contact: 6396.7980; www.food03.sg

      More Classes from Chef Chong Fah

      Chef Oh Chong Fah will be sharing his prodigious knowledge with others via a series of bilingual courses at his new Wholesome Living outlet. Here are the details.

      Venue: Wholesome Living, Blk 416 Pandan Gardens , #01-130,

      S. 600416

      Tel/Fax: 6560.1337

      Email: info@...

      Payment Method: Cheque payable to Wholesome Living or electronic fund transfer (write in for details), must be received 1 week before the class commences


      Fermentation - Wine, Sauerkraut, Fruit Enzyme & Soya Sauce
      9 &16 Nov 07, Fri 7:00 - 9:30pm

      Raw Food - Supercharge
      14 & 21 Nov 07, Wed 7:00 - 10:00pm

      Pure Cooking - Healthy Cooking
      28 Nov 07, Wed 7:00 - 10:00pm

      Tofu Making & Okra Cooking - Without Calcium Sulphate
      23 & 30 Nov 07, Fri 7:00- 9:30pm

      Tastes Like Meat - Western Style 2
      7 Nov 07, Wed 7:00 - 10:00pm

      Tastes Like Meat - Indonesian Style 1
      20 Nov 07, Tue, 7:00 -10:00pm

      Tastes Like Meat - Indonesia Style 2
      27 Nov 07, Tue, 7:00 - 10:00pm

      For details of the workshops, please visit www.wholesomeliving-sg.com

      Kampung Senang Events

      Kampung Senang recently marked its 8th Anniversary with events (including a VSS exhibition) at its Holistic Lifestyle Centre @ Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent , #01-205, a short walk from Aljunied MRT Station. Bus services 80 and 155 stop at Geylang East. Bus services 64, 125, 125x, 40, 62, 63, 100, 155 and 158 stop at Aljunied Road .
      For location, see
      http://www.kg-senang.org.sg For other information, call 6749. 8509, 6785.2568.

      Here are some more events on their busy calendar:

      1) Oxygen Hi Fibre Juicing Class on 10 Nov & 17 Nov

      Date and Time: Sat 2pm-3.30pm

      Fee: $12/class

      2) Healthy Diet Course by Culinary Instructor Oh Chong Fah

      a)  Enzyme/Wine/Fermented Food Making Class (2 sessions) TBA

      b) Wholesome Bakery Class (2 sessions), Fri 19 Oct & 26 Oct

      c) Marking Organic Silken Tofu & Okara Dishes (2 sessions) Wed 17 Oct & 24 Oct

      Venue: Wholesome Living @ Pandan Garden

      3) Organic Farm & Know Your Goodies Bag Educational Tour

      Date and Time: 11 Nov, Sun 8am~2pm

      Venue: Fireflies Organic Farm ~ Pick Up @ HLC, Blk 106 before 8am

      Fee: $25/Member includes lunch, workshop/notes; $30/Non-member

      Shan You Events on Heart Disease

      Shan You Counselling Centre puts on many useful seminars/workshops on health, both physical and mental, with a vegetarian perspective. Here's an event on heart health, with Chinese and English versions.

      1. Name of event - Heart Disease: A healthier heart with Mind-Body Medicine (an English talk-cum-workshop)

      Date: 10 Nov, 2pm–6pm

      Event venue: Toa Payoh Central Community Club
      Fee: $8 per participant
      Contact person: Mr Samuel Chua or Mr Sebastian Li
      Contact: 6741.9293 / samuelchua@... or



      Heart disease is the second biggest killer next to cancer in Singapore and has considerable impact on the family and society. Treatment of sufferers is prolonged and expensive. More significantly, this highly preventable disease is progressively affecting people at the peak of their lives, disrupting families and devastating finances. Come and discover how simple, practical and safe evidence-based techniques can help you prevent, manage and even recover from heart diseases. Participants can sign up for a one–time free consultation-session with Shan You Counselling Centre.

      Holistic Health Green Carnival @ Fort Canning Centre

      On 24-25 Nov (Sat-Sun), 10am-8pm, Lapis Lazuli Light is organizing a Holistic Health Green Carnival at Fort Canning Centre. Find out how to energize water, learn about healthy eating for ourselves and our children and discover ways to live safer in midst of harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation; and more...

      Free admission


      Sad, But Important, Video Available Online

      'Earthlings' makes the important point that although we humans are fellow earthlings, just like the other animals, rather than look out for our fellow earthlings, we abuse them for our own supposed gain.

      This abuse persists despite the fact that most of these fellow animals belong to species who were on the planet long before humans.

      'Earthlings' depicts some of the many ways our fellow planet dwellers suffer at our hands. Beware, although the film is narrated by a Hollywood actor, Joaquin Phoenix (perhaps best known for his portrayal of Country-Western singer Johnny Cash), Phoenix uses a sad monotone throughout. That, combined with the film's content, makes for rather dreary viewing.

      Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Music by Moby.
      Written, Produced, and Directed by Shaun Monson
      You can watch the film online for no charge and/or you can support the production of such films by purchasing Earthlings:

      "Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one
      that gets people talking the most. For every one
      person who sees EARTHLINGS, they will tell three."
      - Joaquin Phoenix, actor/narrator

      "If I could make everyone in the world see one
      film, I'd make then see EARTHLINGS."
      - Peter Singer, author Animal Liberation

      "EARTHLINGS is the definitive film of all time
      that Americans don't want to see."
      - Gretchen Wyler, The Humane Society of USA

      "For those who watch EARTHLINGS, the world
      will never be the same."
      - Tom Regan, author A Case for Animal Rights

      Vegetarian Japanese Lunch Every Sunday

      A Shojin Ryori lunch [by Enso Kitchen] is available every Sunday at Wacha. Visit http://www.ensokitchen.com/event.htm for details.

      Please note the followings:

      a. Only on Sunday [at this moment]

      b. Reservation is required [preferably at least a day in advance]

      c. Menu changes once a month

      d. Private functions can also be arranged with minimum pax of 12 & above. Please contact Enso Kitchen for details.

      Genesis Health Food Restaurant Now Open Later

      Genesis is now open till 8pm, Mon-Thu. A good chance to stop by after work for dinner before heading home. Here's the details: #1 Lorong Telok, S. 049014; Specialities: whole grains, no dairy and eggs, Eastern and Western food, including soup and salad with whole wheat buns; 6438-7118; genesishf@...

      Subsidizing the Wrong Foods

      It seems that some countries, such as the U.S. actually subsidize meat production:


      Tweens and Teens Going Veg

      As more people learn about all mess that meat eating causes, some are saying goodbye to this bad habit. The following article discusses a trend among young people and how their parents are reacting:


      Raw Food Demonstration– 24 Nov

      Sat, 24 Nov, Paul Yeoh, raw food gourmet chef will be doing a raw food demonstration. You can learn about how to prepare your raw food and the goodness of raw food to you. If you are interested to know more about Paul, you can go to www.rawfoodcuisine.com.sg

      The demo will be held at Zenxin Agri-Organic Food, Blk 14 Wholesale Centre #01-25, S. 110014, T: 6779 7839/6778 7369; F: 6777 0879; E: taisengyee@...


      Health Seminar on Diabetes - 13 Nov

      Evidence is building that going veg can help in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. To learn more, attend a health seminar on diabetes management on Tue, 13 Nov, 2-5pm at Youngberg Wellness Centre, 798 Thomson Road . The speaker will be Dr Hope Ferdowsian, MD, M.P.H. from Washington Centre for Clinical Research. Dr Ferdowsian will discuss how a low fat, plant based diet may improve and even reverse diabetes. She will describe research funded by the National Institutes of Health, which has shown that a low fat vegan diet significantly improves diabetes control, even when compared to a diet prescribed by the American Diabetes Association. Dr Ferdowsian will discuss how people may make simple dietary changes to improve their health and prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. SMS John Cheang at 96742512 to register, admission is free of charge.


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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