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VSS eNewsletter 6 September 2007

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Sorry for two issues in one week, but too much news and too many events. VSS eNewsletter, 6 September 2007 VSS News VSS Exhibition at Library@Orchard in Nov
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      Sorry for two issues in one week, but too much news and too many events.


      VSS eNewsletter, 6 September 2007



      VSS News

      VSS Exhibition at Library@Orchard in Nov

      VSS Exhibition at Global Compassion Conference

      More on Veg Food Delivery

      More Quotes and Weblinks on Global Warming

      VSS Listed on ‘ Asia Is Green’ Site

      Seletar Raw Food Potluck – Sat Evening 15 Sep


      Other News

      Upcoming Events at Kampung Senang

      Two Events by Shan You Counselling Centre

      Zen Vegetarian Cooking Class

      Globalisation and Food: Free Talk and Video

      Screening of “Artic Tale” to Raise Funds for Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre

      Two Indian Veg Outlets at Suntec

      Veg Food at World Foodfair 2007

      The Healing Diet of St. Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th Century mystic

      The No-Stove Kitchen Presents the Raw Experience 101

      Networking Site for Vegetarians


      VSS News

      VSS Exhibition at Library@Orchard in Nov

      Library@Orchard in Ngee Ann City is closing soon, but the library will be going out with a bang, featuring a VSS exhibition from 3-18 Nov. Plus, VSS will be doing a series of talks at the same venue before and during the exhibition. Watch this space for details, pls.


      VSS Exhibition at Global Compassion Conference

      VSS has been invited to have an exhibition at the Global Dharma Conference of Great Compassion taking place in 4 sessions on 15-16 Sep at DBS Auditorium on Shenton Way .

      This educational conference invites participants to learn and share about the importance of practicing Compassion, an important area of Buddhist practice. The goal of the conference is to raise the awareness of practicing Great Compassion within the family, and thus for the society we live in.

      Cost ranges from $95 (one session) to $338 (all sessions) with a number of added benefits and bookings can be made on their website - http://www.globaldharma.info -

      or by phoning 6534-7767.


      More on Veg Food Delivery

      Last issue, we highlighted the matter of delivery of veg food. Here are excerpts form what one reader wrote about organising veg food delivery. Also, does anyone know someone who’d like to be a part-time rider to deliver veg food?


      1) [Veg outlets] need to hire part-time riders to do delivery during peak lunch 12 - 2pm. Delivery can start as early as 11.30, and food orders need to be placed by a specific time.
      2) Menus of set meals or packet food should be listed in flyers and delivered together with the food. 
      3) Area of delivery should be stated, for example, whether within CBD or outside CBD.  
      4) Perhaps it will be better to charge an additional small sum for 1 pkt and cheaper when ordering 2 or more pkts, so that it could cover the cost, and, in turn, customers will be encouraged to have their colleagues order also.
      Hope to have delivery of veg food, especially when rushing for work or  during a heavy rain. How nice it would be if the food could be served hot and delivered to your work place. 

      More Quotes and Weblinks on Global Warming

      Here, courtesy of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), is a collection of quotes and weblinks on why eating plant foods helps reduce global warming:



      VSS sent EVU the quote from MM Lee, from an article in The Straits Times 7 Aug ’07, which was featured in the VSS e-newsletter a few issues ago. Here it is again, in case you missed it.

      Headline: Green future: Why MM is not optimistic

      Byline: Lynn Lee

      A PESSIMISTIC Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said he could not predict what would impact regional growth in 50 years given the damage now taking place to the global environment.

      Asked about what he thought could stonewall Asia 's growth in the years ahead, he reflected on the issue of climate change.

      The changes that have been set in motion, he told his 180-strong audience at The Arts House yesterday, 'have already changed the balance between what the planet can bear, and what the human beings want from the world'.

      'So global warming is one big enormous problem that we end up with,' he said, pointing to out-of-whack weather patterns that have spawned droughts, hurricanes and typhoons, and led to glaciers melting.

      Reflecting on concerns about global warming that he had highlighted in April, he asked: 'Will we have the wisdom and ability to prevent this degradation of the environment?

      'I have very serious reservations, because I don't see any government telling its people to consume less...less travel, less food, eat more vegetables, don't eat more protein. That's not the way the world is going.'


      VSS Listed on ‘ Asia Is Green’ Site

      ‘Asia Is Green’ is a new internet directory. VSS is now listed there at


      Seletar Raw Food Potluck – Sat Evening 15 Sep

      In an effort to build social links among vegetarians and encourage people to try new kinds of veg food, VSS is hoping to hold some potluck events that will be open to the public. The first such event will be held in Seletar, Sat, 15 Sep, from 5pm-10pm. The event is hosted at the home of Sue Amy (Amy is the surname), first author of the VSS cookbook, New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook.


      This will be a raw food potluck, in order to highlight all the great things that can be done with plant foods without cooking them. To RSVP and for directions: info@..., amy23s@..., or 9105-7778.


      Sue informs us that one of her neighbours, a potter named Steven Low (pretty famous in art circles), has an open house and exhibition on the same day. His garden is exceptionally beautiful, with bamboo all the way around. The preview of the exhibition is at 5pm, so if people would like to see this, they could first visit Steven’s house and then go to my house for the potluck. Steven's house is just around the corner from my house.


      Here are the details for Steven:

      "In Mood for Clay", an exhibition by Steven Low and students

      Preview - 5pm

      Official opening/reception 7pm

      Venue: Steven Low Ceramics Studio, 13 Brompton Road , Seletar Camp.


      Also, this event will also be the first gathering for Singapore Vegetarian Meet-up: http://vegetarian.meetup.com/476/?gj=sj5


      Other News

      Upcoming Events at Kampung Senang

      Here are three upcoming events from our friends at Kampung Senang.


      1. Parents & Grand Parents’ Day Special

      9 Sep


      Learning about Holistic Education and Vegetarian Organic Diets


      2. Oxygen Hi Fibre Juicing Class

      15 Sep

      Sat, 2pm-3.30pm

      Fee: $12 per class


      3. 2-Day Family Bonding, Detox & Organic Diet Camp

      6th/7th Oct 07 Sat/Sun

      9.30am-5pm (Bilingual)

      Fee: $150/pax


      For more info: Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent, #01-205, S380106, Tel: 6749.8509, email@...


      Two Events by Shan You Counselling Centre

      Here are two upcoming events from our friends at Shan You Counselling Centre. Please note their emphasis on science-based ideas.


      1. Name of event:            Defeating Diabetes with Evidence-Based Mind-Body Medicine

      Date of event:     8 Sep (in English), 2pm-5:30pm

                                     16 Sep (in Chinese), 2pm-6pm
      Event venue:                   Toa Payoh Central Community Club
      Fee:                               $8 per participant
      Contacts:                        Ms Winnie Wong / Mr Samuel Chua

      Tel:                  6741.9293

      Email:                            winniewong@... or samuelchua@...


      Come to this talk cum workshop based on scientific research, and empower yourself to take charge of your diabetes self-management plan. Learn about optimum nutrition for managing diabetes and promoting wellness, take steps to curb the stressors of living with diabetes and acquire coping and problem-solving skills to build your emotional and psychological strength for maximum quality of life. Participants can sign up for a one-time free consultation-session with Shan You Counselling Centre.


      2. Name of event:            Mind-Body Medicine Meditation?

      Date of event:     6 Oct (in English), 2pm-6:30pm

                                     21 Oct (in Chinese), 2pm-6:30pm
      Event venue:                   Shan You Counselling Centre
      Fee:                               $10 per participant
      Contacts:                        Mr Samuel Chua / Mr Sebastian Li
      Tel::                              6741.9293

      Email:                            samuelchua@... or sebastian@...


      Our mind is the forerunner for many of our experiences. Scientific research shows that our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions influence our total health and vitality. Mind-body medicine provides scientific methods to promote health and healing for people with busy lifestyles. Come and learn simple, practical, safe and evidence-based meditation techniques to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. There are no religious elements in this workshop. Participants can sign up for a one-time free consultation-session with Shan You Counselling Centre.


      Zen Vegetarian Cooking Class

      Shojin Ryori is a Zen temple cooking which uses only vegetables and seasonal ingredients to capture the flow of nature. This traditional Zen temple cooking not only focuses on the preparation of food, but also a practice of spirituality with certain philosophies to follow. Originally, Shojin Ryori was served exclusively for the Zen monks engaging in ascetic practice. This cuisine is meticulously prepared in the belief that it has the power to heal the mind and body.

      The theme of this class is using different seaweeds which have a reputation for enhancing health, boosting the immune system, detoxifying our bodies, revitalising our skin and many more beneficial qualities.


      This will be a hands-on class led by Chef Danny Chu from Enso Kitchen. You will experience the cooking method taught in the Zen temples, participate in the preparation and presentation of a vegan friendly meal which includes water chestnut in nori squares, miso soup with wakame, nori-wrapped triangular rice balls, konbu kelp & edamame relish and simmered hijiki.

      Date/Time:  Fri, 28 Sep, 11am-2pm 4 or Sat, 29 Sep, 3pm-6pm
      Fee:  $85 per person or $160 for 2 people
      Chef:  Danny Chu, Enso Kitchen [www.ensokitchen.com]
      Log onto
      http://www.palatesensations.com/classlist.php?eid=562 [for 28 Sep] or http://www.palatesensations.com/classlist.php?eid=561 [for 29 Sep] to enrol.


      Globalisation and Food: Free Talk and Video

      Have you ever wondered where your food comes from and whether it really contains the nutrients and anti-oxidants that help you fight aging and disease?  When cities are encroaching on natural forests and farmlands, have you ever wondered if there will be enough land to grow the food that will feed the world?


      Watch a video on this and listen to a very knowledgeable speaker: Evelyn Eng-Lim, an organic farmer in Singapore . Evelyn conducts outdoor educational programs for adults and students in her organic farm, Green Circle Eco-Farm. Previously, she was an analytical chemist, teacher, businesswoman and a full-time volunteer with Nature Society. At the Society, she held various posts, from Chair of the Education Group, Honorary Secretary, to founding and managing the publication of the quarterly magazine, Nature Watch.


      Date:    Sat, 22 Sep

      Time:    5pm-7.30pm

      Venue:  Whatever Yoga-Healing Space, 31 Keong Saik Rd

      Price:                 Free

      Call:                   6221.0300 to register your attendance. 


      Screening of “Artic Tale” to Raise Funds for Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre

      You are invited to a special preview screening of the new film "Arctic Tale" in aid of the Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC). www.acres.org.sg


      Date:                 11 Sep, Tue

      Time:                 7pm

      Venue:   GV VivoCity Hall 5


      Tickets are priced at $80, $50, $20 and $10.

      To book your tickets, please contact Andrew Tay at:

      Email: andrew.tay@..., H: 98562262.

      Please send your cheque made payable to "Acres" to: 38 Toa Payoh Lor 5, #08-499, S (310038).


      Acres still needs to raise over half a million dollars for the establishment of the AWRC.


      Two Indian Veg Outlets at Suntec

      Here’s good news for readers who spend time at Suntec.


      Pangat (Indian vegetarian) now has a branch in Suntec City as well.  It's to the right of Indinine, on Level 3.


      Also, Bombay Cafe Express is at Suntec City (smaller version of the one at Tanjong Katong) - it is near the KFC on Level B1.


      Veg Food at World Foodfair 2007

      Also at Suntec is the "World Foodfair 2007" being held at Suntec City Convention Halls 403 & 404 from 5-9 Sep, 11am-10pm. Veg food will be available from the booth of Vegetorium, Booth No. F69, a veg restaurant.


      Vegetorium’s usual location is at 124 Pasir Panjang Rd, S. 118545; Tel: 64747-203, 9742-7419; email: info@...


      The Healing Diet of St. Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th Century mystic

      A diet using herbs, spelt, spices, nuts and seed (Gen 1:29) has been recommended for those with poor digestion, constipation, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and as a general means of health improvement, as it believed to foster better digestion, absorption and elimination.


      Herbalist, Wendy Yeo, will be demonstrating dished from the diet, with food sampling and Q&A. The menu features:


      1. Spelt salad with herbs

      2. 7 wonder soup (for cleansing)

      3. Vegetable curry served with spelt

      4. Spelt dessert with beans


      Date and Time:    Sat, 8 Sep, 2.00-4.30pm

      Place:                             Church of Saints Peter and Paul (3rd floor chapel)

      Fee:                               $20 fro materials and ingredients

      Sponsored by:     Kenosis Living Spring

      Contact:                         kenosisls@... or Selena @ 9684.8646


      The No-Stove Kitchen Presents Raw Experience 101
      In Raw Experience 101, you will learn the basics of making raw vegan food featuring local Asian vegetables, using mostly equipment which is commonly found in a Singaporean household, thus making organic raw food lifestyle affordable.

      The No-Stove Kitchen is headed by 2 raw advocates: Ying Weng Kit and Poh Hwee Kim, who have been living the raw food lifestyle in Singapore since 2001.

      In the 4hr class, you will learn to:

      -make blood building tonics and alkalize your body at the same time      
      -turn Asian dark leafy greens (like cai xin & kailan) into delectable green entrées
      -turn all that pulp from your juicing into delicious cuisine, saving $$!
      -make noodles without the high calories!
      -make a heart healthy curry
      -make delicious desserts without butter, cream and eggs

      Date:                 Sun, 16 Sep
      Time:                 12 noon - 4pm

      Venue:   To be advised upon registration

      To register and for info: nostovekitchen@... or call Wengkit @ 97719572 or

      Kim at 96948244. Registration deadline is Wed, 12 Sep.

      Networking Site for Vegetarians

      VSS received the following invitation that may be of interest to veg netizens.


      You are invited to visit Contact.VG http://en.contact.vg , the free networking site for vegetarians and vegans. Online since December 2006, the site will soon bring together 1000 members. The site is officially available in French and English, and before too long in Italian, and unofficially in Spanish and in German. Note that we are just beginning our English promotional campaign, so we expect to get a lot of new members in the next weeks. In August 2007, the site received more than 25,000 unique visits.



      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


      To Subscribe: vegsoc_sg-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      To Unsubscribe: vegsoc_sg-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com





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