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VSS eNewsletter 4 September 2007

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Having more email difficulties. Please pardon the mistakes. VSS eNewsletter, 4 September 2007 VSS News Veg for Health Congress and Food Exhibition in KL
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      Having more email difficulties. Please pardon the mistakes.


      VSS eNewsletter, 4 September 2007



      VSS News

      Veg for Health Congress and Food Exhibition in KL

      Delivery of Vegetarian Food

      Drawing Sought for Education Project


      Other News

      Vegan Bakery Opens

      Organic Tour Rides Again with New Date – 30 Sep

      Upcoming Events at Kampung Senang

      New Organic Shop in Red Hill

      Two Events by Shan You Counselling Centre

      Phuket Vegetarian Festival

      Talk on Peace or Perish

      Does Going Veg Save Us Money?


      VSS News

      Veg for Health Congress and Food Exhibition in KL

      This invitation comes from our colleagues in the Malaysia Vegetarian Society. We’ll have more in subsequent issues of this eNewsletter.


      We are proud to inform all of you that the Veg for Health Congress and Food Exhibition will be held on the Fri, 16 Nov and Sat, 17 Nov at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in KL. The programme is over two days, with registration on the first day beginning at 10am and the plenary presentations beginning at 2pm. The opening ceremony is expected to be performed by a Malaysian cabinet minister, to be announced at a later date.
      The first day will feature a series of lectures by our distinguished speakers especially from Indonesia , Singapore and Malaysia . This will be followed by a buffet dinner, and we hope to make it a grand one with cuisines from various parts of the world.
      The next day will be some parallel discussions from 9PM onwards and sufficient allocation of time will be given for discussion in Mandarin and B. Malaysia/Indonesia. The theme of the discussion must be centred on more Vege for the benefit of the human organism and the environment. The foyer will also be available for an exhibition of food and healthy living products and promotion of other veg-based products. Cooking demonstrations will be also done in parallel. These three parallel sessions will make available a wider selection for the visitors.
      The plan is such that there will be sufficient time available to travel to Penang for the next day’s launch of the Penang International Meatless Day on Sun, 18 Nov.
      We shall keep you posted soon on the accommodations and the hotels available in the neighbourhood of PWTC.
      We look forward to a wonderful gathering to inspire more people to adopt a larger vegetarian diet in their lives.
      With best wishes and warm regards,
      Dr. Kamalanathan Sappani, president, Malaysian Vegetarian Society



      Delivery of Vegetarian Food

      Convenience is crucial to consumers these days. Thus, food delivery is becoming more common. What about delivery of veg food? What can be done to facilitate this? For example, My Vegetarian Way, a stall at #03-24 of Golden Shoe Food Centre by Raffles Place MRT, hp – 9238-5680, offers free delivery (with conditions). However, it’s difficult for them, because they have no one extra to do the delivery.


      If you’d like to help VSS improve this situation, please write to info@... and explain what you’d like to do to promote delivery of veg food. Thx.


      Drawing Sought for Education Project

      To encourage people to eat less or no meat, Vegetarian Society ( Singapore ) – www.vegetarian-society.org - has started a project that requires drawings, and the Society is offering token cash subsidies of US$200 and US$100 for two drawings that the Society’s appointed judges believe would be useful. Vegetarian Society ( Singapore ) is an IVU (International Vegetarian Union – www.ivu.org - member and a non-profit charity. Here’s the concept.


      Humans eat other animals for food, even though we humans can be perfectly healthy without eating meat. We continue to eat other animals despite the fact that these fellow animals are thinking, feeling beings who suffer greatly, who are deprived of any semblance of a natural life. Why do we humans do this to other animals? One reason we continue to unnecessarily use other animals for food is that we have the ability to do so; our intellectual gifts have allowed us to achieve dominance over other animals.


      One way to help humans empathize with the plight of our fellow animals would be to encourage us to imagine another species coming to Earth, a species more intelligent than humans, a species who decide to eat us because we taste so good, a species that can do with us what they want because they are more intelligent. The members of this species don’t hate humans; in fact, they think we’re cute, at least some of us. Furthermore, this species aren’t monsters, any more than we humans are monsters [no monster drawings, pls] because we eat other animals. It’s just that eating humans has become a tradition for them; it’s what they’re accustomed to. It’s easy and convenient; plus, many of their doctors tell them that human meat has lots of essential nutrients.


      Vegetarian Society ( Singapore ) is looking for a drawing of this super species to use in their education project. The target audience is the general public, with an emphasis on people from 15-30 years of age. Colour drawings are not necessary; Black and white will suffice. Multiple entries up to three are permitted.


      Please submit your drawings via email; no hard copies, please. Drawings can be done in any medium including charcoal, pen, ink, pencil, pastels, and digital art. You can draw the figure only or you can provide background. Original drawings in hard copy can be done in any size, but all submitted drawings must be in soft copy of A1 size, 300 dpi, sent as 100 dpi via a jpeg file of not more than 2MB. If you would like to submit drawings but are not interested in being considered for the cash subsidy, please let us know.


      Deadline:                 12 November 2007 (early submissions encouraged)

      Decision by:             31 November 2007

      Send attached file:   info@... (no files over 2MB, pls).

      Please include:         (1) your name, (2) postal address, (3) email address, (4) a statement that the drawing is your own original work


      Entries will not be returned and become the property of VSS. The judges’ decision is final. The top drawings may become the basis for sculptures and other works. These will be used strictly for educational, non-profit purposes.


      Other News

      Vegan Bakery Opens

      A new vegan bakery for health conscious bread lovers is available now! The shop is called ‘Wholesome Living’, and it is a place for organic confectionery, organic & natural products and culinery workshops. Established by Mr. Oh Chong Fah, a VSS life member and People's Association registered culinary instructor, who wanted to make his hearty breads and cakes available for everyone.


      At Wholesome Living, you can find freshly baked organic wholemeal (egg-free & daily-free) bread, muffins and cakes, as well as tempeh available in organic soy and non-GMO black soy.


      Culinary workshops will soon be conducted on the premises, as well as at Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation’s Holistic Centre and in communities. For further details, please feel free to call 6560.1337 or visit www.wholesomeliving-sg.com 


      Address: Blk 416 Pandan Gardens , #01-130 Singapore 600416

      Operating hours: Tue to Sat, 9am-6pm; Sun, 9am-3pm; Off on Mon                       



      Nearest MRT: Jurong East

      Buses: 51 & 143, alight at Ayer Rajah CC or opposite stop; 30, 78, 79, 176, alight at Galilee Bible Presbyterian Church or opposite stop


      Organic Tour Rides Again with New Date – 30 Sep

      During Singapore Meatout Week 2007, one of the most popular events was the Organic Tour on 22 Jul. In fact, the tour was so popular, that another day was added, and even that wasn’t enough to meet the demand. Thus, another tour has been arranged. Here are the details.


      Date: 30 Sep (Sun) – Please note this is a change

      Price: S$50 nett



      8.30am: Assemble @ Old Outram Park MRT’s Taxi Stand (opp. SGH)

      8.45am: Departure (sharp)

      [light breakfast on coach]

      9.30am: Fire Flies Health Farm (Plot 75 Lim Chu Kang Lane 2, Tel: 6793.7875)

      [guided tour to go round the organic farm, learn about farming methods & the use/recycle of the left behind natural vegetable/fruits waste as compose/fertiliser; fresh produce shopping]

      11.00am: Spring Orchard (1 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Tel: 6310.1884)

      [brief introduction to dragon fruits; participants can have a self-guided tour round the farm; fresh produce shopping]

      12.00pm: Lunch @ Biogenic International (147B Telok Ayer St , Tel: 6226.2621)

      [lunch is specially prepared with enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements]

      2:00pm: Shopping @ Chyuan Shiang Energy ( 12 Arumugam Road, #05-03 Lion Building B Tel: 6745.5367)

      [1/2hour talk on types of food to repair cells; simple food preparation demo with sampling session; shopping at 10% discount storewide]

      4.30pm: Yes Natural organic shop (599/599A Geylang Road 38, Tel: 6846.1580)

      [food sampling session; shopping; 1/2 hour talk focus on harmful food preservatives]

      5.30pm: Dinner @ WholeEarth Veg Restaurant ( 593 Geylang Rd , Tel: 6841.3319)

      [creative and wholesome dinner, in an exclusive and cozy dining atmosphere]

      6:30pm - 7.00pm: Drop off at Aljunied MRT station.


      **itinerary subject to change, in unforeseen circumstances, without prior notice


      For info, call or sms: 9362.7493, 9006-5525


      Upcoming Events at Kampung Senang

      Here are two upcoming events from our friends at Kampung Senang.


      1. Oxygen Hi Fibre Juicing Class


      Sat, 2pm-3.30pm

      Fee: $12 per class


      2. 2-Day Family Bonding, Detox & Organic Diet Camp

      6th/7th Oct 07 Sat/Sun

      9.30am-5pm (Bilingual)

      Fee: $150/pax


      For more info: Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent, #01-205, S380106, Tel: 6749.8509, email@...


      New Organic Shop in Red Hill

      Name of store:         Organic Living Hub

      Address:                 Blk 78 #01-17, Redhill Lane, S. 150078

      MRT:                      Red Hill

      Buses:                    33, 53, 64, 132

      Tel:                        6473-6818


      Hours: M-F 9am-8pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-2pm


      In this store, you can find:

        - organic natural products

        - local & imported vegetables & fruits

        - juices, vinegar, brown rice, bread

        - nutritional care and house whole product


      Delivery for purchases over $120


      The shop owner, Ms Ang, is a trained nurse who provides nutrition consultation to customers.


      Two Events by Shan You Counselling Centre

      Here are two upcoming events from our friends at Shan You Counselling Centre. Please note their emphasis on science-based ideas.


      1. Name of event:     Defeating Diabetes with Evidence-Based Mind-Body Medicine

      Date of event:         8 Sep (in English), 25:30pm

                                     16 Sep (in Chinese), 2?6pm
      Event venue:           Toa Payoh Central Community Club
      Fee:                       $8 per participant
      Contacts:                Ms Winnie Wong / Mr Samuel Chua

      Tel:                        6741.9293

      Email:                     winniewong@... or samuelchua@...


      Come to this talk cum workshop based on scientific research, and empower yourself to take charge of your diabetes self-management plan. Learn about optimum nutrition for managing diabetes and promoting wellness, take steps to curb the stressors of living with diabetes and acquire coping and problem-solving skills to build your emotional and psychological strength for maximum quality of life. Participants can sign up for a one-time free consultation-session with Shan You Counselling Centre.


      2. Name of event:     Mind-Body Medicine Meditation?

      Date of event:         6 Oct (in English), 2?6:30pm

                                     21 Oct (in Chinese), 2?6:30pm
      Event venue:           Shan You Counselling Centre
      Fee:                       $10 per participant
      Contacts:                Mr Samuel Chua / Mr Sebastian Li
      Tel::                      6741.9293

      Email:                     samuelchua@... or sebastian@...


      Our mind is the forerunner for many of our experiences. Scientific research shows that our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions influence our total health and vitality. Mind-body medicine provides scientific methods to promote health and healing for people with busy lifestyles. Come and learn simple, practical, safe and evidence-based meditation techniques to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. There are no religious elements in this workshop. Participants can sign up for a one-time free consultation-session with Shan You Counselling Centre.


      Phuket Vegetarian Festival

      Phuket Vegetarian Festival this year will be held from the 11th to the 19th of Oct. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is an annual event held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It is believed that the vegetarian festival and its accompanying sacred rituals bestow good fortune upon those who observe this rite. http://www.thaisnews.com/news_detail.php?newsid=214552


      Talk on Peace or Perish

      The Sadhu Vaswani Centre are the people who sponsor International Meatless Day every 25 November. Their leader, Dada J.P. Vaswani, will be in Singapore to launch his new book ‘Peace or Perish’ on Fri, 14 Sep, 7.15pm in the Meritus Mandarin Ballroom. The event is free and includes a talk and Q&A session. For more info, 6342-1982, sadhuvaswani@...


      Does Going Veg Save Us Money?

      Here’s the link for an article that claims we can save money by going veg. The article is from a U.S. perspective. What about in Singapore ?



      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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