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VSS eNewsletter 8 August, 2007

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    VSS eNewsletter, 8 Aug 2007 Happy National Day! VSS News VSS
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      VSS eNewsletter, 8 Aug 2007


      Happy National Day!


      VSS News

      VSS at the Bloodbank at SGH – This Saturday Afternoon

      Bus Tour to Veg Events in KL and Penang?

      Talks after the Puppet Show

      Kampung Senang 8 th Anniversary Event – With VSS Participation

      Visiting Tokyo


      Other News

      Quote from a Reader

      Nationwide Food Packaging Survey

      Ethical Singles

      Talk on Managing Diabetes Naturally – English and Tamil


      VSS News

      VSS at the Bloodbank at SGH – This Saturday Afternoon

      On Sat, 11 Aug from 1pm-3pm, the Bloodbank will be having a food "eatout" for blood donors, and they are inviting representatives from different food cultures to bring foods of their cultures that are high in iron to introduce to blood donors. We’ve been invited. This is a good opportunity for VSS to promote healthy and tasty vegetarian foods that are high in iron.


      The Bloodbank is located at 11 Outram Road , in the Health Sciences Authority building on the SGH campus, S. 169078, Tel: 6220-0183 ext 15, Fax: 6223-8508
      darrick.toh@..., Website: www.redcross.org.sg or www.donorweb.org (A volunteer portal of Blood Programme)


      Representing vegetarians will be two people who’ve been mentioned recently in this newsletter, Goh Joo Heng, a champion blood donor ( goodman48@...) , and Paul Yeoh, a teacher of raw food cuisine (rawfoodcuisine@...). Please come down, tell people about vegetarianism, sample the food, and, most importantly, donate blood.


      Interested in a Bus Tour to Veg Events in KL and Penang ?

      Our veg friends in Malaysia have two events scheduled in Nov, and they’re inviting us to join in. 16-17 Nov, Fri & Sat, in KL, the Malaysia Vegetarian Society is hosting the “More Veg for a Healthy Life Conference and Food Festival”, and on 18 Nov, Sun, the International Meatless Day Carnival will be held in Penang . If there is sufficient interest, we could book a coach to take us to one or both events. If you’re interested, please email info@....


      Talks after the Puppet Show

      Finger Players is a local puppet company with a difference: http://www.fingerplayers.com Their current production, Enchanted Tales, featuring Lim Kay Siu, deals with the environment, and they’ve invited VSS and other env groups to give 30-minute talks after the shows, which will be held at the Play Den at the Art House in the old Parliament House.


      VSS will be speaking after the shows on 16 Aug (Thu) 8pm and 24 Aug (Fri) 11am. For more on the show: http://www.fingerplayers.com/enchanted/index.htm


      Feedback on the VSS Exhibition at Tampines Regional Library

      During the recently concluded Singapore Meatout Week, VSS held an exhibition at Tampines Regional Library, from 14-29 Jul. At the exhibition, visitors were invited to write their comments, and more than 7 pages of comments were collected, all of them favourable. Here are some of the comments:


      Good exhibition! : ) I think if more people knew about how cruelly factory farms treat animals, they would reconsider their diet like I am.


      My children would love this as they like to eat lots and lots of vegetables, instead of meat!


      Excellent Exhibition! I was once a big meat eater. So was the entire family. Now my elder son is a 100% vegetarian. I am only 90%, trying to achieve my 100% soon.


      This exhibition should be brought to more places in Singapore , such as schools, and community centres. More people should be aware of the consequences of excessive meat consumption.


      This documentary makes me realize how cruel we humans can be. We must respect life - animals are loving things too and as such should be accorded the respect owed to all loving creatures. … Now, I'm certain I'll turn to being a vegetarian although I' really a part-vegetarian.


      This documentary on inhuman slaughtering of farm animals for sole purpose of producing fresh produce is really an eye opener for me. It never did occur to me the extent of cruelty that was administered throughout the entire process. I feel for the animals and am glad that such efforts are done to bring awareness to the consumers in general.


      This exhibition is very good and very useful. By seeing all this I am also thinking of becoming a vegetarian.


      I am a vegetarian since birth. I am very happy to see you are fighting for such a noble cause.


      Kampung Senang 8 th Anniversary Event – With VSS Participation

      Since its founding eight years ago, Kampung Senang - http://www.kg-senang.org.sg - has consistently promoted vegetarianism. To celebrate their anniversary, Kampung Senang is organising the following event:



      A Joint Project Between

      Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation,

      School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering – Singapore Polytechnic and other Educational Institutions


      Date: 3 rd Nov 07

      Time: 1000h – 1600h

      Venue: Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent (near Aljunied MRT)

      Tel: 6749 8509

      Email: email@...


      Activities will include:

      - Blood Pressure Measurement

      - Tasting of Healthy & Organic Meals

      - Back to Nature Lifestyle, Breathing, Visualization & Other Exercises

      - Eco-Harmony Living Exhibition (with VSS help)


      Visiting Tokyo

      All the VSS Exco members are unpaid volunteers, who do other jobs to put brown rice on the table. Recently, VSS president, Dr George Jacobs, was in Japan as part of his work as an educationist and had the good fortune to be able to join more than 20 others for a vegetarian meal at a Tokyo restaurant.


      The event was organised by the Japan Vegetarian Society - http://www.jpvs.org/Eng/ep1/index-eng.html - and the Tokyo Vegan Meetup - http://vegan.meetup.com/389


      George described the vegetarian scene in Singapore and talked about what VSS does. Someone from the Tokyo branch of the Japan Veg Society informed everyone about their plans for Vegetarian Week, which is actually an entire month of activities in Sep. Then, someone from the Esperanto Association (Esperanto is a language designed more than a 100 years ago to promote world harmony - http://www.uea.org/info/angla.html), which had just held an international conference in Japan , told about the vegetarian subgroup within Esperantism.


      Among those attending the dinner were two members of the local vegan rock group Sipa Baled Clone: www.sipa.jp


      Other News

      Quote from a Reader

      A reader sent in the following quote from a famous Russian author. Check out the year when it was written, the same year Teresa Hsu was born!


      "Humans have been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that they can add to what they’ve been given. But up to now they haven’t been creators, only destroyers. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life has become extinct, the climate is ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day."
      ~Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya, 1897.

      Nationwide Food Packaging Survey
      Eating vegetarian is environmentally friendly, and to take this a step further, we should also care about the packaging that our food comes in. ECO Singapore - http://www.eco-singapore.org - will be conducting a Nationwide Food Packaging Survey, the first of its kind! All interested have to attend a briefing session t his Sat, 11 Aug, 2-3pm at National Youth Council (NYC) @ the Youth Park , 2nd floor meeting room (nearest MRT station is Somerset ).


      During the session, survey forms will be issued for participants to get a head start in getting the surveys done, as well as learn how to use the alternative packaging that participants will be introducing to the hawkers. The surveys will be conducted from 13 Aug till 30 Sep. Participants will be paid $1 per completed survey (6 questions per survey).


      For info: yifang.lim@..., 9656.4159.


      Ethical Singles

      Recently, VSS received the following email, which may be of interest to some of our readers.

      We have recently launched an online dating service specifically for singles that care about animal welfare (as well as human rights and the environment). Singapore vegetarians and vegans can search for and meet other like-minded singles in their local area.


      Talk on Managing Diabetes Naturally – English and Tamil

      Some vegetarian diets can help in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. On Sat, 18 Aug, 10.30am-3pm, a talk will be held on Managing Diabetes Naturally.


      Venue: LTA Clubhouse (Blk 7), Kg Java Road (Little India MRT)

      Speaker: G. Sarravanan [Velu], Naturopathic Physician and Nutritionist

      Fee: $20 (1 pax), $30 (2 pax)

      Tel: 9187.4345, 6286.1452

      Fax: 6725.8065

      Sms: 9424.4500

      Email: ghealthhub@...

      In response to a query from VSS, the speaker wrote the following:

      In my talk, I will advise how vegetarians could still have the right amount of protein, fibers, carbohydrates and fats. I will also advise on the dangers of mock vegetarian foods (like mock meats) and how to identify if meat elements are not included in it. My whole talk will cover the need to eat vegetable fibers which are essential for normalizing blood sugars.

      I would also talk about the dangers of meat in our diet. I would be speaking about the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics that directly harm the body and disrupt organ function when we eat meat.

      The talk will benefit all people: vegetarians and non vegetarians.


      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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