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VSS eNewsletter 13 June 2007.

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    VSS eNewsletter, 13 June 2007 www.vegetarian-society.org Please accept our apologies if there are technical problems with this issue of the eNewsletter VSS
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      VSS eNewsletter, 13 June 2007
       Please accept our apologies if there are technical problems with this issue of the eNewsletter
      VSS News
      Other News
      VSS News
      Here’s the itinerary for the Organic Tour, Sun, 22 Jul: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/images/organic_trip_ad.pdf
      Meet 8.30am – at the taxi stand in front of Outram Park MRT, bus leaves 8.45am sharp
      Fire Flies Health Farm - Visit
      Plot 75 Lim Chu Kang Lane 2
      Spring Orchard - Visit
      1 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4
      L'Organic – Lunch and Shopping
      Blk 18, Dempsey Road , Unit A
      Kin Yan Agrotech - Visit
      No. 220 Neo Tiew Crescent
      Chyuan Shiang Energy – Organic Shop
      12 Arumugam Road #05-03, Lion Building B 
      The Whole Earth Restaurant – Dinner – begins at 5.30pm
      593 Geylang Rd
      Price: $50, VSS members and those who pay before 1 July: $45. Email info@... to arrange payment. This tour always sells out; so, please hurry to avoid disappointment.
      Our friends at Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre will host a Holistic Charity Fair, Sat, 16 Jun, 11am-6pm, at their premises at Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent , near Aljunied MRT. Taste nature’s healthy vegetarian food, buy at the organic weekend mart, and experience alternative health checks and therapy.
      VSS will have a stall, selling special raw flaxseed crackers, plus our colourful VSS t-shirt: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/revamp/html/index.php?module=Static_Docs&func=view&f=t-shirt.htm
      For more info on the fair: 6749.8509, email@...
      During Singapore Meatout Week 2007, 21-29 Jul, VSS is organizing what we call the Rojak Indulgence, an opportunity to try a variety of rojak creations from different veg outlets. This is not an event at a particular place. Instead, we will compile a list of the veg outlets who will have rojak on their menu during Singapore Meatout Week 2007. The list will include the price and special characteristics of that outlet’s rojak.
      Please encourage your fave veg outlet to offer healthy versions of rojak, and pls let us know about their creation: info@...
      Here’s what one reader sent in:
      I like the rojak at New Green Pastures (Fortune Centre, 4th Floor), because it has no fried stuff. I'm not sure of the origins of rojak, but in any case, I was born in Indonesia and to us, rojak is a dish of mixed fruits dipped in sweet sauce and sprinkled with nuts, without the typical fried youtiao and fried tofu that we find in Singapore .
      Kick-Off Dinner for Singapore Meatout Week 2007
      The menu has now been confirmed for the dinner on Fri, 20 Jul, 7pm-10pm, at Doc Cheng’s Restaurant on Level 2 of Raffles Hotel, that will kick off Singapore Meatout Week 2007, 21-29 Jul. Here’s the menu, followed by payment instructions.
      Chilli Flakes and Herb Infused Tandoor Bread
      Gazpacho with Vegetable Tempura
      and Basil Oil
      Singapore Rojak Doc Cheng's Style & Stuffed Tomato Confit
      Grilled Spicy Eggplants with Pak Choy,
      Yuzu Reduction and Black Olive Mashed Potatoes
      Berry Soup with Strawberry Sorbet
      The dinner is titled ‘Modern Asian Delights - An exciting new era of vegetarianism’. (Thanks for the many reader suggestions on the dinner’s title.) Price: $100. Email info@... to arrange payment.
      An interview with a VSS Exco member is scheduled to appear in LianHe WanBao’s Health Monthly supplement this Monday, 18 Jun. Please consider becoming active in VSS.
      Other News
      Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent (near Alunied MRT) is hosting a special opportunity to boost your family’s togetherness and health. Their family bonding, detox & organic diet camp will be held 7-8 Jul, Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm.
      Fee: Non-members $150/pax, $250/family; KS members – 10% discount. For more info, 6749.8509, email@...
      Look for the VSS exhibition at this informative event this Sunday.
      Event:          Graceful Living with Autoimmune Disorders (Mandarin)
      Style:           Hands-on experiential health workshops
      Date:            Sun 17 Jun
      Time:            10am – 1pm & 2:30 – 5:30pm
      Venue:          Toa Payoh Central CC (TPYCC), 93 Toa Payoh Central, S. 319194
      Info:             T 6741 9293 / http://www.shanyou.org.sg
      Organizer:      Shan You Counselling Centre
      Name of outlet: The Green Room Cafe (Inside Aramsa Spa)
      Address: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
      Postal code: S. 569931
      Nearby landmarks: Bishan Park II
      Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio
      Buses: fr Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, 136, 133, 262; fr Bishan MRT, 410  
      Days the outlet is open: 7 days
      Hours it is open on those days: 10am-10pm Mon-Fri; Sat-Sun 8am-10pm
      Special dishes: Portobello mushroom burger, tom yam beehoon (dry), house salad with orange, walnut, avocado with citrus dressing, mushroom baked brown rice
      Brown rice? Yes
      Is the food organic? most
      MSG (ajinomoto)? no
      Onion & garlic? A couple dishes
      Eggs? yes, for breakfast
      Dairy? no
      Phone: 6556-1533
      Delivery? no
      Catering? no
      Date information collected: 5 Jun 2007
      Buying The China Study
      Earlier this year, the VSS eNewsletter had excerpts from The China Study, a book that brings together a wide variety of medical research on the health benefits of vegetarian diets. We’ve seen the book at Kinokuniya and Borders. It is now also sometimes available at Genesis Health Food Restaurant, 1 Lorong Telok, near Boat Quay, Tel. 6438 7118.
      How many non-human animals are killed in the mechanised cultivation of wheat, soybeans, and other staples of a vegetarian diet? In recent years, some academic research and media reports have discussed the idea that harvesting crops and vegetables kills large numbers of mice, voles and other field animals. Such findings have been thought to call into question the ethical basis of vegetarian diets.
      However, a new report, published in the Journal of Social Philosophy examines the issue and concludes there is little evidence to support this view. The author, Andy Lamey of University of Western Australia , has kindly offered to send a soft (electronic) copy of the article via email to anyone who writes to him at alamey@...
      Malaysia Airlines Fined for Serving Meat to a Vegetarian
      Here, from the Sydney Morning Herald via the New Straits Times, is a report that Malaysia Airlines was ordered by a Malaysian judge to pay about S$8900 to a lifelong vegetarian from India because they had served him meat after he had requested a veg meal.
      Maybe we should send this article to our travel agent so that airlines are more careful about our veg meals. More than once, a veg meal that had been requested somehow did not make it on the flight.
      Acres hopes to open its Wildlife Rescue Centre soon and is holding a preview party on 24 Jun. Here are the details. Indian veg food will be featured.
      Date and Time: 24 Jun (Sun), 4pm–8pm
      Venue: Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre (Directions below)
      Ticket Price: $30 (Payment at the door)
      Pls RSVP by 20h Jun by sending an email to louis@...
      The AWRC is beside the Qian Hu Fish Farm (http://www.qianhu.com) (71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah, S. 698950). Here’s the map (zoom out to get a better picture): http://maps.yellowpages.com.sg/maps/scripts/default.asp?postcode=698950&applicationInd=yp
      To get to Qian Hu, take Bus No. 172 from Choa Chu Kang Interchange / Boon Lay Interchange or Bus No. 975 from Bukit Panjang Interchange and alight in front of the Home Team Academy ( Old Choa Chu Kang Rd ). From there, it’s about a 1 kilometre walk to Qian Hu (Follow the sign and turn into Jalan Lekar).
      There will be pick ups from Home Team bus stop at 3:45pm, 4pm and 4:15pm.
      Some people make smoothies loaded with artificial flavours, ice cream and other tasty but not so healthy ingredients. The following article from WebMD highlights some ways that smoothies can be healthy:
      The article mentions dairy. If you’re staying away from that, try soy milk or nut milks.
      VSS’ favourite smoothie recipe (we often feature it in our food demos) is on page 88 of our cookbook - New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook, written by Susan Amy, Kiran Narain, et al. You can find the book at the National Library, at some bookshops (call first), or online at
      Here is an interview with IVU (International Vegetarian Union) Science Coordinator, Dr Stephen Walsh - http://www.ivu.org/members/council/stephen-walsh.html - author of ‘Plant Based Nutrition and Health’.
      Can you please briefly describe a couple studies which suggest that a
      vegetarian diet may help people attain a healthy weight?
      The most usual studies compare vegetarians with non-vegetarians. Pretty
      consistently the vegetarians are a couple of kilograms lighter, and the vegans a couple of kilograms lighter again. A recent example of this type of study was a paper (International Journal of Obesity, 2003; 27, 728–734) from the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC) study group in Oxford . A follow up study of the same group (International Journal of Obesity, 2006; 30: 1389-1396) looked at change in weight over five years and found that while all dietary groups gained weight with age, the average weight gain for meat-eaters was 2.1 kg while vegans gained just 1.5 kg. People who changed their diet over the five years to include more Animal products gained 2.3 kg while those who moved towards a vegan diet
       gained just 1.2 kg.
      What aspects of vegetarian diets might explain the beneficial effect that vegetarian food might have on weight?
      In the EPIC study high protein and low fibre intake were both linked with higher weight. Many other studies have supported a role of higher fibre intake from whole plant foods in avoiding both excess weight and the associated health complications such as insulin resistance and diabetes. 
      Is it possible that the relatively higher water content of fruits and vegetables might help people eat less because the water content decreases appetite?
      It seems unlikely that the water content directly accounts for the benefit as soft drinks are associated with weight gain.  However, the lower calorie density of some plant foods (calories for a given weight/ volume/ amount of fibre) may play a part in reducing calorie intake: it's easier to overeat doughnuts than apples.
      Being vegetarian is no guarantee that people will attain a healthy weight. What are the other factors involved in achieving a healthy weight, and what is the relative importance of each of those factors?
      The most important factor is physical activity. In the EPIC study, very active individuals (exercising for at least an hour a day) showed a weight gain of 1.5 kg while those who were inactive gained 2.4 kg. A combination of a relatively unprocessed vegetarian or vegan diet and an active lifestyle provides a sound strategy for avoiding
       excessive weight gain in young to middle-aged adults.
      Is there ongoing research into the link between vegetarianism and weight? If so, what research questions are being investigated?
      The observed differences in weight between vegetarians and meat eaters are pretty well established now. What is still in dispute is why these differences occur and what specific factors linked to a vegetarian diet affect weight. Part of the difference may simply be that
       vegetarians can't always lay their hands on convenient high calorie snack foods when they feel the urge. Part may simply be that vegetarians are more controlled about their food choices in general and are more health conscious. Part, however, is likely to be the relatively high fibre and moderate fat and protein content of typical vegetarian diets. Ongoing research aims to clarify the relative importance of these and other factors.
      Is lower weight always better?
      Anyone with a body mass index (weight in kg divided by height in metres squared) below 19 would probably be better off being a bit heavier. The statistics tend to favour a BMI of about 20-25 as best on average. Lightly built people may be better on the low end of this wh

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