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VSS eNewsletter 15 January 2007

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  • george jacobs
    VSS eNewsletter Jan 15 2007 www.vegetarian-society.org VSS News VSS Exhibition Continues at Woodlands Regional Library More from Vivo City – We Need Those
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      VSS eNewsletter Jan 15 2007
      VSS News
      Other News
      VSS News
      The VSS Exhibition continues at Woodlands Regional Library until 21 Jan. We’re easy to find – on Level 1 soon after you walk into the Library.
      This is a good opportunity to pick up VSS materials - VCDs, flyers, stickers, postcards – to share with others. Also, you can chat with VSS members; however, we don’t have enough volunteers to always staff the exhibition. Last but not least, you can see the Bleeding Chicken poster in action.
      Here’s the necessary info on how to reach the Library:
      900 South Woodlands Drive
      Woodlands Civic Centre, #01-03
      Mon-Sun: 10am-9pm
      Tel: 6332 3255
      MRT: Woodlands
      Buses: TIBS 169, 178, 187, 856, 858, 900, 901, 903, 911, 912, 913, 925, 926, 960, 961, 964, NR2
      (SBS 168 goes to Woodlands Interchange/MRT Station)
      Any ideas for other venues for the exhibition? For instance, last year, it was at a yoga centre for a month.
      More from Vivo City – We Need Those Postcards!
      Earlier, a reader had reported finding nothing to eat at Vivo City . Since then, some slender rays of light have emerged. Here’s more positive reports from Singapore ’s largest mall (BTW, Ngee Ann City does have a veg stall.)
      1. There are vegetarian sandwiches and salads at the cafe in the supermarket on level 1... (sorry, i don't remember the names!)
      2. I had a lunch appointment with my non-veg friends at Vivo City Republic Food Court. Thought I would not be able to find any vegetarian food and would have to settle for desserts or fruit juice. As I was walking around, found one Hakka food stall which sells 'Thunder Tea Rice', a mixture of green vegetables, peanuts, fried beancurd, etc., served with a bowl of green mixture soup / tea. I requested no dried prawns, as they ordinarily sprinkle them over the rice. It's not pure vegetarian, but a good alternative, as there's no meat. Hope abv info helps.
      3. Pasta Mania has a special veg section in its menu.
      One way to encourage non-veg outlets to offer more veg food is to use the new postcard designed for VSS. You can view both sides of the card in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format on the Download Page of the VSS web under VSS Postcard
      No need to put the postcard in the mail; just leave it with the staff at an outlet. VSS hopes to have more postcards in the future if this one is a success. You can download it from our site, collect it from Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent (Aljunied MRT), #01-205, 6742.6627, or visit one of the following places:
      Genesis Health Food Restaurant
      1, Lorong Telok
      6438 7118
      Yogi Hub
      25 Stanley St.
      6220 4344, 9006 7318
      147B Telok Ayer St
      6226 2621
      Kingdom Vegetarian Coffee House 
      3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall T2 #02-544
      6336 5133
      World Business Group [WBG]
      Suntec Tower 2 #03-16
      9296 7558 
      Awareness Place
      1) 88 Bright Hill Rd
      2) 231 Bain St (Bras Basah Complex) #01-63
      6849 5347
      Yoga Connections
      4988 Changi Rd
      9001 9669, 6293 9262
      We’ve already had a lot of useful feedback on the trial version of the VSS website being done by a team of Sing Poly students as their final year project. It’s not too late to have a look and send more feedback: http://web.revampers.vegetarian-society.org
      Please send your feedback – positive or negative – to info@...
      Singapore Kite Association will be holding an informal kite flying day by the sea at East Coast Park on Feb 4 (Sun), and they have invited us to join them. There are plenty of shady trees, and a 3m high tide will be at 12.15pm - good for a dip.
      Date:            Feb 4 (Sun)
      Time:            All afternoon
      Venue:          East Coast Park next to Carpark D1 (right opposite the Marine Terrace Pedestrian Bridge/Victoria JC. It’s the little grassy patch that sits above the Siglap Canal , walking distance from Marine Cove.
      Kites:            No need to bring a kite. Help them fly theirs.
      Contact:       6440-2459 (Shakib)
      Other News
      Our last issue shared some food preparation tips from a new vegetarian in the U.S. Below, we learn about the informal approach of a local vegetarian. What about you? Any tips on whipping up an easy veg meal?
      One of our members makes food preparation up as he goes along, dropping each item into the non-stick low-heat kwali (wok) as he finds it. He says it is a very
      disorganized process and GREAT FUN. Importantly it is a way of using up scraps of food found lying around.
      His main food source, however, is raw salad, again using whatever he finds in the refrigerator, mainly vegetables with added fruit sometimes. He cuts things different ways to create variety and adds dressing using apple cider vinegar, lime juice, drops of real maple syrup, flaxseed oil, and mustard to create contrasting taste experiences. He doesn’t mix these ingredients together but drops them over separately so each flavour bursts when he arrives at it.
      No dish he prepares is ever quite the same, so there is no recipe to pass on, but before he forgot, he wrote down the ingredients in his last make-it-up-as-you-go-along nasi goreng: 
      Brown rice, dried roasted soybeans, cashew nuts, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, chilli, ginger, sultanas, pickled mango, a little lime and mango chutney, sweet corn,
      baby long beans, broccoli, parsley, green capsicum, red apple, lime juice and mint.
      Special Note: If you have no rice, use couscous (semolina). It’s real quick to make – simply pour hot water on couscous grains, and it’s ready in less than 5 minutes! Couscous is made from high quality durum wheat, the same wheat that’s used for
      making pasta. You can buy a 500g packet of ‘Al Badia’ Couscous Extra from Cold Storage.          
      He doesn’t worry too much about the order in which the ingredients are added because different textures add variety and bring pleasure to eating, but leave the fresh items to last, so they don’t over-cook, he recommends. Take your time, do on low heat to preserve goodness.
      He also uses vegetable parts that others in his family sometimes discard, such as pumpkin skin and seeds, potato skin, and broccoli stalk. There is no need to waste
      anything, sometimes the most nutritious parts are those that go into the waste bin. 
      Monthly Veg Buffet at Singapore Swimming Club – Fri, 19 Jan
      The purpose of the VSS postcard is to encourage non-veg places to cater to vegetarians. Here’s an example of one place that already does cater to vegetarians.
      The Singapore Swimming Club offers a Vegetarian Dinner Buffet, 6.30pm-9.30pm on the 3rd Friday every month (this month, it’s 19 Jan). They also have a permanent vegetarian menu prepared in a separate kitchen only for vegetarian food. This month’s buffet features Japanese dishes created by their chef.
      There’s one catch. Non-members must be signed in by club members. The Club is located in Tanjong Rhu and is serviced by SBS number 158 which drops you just after the Club House Main Entrance.
      Many vegetarians try to stay away from eggs for a variety of reasons, including human health concerns. Another reason for avoiding eggs is the treatment that the hens receive. In Australia , the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals campaigned for a ban on cages for hens. That wasn’t successful, but they did win an increase in the size of the cages.
      Last issue, we reported that Ananda Bhavan is going to be open 24hrs. A reader added that Eight Immortals - Boon Lay branch is also open 24 hour x 365 days.
      The Art of Living courses include an emphasis on organic vegetarian food, plus other useful lifestyle elements. Here’s the info on a coming course.
      Dates:          Tue 16–Sun 21 Jan  (6 consecutive sessions)
      Time:            Tue-Fri: 7pm-9.30pm + Sat-Sun: 9am-6pm. 
      Fee:             S$300 (includes organic vegetarian lunch on Sat & Sun) 
      Place:           Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent, #01-205 S380106
      Magazine Café has a clever new name, which will be recognized by anyone who has ever ordered a vegetarian meal on an airline. The new name is VGML CAFE, but the address is the same: 16 Morse Road (adjacent to Wishart Road), Unit 207, Singapore 099228 (along Telok Blangah Road, 1 stop from Harbourfront), Tel: 6271.6938,  Email: gabrielle@..., Buses: 10, 30, 97, 100, 143, and 166 go along nearby Telok Blangah Road.
      Last month, a reader asked for advice on how to co-exist with his non-veg spouse, and several other readers wrote in with advice. It seems that our advice may have helped. The same reader wrote this past week with an optimistic update, although there is still a way to go. Here are excerpts.
      We are switching to a healthier diet: we’ve reduced meat to 3 times a week, reduced cakes & pastries, chocolate, ice-cream. Plus, we’ve switched to wholemeal bread, more fruits and fruit juices (bought a juicer), yogurt, oats, almonds, pistachios, and peanuts.
      Once she [his wife] sees the impact of this change, it’ll be easier for her to become a vegetarian. Thanks for your advice and support.
      The following opinion piece appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald:
      VSS saw it thanks to a member of an IVU (International Vegetarian Union)  discussion list who forwarded it. The list is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ivu-asia-pacific/
      In this excerpt from The China Study, the book’s main author, Prof Colin Campbell, examines why some U.S. medical authorities still advise against plant-based diets (pages 249-250).
      Often when people hear of scientific information that justifies a radical shift in diet to plant foods, they can’t believe their ears. “If all that you say is true,” they wonder, “why haven’t I heard it before? In fact, why do I usually hear the opposite of what you say: that milk is good for us, that we need meat to get protein and that cancer and heart disease are all in the genes?” … I believe it is essential for us to know how information is created and how it reaches the public consciousness.
                As you will come to see, much is governed by the Golden Rule: [s/]he who has the gold makes the rules. There are powerful, influential and enormously wealthy industries that stand to lose a vast amount of money if Americans start shifting to a plant-based diet. Their financial health depends on controlling what the public knows about nutrition and health. Like any good business enterprise, these industries do everything in their power to protect their profits and their shareholders.
                You might be inclined to think that industry pays scientists under the table to “cook the data,” bribes government officials or conducts illegal activities. Many people love a sensational story. But the powerful interests that maintain the status quo do not usually conduct illegal business. As far as I know, they do not pay scientists to “cook the data.” …
      In our next issue, Prof Campbell tells the story of a physician who went against the established wisdom.
      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.
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