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VSS eNewsletter 21 October 2006

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Some people have reported trouble with the way the Newsletter appears on their computer screens. We are trying to address this. Thx for your patience. VSS
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      Some people have reported trouble with the way the Newsletter appears on their computer screens. We are trying to address this. Thx for your patience.


      VSS eNewsletter 21 Oct 2006



      Depavali and Hari Raya Greetings!


      VSS News

      Singing at the VSS Oct Wellness Seminar


      Our Smoothie in the Blogosphere

      Letter from VSS Exco Member Appears in ST Online Forum


      Other News

      China Study

      Two New Veg Outlets

      Walnuts Improve Artery Flexibility

      Even If You Like Meat Flyer

      Muses from Catherine Lim

      Download a Book on Veganism

      More on Healthier Hawker Fare



      VSS News

      Singing at the VSS Oct Wellness Seminar

      Tom Low is an inspiring, entertaining, well-informed presenter on health matters. Tom has kindly agreed to lead Oct’s VSS Wellness Seminar, to be held on Sat, 28 Oct, from 1pm, at Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Block 106, Aljunied Crescent, #01-00 (5mins walk from Aljunied MRT, tel: 6749.8509).


      Title:   “Eat, Drink & Sing Your Age Away” (English and Mandarin)

      Time: 1pm ~ 4pm [Talk 1pm ~ 2.15pm; Food demo 2.30pm ~ 4pm]

      Fee:    $12 (with Food Demo) or $5 (without food demo). Proceeds go to Kampung Senang


      Tom, the author of "Your Kitchen Is Your Pharmacy", will share his experience in maintaining good health as he steps into his golden age (late 60s). During the sharing session, Tom will also demonstrate Karaoke singing as an exercise that can alleviate stress, improve breathing function and boost the immune system to combat aging and disease. Following the food demo, Kampung Senang will educate participants on healthy food/beverage preparation.


      To register: kee_yew@vegetarian- society.org or Kampung Senang @ 6749.8509

      Book early to reserve your place.




      VSS is thinking of moving to electronic payment for such things as VSS membership. To get your reaction, we have put an electronic poll on the homepage of our website: www.vegetarian-society.org. Please take a moment and participate. Thx.



      Our Smoothie in the Blogosphere

      On page 88 of the VSS cookbook, New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook, is the recipe we most often demonstrate, the Meal-in-a-Drink Smoothie. Recently, former Olympic swimmer, Desmond Koh, featured the drink in his blog: http://www.sportinc.net/2006/10/nutrition-meal-in-drink-smoothie_16.html#links.



      Letter from VSS Exco Member Appears in ST Online Forum

      On 19 Oct, the following letter from a VSS Exco member appeared in the online section of the ST Forum: http://straitstimes.asiaone.com/portal/site/STI/menuitem.d101d0824e62a86feb0f0210a06310a0/?vgnextoid=dc12758920e39010VgnVCM1000000a35010aRCRD


      I refer to the article by Gwynne Dyer, "Golden Age if fast wilting" (ST, Oct 13).


      The author notes the great inefficiency of meat production, stating that between 11 and 17 calories of food (mostly plant food, such as grain) must be fed to chickens, cows and other of our fellow animals to produce just one calorie of meat. Ms Dyer goes on to point out that meat's inefficiency threatens our ability to feed humans.


      Not only does our rising meat consumption mean less food for humans, at a time when hundreds of millions lack enough to eat, but meat's inefficiency also damages the environment in at least two ways.


      First, more forests are cut or burned down to clear land for growing all the extra food needed to feed our fellow animals so that we can later feed on them. Second, these animals produce a huge among of waste, more than all 6.5 billion humans combined. This waste contains methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide.


      The inefficiency of meat offers each of us a small, yet easy way to increase the Earth's food supply and decrease the threat of global warming. Every meal at which we choose plant foods instead of meat we do our bit to step lightly on our path through life.


      George Jacobs, Ph.D.

      President, Vegetarian Society ( Singapore )




      Other News

      China Study

      One of the top medical books of the past year is "The China Study": http://www.thechinastudy.com. The lead author is Cornell University emeritus professor T. Colin Campbell.


      Drawing on the project findings in rural
       China , but going far beyond those findings, The China Study details the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The report also examines the nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and opportunistic scientists. The New York Times has recognized the study (China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project) as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” and the “most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease.”

      The findings? “People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease … People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease. These results could not be ignored,” said Dr. Campbell.

      If you go to http://www.vegsource.com, and then scroll to the lower right of the homepage, you'll see a place to view a video talk by Prof Campbell.

      Two New Veg Outlets

      Here’s the good news about two new veg eateries:


      1. Green Connection

      Address:        05 Angus Street , Merchant Square

      Phone:          6536.1770, 9662.7887

      Internet:       melleosplace@..., www.melleosplace.com

      Food:            Local dishes and Mediterranean

      Brown Rice:    Yes

      MSG:            A little in the local dishes

      Plus:             Cooking classes, corporate functions, birthday parties, catering, talks, workshops.

      MRT:            Clarke Quay

      Buses:          51, 143, 174, 186, 608

      Open:           11am-9pm, Mon-Sat


      2. Green Sense

      Address:           15 Jasmine Rd (After Thomson Plaza )

      Tel:                   64517553

      Specialties:        Shepherd’s pie, wheat- and gluten-free dishes, no eggs

      Brown rice:       Yes

      MSG:                No

      MRT:               Bishan

      Bus:                  410, 162, 166, 167, 855, 132, 980, 52

      Open:               11am-8.30pm, Closed Tues



      Walnuts Improve Artery Flexibility

      Many people we speak to seem to neglect to eat many nuts and seeds, and the nuts and seeds they do eat are often fried and highly salted.


      A new study from the American Journal of Cardiology shows that adding walnuts (a healthy plant source of omega-3 fatty acid) to a high-fat meal reduces negative changes in arteries. Researchers from Barcelona ’s Hospital Clinical compared how arteries are affected by five teaspoons of olive oil versus eight walnuts when added to a fatty meal. While both walnuts and olive oil decreased inflammation, walnuts increased the elasticity and flexibility of the arteries (called flow-mediated dilation, or FMD) by 24 percent for those with high cholesterol, and FMD was unchanged in the healthy control group. In comparison, those who consumed olive oil showed a 36 percent and 17 percent decrease in FMD for high-cholesterol and control participants, respectively.


      Cortes B, Nunez I, Cofan M, et al. Acute Effects of High-Fat Meals Enriched With Walnuts or Olive Oil on Postprandial Endothelial Function. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2006; 48:1666-1671.




      Even If You Like Meat Flyer

      The organisation Vegan Outreach produces a range of flyers which they distribute at universities in North America . These flyers can be read online, downloaded (no need to ask for permission), or ordered through the mail. One of their flyers specifically addresses those who say they love eating meat too much to give it up:

      http://www.veganoutreach.org/EIYLM.pdf. If you cannot open the file, you may need to download the free Adobe Reader software to read pdf files: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.


      Here’s what one person in the U.S. wrote after reading the flyer:

      I was at my local Starbucks where I found the pamphlet entitled Even If You Like Meat. As a self-proclaimed animal-loving omnivore, I was prompted to read it. I was really impressed with the even-handed approach that was used to present the topics. People who eat meat were not belittled and painted as less evolved. There were some great middle-of-the-road approaches to decreasing animal cruelty on factory farms. And I really thought it was a good appeal to meat-eaters. I for one will try to think of a few more plant-based recipes for my family.




      Muses from Catherine Lim

      One of Singapore ’s most celebrated authors, Catherine Lim, has been publishing her creative musings in TODAY newspaper. Here’s one (from 26 Aug 06), reprinted with her permission, that gives us pause to think about our impact on our fellow animals.



      It is bad enough we humans
      To save ourselves from disease
      Use animals in cruel tests
      And kill them by slow degrees
      Far greater should be our shame
      When a small
      Creature bleeds
      To meet vanity’s insatiable needs



      Download a Free Book on Veganism

      Erik Marcus is a well-known writer and speak on veg issues. At www.vegan.com, you can download an entire copy of the revised edition of his book Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating. Plus, if you’re into podcasts, on the same web, you can find out about Erik’s podcasts.



      More on Healthier Hawker Fare

      In response to our recent discussion of how to improve veg hawker food, a reader wrote in with something of a success story. It shows that sometimes one lone voice can make a bit of a difference.


      I read with interest some readers’ feedback on the unhealthy style of cooking at most veg stalls in our food centres. I do feel the same, but each and every time I order my food, I will always ask for no MSG, less oil, and no deep fried stuff. I get stares most of the time, but many nowadays oblige, and if many customers do the same, the situation will improve. I have not encountered any problem since I started on veg food a few years ago.



      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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