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VSS eNewsletter 7 Aug 2006

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    VSS eNewsletter 7 Aug 2006 www.vegetarian-society.org Happy National Day VSS News Singapore Meatout Week 2006 Comes to a Successful Close Our August
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      VSS eNewsletter 7 Aug 2006



      Happy National Day

      VSS News

      Singapore Meatout Week 2006 Comes to a Successful Close

      Our August Wellness Seminar

      VSS T-Shirt Now Available


      Other News

      New Study Suggests Change in Diet Treatment for Diabetes

      Sophia’s Cooking Class (in Mandarin)

      Vegan Ultramarathoner Wins Again, and Again

      Veg Stall Opens in Woodlands

      Class on Natural Remedies

      Learn to Make Vegetarian Kimchi

      Cooking Classes at CCs

      The Wonders of Watermelon



      VSS News

      Singapore Meatout Week 2006 Comes to a Successful Close

      Cutting meat consumption in Singapore is an urgent task, because decreased meat consumption can provide a range of benefits, including improved health, reduced suffering by other animals, a healthier environment, and more food available to the millions of people without food. This year’s Singapore Meatout Week will be remembered for the many steps forward that were taken.


      • Familiar food outlets once again offered Meatout discounts, new ones joined the list, and others contacted us about being included next year.


      • Our first-ever library exhibition at the National Library provided a focal point for people to learn about vegetarianism and VSS, and we’ve been asked to do an exhibition at Woodlands Regional Library later this year.


      • The Meatout dinner at Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant saw a largest-ever turnout of 300.


      • The Organic Tour sold out quickly, and now a tour company wants to organize more of the same for us.


      • The JC Essay Contest was another first-time event. The quantity of entries was disappointing, but please have a look at the winners at and see if you don’t agree that their quality helped compensate for lack of quantity: http://www.singaporemeatout.org/winners.htm.


      • Meatout received lots of publicity on various radio stations in a number of languages plus extensive coverage in The Straits Times supplement “Mind Your Body.”


      Please send your own feedback on Singapore Meatout Week 2006 and your ideas for next year to info@.... We want to start early on the planning for Singapore Meaotut Week 2007.



      Our August Wellness Seminar

      The August VSS Wellness Seminar presents two videos that dramatically illustrate powerful reasons to go veg. The first video, Race for Life, highlights a woman in the U.S. who recovered from breast cancer by switching to a proper veg diet and doing lots of exercise. Not only did she beat cancer, she also went on to win triathlon races in her age group. In the second video, Devour the Earth, Sir Paul McCartney explains how our dietary choices affect the well-being of the environment. He pinpoints damage done by modern factory farming of our fellow animals for meat.


      A short discussion and light organic refreshments follow the video screenings. Here are the details:


      Date: 26 Aug (Sat)

      Time: 2.30pm ~4pm

      Venue: Living Space, Level 5, 17, Hong Kong Street  (5min from Clarke Quay MRT)

      Fee: $5 per person, light organic refreshments free

      Registration: kee_yew@...; Pre-registration required.



      VSS T-Shirt Now Available

      The purple and yellow VSS t-shirt is now available for purchase. To see pictures of the front and back of the t-shirt, and to find out how to order, pls visit the new T-Shirt page on the VSS web: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/revamp/html/index.php?module=Static_Docs&func=view&f=t-shirt.htm.


      And if you have ideas for other VSS products, please let us know: info@....


      Other News

      New Study Suggests Change in Diet Treatment for Diabetes

      A low-fat vegan diet treats type 2 diabetes more effectively than a standard diabetes diet and may be more effective than single-agent therapy with oral diabetes drugs, according to a study in the August issue of Diabetes Care, a journal published by the American Diabetes Association. Study participants on the low-fat vegan diet showed dramatic improvement in four disease markers: blood sugar control, cholesterol reduction, weight control and kidney function. The randomized controlled trial was conducted by doctors and dieticians with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), the George Washington University , and the University of Toronto with funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation.


      To read more: http://www.pcrm.org/news/release060727.html.



      Sophia’s Cooking Class (in Mandarin)

      New Green Pastures Restaurant, 190 Middle Road, #04 - 22, Fortune Centre, is sponsoring a 4-session veg cooking class in Mandarin beginning 20 Aug for 4 Sundays, from 3-6pm. Learn from cooking guru Mdm Sophia Teh. Here are the details:


      Investment: SGD200 (4 classes, includes dinners)

      To register:  Call 6336 8755 or 9451 2799




      20 Aug

      Fragrance Rice in Lotus Leaf

      Sprouty Sushi

      Wakame Delight


      27 Aug

      Slurpy Hor-fun

      Butter Pumpkin



      3 Sep

      Cabbage Roll con Mushroom

      Vegetarian Chicken Rice

      Cloud-9 Hand-made Noodle

      Prosperous Nori Soup


      10 Sep

      5-Spice Pumpkin Rice

      Bean Curd Pillow

      Mr Bean Returns



      Vegan Ultramarathoner Wins Again, and Again

      An ultramarathon is defined as any race longer than the marathon distance of 42.195 km (26+ miles). Probably the world’s top ultramarathoner is Scott Jurek, a vegan.  Scott’s latest victory was in a race that covered 135 miles over 13,000 vertical feet from Death Valley to the base of Mount Whitney in the U.S. , with temperatures often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


      We first heard about this from an electronic newsletter published by Karen Dawn who also does radio shows on animal topics: http://www.dawnwatch.com/index.htm.


      Here’s what one newspaper wrote about Jurek:


      Tall and trim but a bit less lanky than many hard-core runners, Jurek logs 55-70 miles a week on average, and 100-120 as he’s peaking before a big race – running as many as he can on wooded trails. In recent years, he’s added yoga, weightlifting and a vegan diet to his training regimen.

      Instead of milk, eggs, steak and other staples of many meat-eating runners’ diets, Jurek eats a lot of tofu, tempeh (a high-protein food made of cooked soybeans) and whole grains, and adds things such as almonds, hemp seed and protein powder to the smoothies he often blends up for breakfast.





      Veg Stall Opens in Woodlands

      SAN DE Vegetarian

      Address: Blk 892C, Woodlands Ave 2. 

      In the 24hrs coffee shop at basement of the multi-storey carpark, but open from 6am-8pm.
      Just opposite the Causeway Point. About 5 mins walk; have to cross over the bridge.



      Class on Natural Remedies

      Learn from the folks at Genesis Health Food Restaurant (#1 Lorong Telok, Raffles Place MRT) about natural ways to treat such problems as diarrhoea, flatulence, nausea, sore throat and ear infections. Sunday, 13 Aug, 4-5pm, $20, 6438-7118, genesishf@.... Pre-registration recommended.



      Learn to Make Vegetarian Kimchi

      Kimchi, spicy pickled cabbage, is the national dish of Korea . Attend this workshop to learn how to make healthy vegetarian kimchi. Here are the details:


      Date: 12 Aug (Sat)

      Time: 3pm ~ 5pm

      Venue:  Chyuan Shiang, 92, Lorong 27, Geylang Road , (3min from Aljunied MRT).

      Fee: $5 per person, all materials provided

      Registration: Call Ms Yeo @ 67-4553-67; 674-674-63.



      Cooking Classes at CCs

      Many CCs offer vegetarian cooking classes. PA has kindly provided this list of classes to be held later this year. Please contact the respective CC for details. A list of CCs can be found at


      Jurong Spring CC:     15 Aug, 2-5pm,

      Jurong Spring CC:     29 Aug, 7-10pm

      Gek Poh Ville CC:      04 Aug, 2-5pm

      Ulu Pandan CC:        06 Sep, 7.30-9.30pm
      Lam Soon CC:          17 Nov, 7.30-9.30pm


      The Wonders of Watermelon

      Watermelon is inexpensive, easy to find at most fruit stalls, sweet and great for cooling off on a hot day. Now, more evidence is emerging of watermelon’s health benefits, including that it’s rich in the phytochemical lycopene. Tasty and healthy too? Is that possible? Looks like it is: http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/AR/archive/jun02/lyco0602.htm.



      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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