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VSS e-newsletter 1 Dec 2005

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    VSS eNewsletter 1 December 2005 www.vegetarian-society.org VSS News One-Day Local Organic Shopping Trip - 24 Dec On Radio 95.8 VSS Participates in Giving
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      VSS eNewsletter 1 December 2005



      VSS News

      One-Day Local Organic Shopping Trip - 24 Dec

      On Radio 95.8

      VSS Participates in Giving Tree @ North East 2005

      Recipe for Vegetarian Fish Porridge


      Seminar on Diet and Brain Development – Sat, 17 December

      Social Luncheon – Sun, 18 December


      Other News

      NSS Jumbo Sale – Including VSS Cookbook

      Healthy Vegetarian Cooking Class & Vegetarian Fundraising Dinner

      Chickens as Pets

      Turkeys’ Toes – Ouch!

      How I Became a Vegetarian


      VSS News


      One-Day Local Organic Shopping Trip – 24 Dec

      This is an educational bus tour for beginners who are lear ning to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The Farms visits in the mor ning will allow participants a chance to break away from hectic city mood, breath in some revitalising rural fresh air, and understand the hardship of the farmers raising organic produce for the general well-being of Singaporeans. The afternoon section of the trip will be a practical session for beginners to learn where and what to buy in terms of ingredients for healthy home-made vegetarian food preparation. The trip also features two delicious and healthy vegetarian cafeterias/restaurants which will surely trigger a lot of cooking ideas and healthy tips for beginners. Please register early to avoid disappointment as seats are limited.


      Date: 24 December 2005 (Sat)

      Gathering Time: 7.30am


      Gathering point:

      Car Park @ Teo Hong Road

      (next to Outram Park MRT Exit H; Opp Pearl Centre;

      Closest landmark: Thye San Building,  325 New Bridge Road S088760)





      7.30am: Gathering

      8.00am: Departure (please be punctual)

      8.30am:  Oh Chin Huat Herbal Farm

      [guided tour to learn about herbs]

      10.30am: Fireflies Organic Farm

      [Mandarin guided tour on organic farming; fresh produce shopping]

      1.00pm: Lunch @ Synbiotics, Tanjong Pagar

      [learn why biogenic and bioactive foods are important to health]

      2.30pm: Shopping @ Organic Paradise, Chinatown

      [10% discount for non-promotional items storewide]

      4.00pm: Shopping @ Brown Rice Paradise , Tanglin Mall

      [be spoilt for choice!]

      6.00pm: Dinner @ Yogi Hub, Boon Tat Street

      [creative and wholesome dinner, in an exclusive and cosy di ning atmosphere]

      7.30pm: Drop off at Tanjong Pagar/Raffles Place MRT



      **itinerary subject to change, in unforeseen circumstances, without prior notice.


      Fee: Member $45; Non-member $50

      No. of participants: 30 max.


      To register:


      1. email yywong4@...; [enquiry call 9362 7493].
      2a. transfer fund to DBS Bank Current A/C: 100-900423-1 and send the ATM fund transfer receipt OR
      . send a cheque payable to "Vegetarian Society ( Singapore )" to:

      Vegetarian Society ( Singapore )
      190 Clemenceau Ave, #04-19/20
      Singapore Shopping Centre
      Singapore 2


      Registration deadline: 20 December 2005



      On Radio 95.8

      DJ Wong Lee Jeng will be interviewing a VSS member on how vital it is to go vegetarian in order to protect our planet Earth’s eco-systems. Please tune into Radio 95.8 on Thurs, 8 Dec from 4-5pm. The show is in Mandarin.



      VSS Participates in Giving Tree @ North East 2005

      Singapore’s largest volunteer fair will be held from 2-31 December, next to Tampines MRT. Entitled ‘Giving Tree @ North East 2005’, the fair’s goal is to encourage people from around the island to become volunteers or to expand their volunteer efforts. A wide range of organizations, including VSS, will be there seeking more volunteers.


      The event’s launch occurs at 7pm on Fri, 2 Dec. GOH is Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed Minister of State and Mayor of North East CDC.



      Recipe for Vegetarian Fish Porridge

      The December issue of the Holistic Living e-newsletter features the Vegetarian Fish Porridge recipe from the VSS Cookbook, New Asian Traditions: http://www.holisticliving.com.sg/newsletter-dec05/content10.htm. Read the story behind the recipe too.





      Seminar on Diet and Brain Development – Sat, 17 December

      In conjunction with Kampung Senang, VSS’ Wellness Seminar series continues with a Mandarin seminar, “Healthy Diet and Optimal Brain Development in Children” by Mr Lu Zhuo Ming. The Seminar takes place on Sat, 17 Dec, 5pm-7pm at Kampung Senang’s Lear ning to Learn Centre, located at Blk 221 Hougang Street 21, #01-90, S. 530221, near Kovan MRT, opp. NTUC Fairprice.


      The Seminar is free, but registration closes on 15 Dec. To register, submit parents' names and children's ages to Lear ning to Learn Centre (Tel: 64873430, Chee Seng), or email parents' names and children's ages to kee_yew@... .


      Social Luncheon – Sun, 18 December

      Please take this opportunity to meet fellow vegetarians and supporters of vegetarianism. Plus, hear Richard Seah, a macrobiotic guru, give a 20min talk on how to balance the Yin and Yang of vegetarian diets.


      Details at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/revamp/html/index.php?module=PostCalendar&func=view&tplview=default&viewtype=month&Date=20051201&pc_username=&pc_category=&pc_topic=


      Other News


      NSS Jumbo Sale – Including VSS Cookbook

      This Sat, 3 Dec 05, 11am to 2pm, Nature Society ( Singapore ) will be holding their annual Jumbo Sale at the NSS Office, The Sunflower, 510 Geylang Road, #02 - 05. Pick up home-made goodies and gifts, the NSS 2006 Calendar, Christmas & New Year cards, Tupperware (important for storing all that party food), nature books, toys, baskets, souvenirs and more. Come meet fellow nature lovers and sample complimentary fig tea, vegetarian snacks and Nasi Ulam made by our members. Plus, the VSS Cookbook will be on sale.



      Healthy Vegetarian Cooking Class & Vegetarian Fundraising Dinner

      On Sat, 17 Dec, the Ananda Marga Yoga Society is hosting a vegetarian cooking class and a dinner to raise funds for a children’s home in Vietnam . For details:

      http://www.anandamarga.org.sg/news/newsletter/dec05/events.htm#a4. The class begins at 4.30pm and the dinner starts at 7pm. The venue is AMYS Jagrti, 21 Jalan Pokok Serunai,  Singapore 468158, Tel: 6344 6519.



      Chickens as Pets

      An estimated 40+ billion chickens are killed every year, with many of them living a short (6 weeks), unnatural life in crowded buildings. It didn’t used to be that way. Chickens used to be wild birds. In fact, most chickens who humans eat today are descended from the Red Jungle Fowl of our own SE Asia : http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/eggs/res08-whatis.html.


      Instead of eating chickens, how about taking care of them as pets? That’s what the good folks at Ci Yan Vegetarian Restaurant have been doing. However, after about 2 years, neighbours have complained, and Ci Yan may have to give up her 3 hens and 1 rooster. (The story was featured in Lianhe Wanbao last week.) If anyone can take care of them, please call Mr Seow of Ci Yan at 6225.9026. BTW, in The Straits Times of 28 Nov 05, James Teh, an NTU researcher, states that chickens are “badly treated but make highly intelligent pets” (p. 4).



      Turkey’s Toes – Ouch!

      You may have read about how chickens’ beaks are cut so that they don’t injure each other in the very crowded conditions on factory farms. The same thing happens to turkeys. Plus, for the same reason, turkeys also have their toes cut, and we’re not talking about a pedicure here. Listen to Heather Mills McCartney on this at: http://www.vivaturkeys.com/psa.htm#1, and read about it on the VIVA website: http://www.vivaturkeys.com/turkeys.htm.



      How I Became a Vegetarian

      The seeds of my becoming a vegetarian were sown when, as a child, I used to follow my mother to the wet market. In those days, live chickens were slaughtered at these markets. I was traumatised by the scenes of struggling chickens having their throats slit and being dumped into drums of boiling water for de-feathering. Those scenes never failed to send shivers down my spine. Growing up, I experimented with vegetarianism a few times, though it usually did not last more than six months.


      Four years ago at 25, I met someone who shared her reason for becoming vegetarian: “I see no reason why animals must die for me to live.” A simple statement with profound effects on me. Within a few months, I felt the time was right for another attempt at going meatless. Even if not permanently, I would stay off meat on a temporary basis. I decided that it would be for six months.


      At the same time, I did lots of research on vegetarianism. The more I read, the more convinced I became that it was the correct choice. Besides religion, there are so many compelling arguments for choosing life (e.g. ethics, health, environment, economy). Before I realised it, the six months was up. Then, another year’s extension quickly came and went. By that time, I knew this lifestyle would be a lifetime commitment which I pledged online during the International Meatless Day two years ago. I have not looked back since and have become a vegan.


      My story, while nothing spectacular, comes from one who was in the past heavily indulgent in meat and seafood. If I can do it, I don’t see why YOU cannot. Don’t put it off any longer. If not now, WHEN?

      Alvin, Singaporean, Graduate Student



      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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