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VSS e-Newsletter 30 Apr 05

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    VSS eNewsletter 30 April 2005 www.vegetarian-society.org In this issue
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      VSS eNewsletter 30 April 2005



      In this issue

      Flavours de IndoChine
      Animal Release: Good or Bad?
      Love and Compassion at Ngee Ann City
      Online Vegetarian Auctions
      Staying a Healthy Vegan
      The 4 Basic Food Groups
      Even from the Land of the Steak
      Wild Animal Shows in Singapore, Good or Not?


      Flavours de IndoChine

      Ms Glenis Lim will be conducting (in English) 3 special cooking classes on 26th May, 2nd and 9th June (Thursdays), covering 9 unique dishes from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. For more information, please visit VSS Event Calendar.



      Animal Release, Good or Bad?

      In Singapore, many people release animals into the environment for various reasons. Mr Andrew Tay from

      Nature Society (Singapore) will present (in English) findings on the reasons for this practice, as well as the

      impact such a practice has on our environment. Is releasing animals into our ecosystems a good or bad

      thing? Come, find out, and share your opinions. 30th May (Mon) 8pm.


      Andrew is a humorous and talented speaker, as well as an overflowing fountain of knowledge on nature. For more information, please visit VSS Event Calendar.



      Love and Compassion at Ngee Ann City

      Sat & Sun, 14-15 May is the time; Ngee Ann City is the place for an event featuring Taufik Bautista and a host of other celebrities, plus lots of vegetarian food. VSS will be participating. Details at: http://www.buddhist.org.sg/z_new_2005april_20050514.htm.



      Online Vegetarian Auctions
      First there was eBay, the online auction portal. Now, we’re not making this up, there is VegBay: http://www.vegbay.com. “This free online auction is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and useful experience for the green and veggie communities. We encourage environmentally and ethically aware shopping.”  They’re a member of the International Vegetarian Union, which, by the way, has a redesigned homepage: http://www.ivu.org.



      Staying a Healthy Vegan

      When people become vegetarians, their family and friends may worry about their health. Even doctors and other medical professionals may question their decision. These alarm bells ring even louder when people become vegans (vegetarians who take no animal products, not even dairy and eggs). However, vegan diets, just like other vegetarian diets, can be healthy. For details, visit: http://www.veganhealth.org/shv/index_html#calcium.



      The 4 Basic Food Groups

      In school, many of us learned about the basic food groups needed for proper nutrition. Over the years, the place of meat in nutrition has decreased until now, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has published what they call ‘The New Four Food Groups’ with no meat at all: http://www.pcrm.org/health/veginfo/vsk/VSK9.html.


      The four groups are


      1)    Vegetables: 3 or more servings a day


      2)    Whole Grains: 5 or more servings a day


      3)    Fruit: 3 or more servings a day


      4)    Legumes: 2 or more servings a day.



      Even from the Land of the Steak

      Still not convinced that veg diets can be healthy? Even the US, the country that gave us McD’s, BK, Kentucky and the thick steak, the country which has among the highest, if not the highest, per capita meat consumption in the world, the country whose government is led by cattle owner George Bush is saying veg diets can be fine:




      Wild Animal Shows in Singapore, Good or Not?

      ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society - http://www.acres.org.sg), a local organization, has launched a campaign to end the use of wild animals in animal shows in Singapore. The campaign includes an online petition: 
      http://www.petitiononline.com/zooshow/petition.html. The issue is worthy of consideration.




      Disclaimer: The information provided in this Newsletter is solely for the consideration of the subscribers, and does not constitute an endorsement by VSS.


      Read back issues at: http://www.vegetarian-society.org/newsletter.htm


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