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527VSS eNewsletter 3 December 2013

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Dec 3, 2013
      VSS eNewsletter





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      3 December 2013
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      VSS NEWS

      Talk By Dr George Jacobs At Tokyo Conference
      Swim With Des For The Marine Animals
      VeganBurg Special For VSS Members

      Vegans Needed For Earwax Study
      Soyato Now Available At NTUC
      Classes by Little Green Café
      TCM Health Talk In Chinese
      Workshops & Retreat by Kampung Senang
      Read IPCC's 5th Assessment Report
      Al Gore Goes Vegan, Finally

      As you travel far and wide this holiday period, do make advance plans as to where to eat whilst overseas. Rest assured, there are many options now available all over the world to help you maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet, but it is not easy to locate these wonderful places as a tourist. We recommend using Happy Cow (www.happycow.net) to find an eating place near where you will be, happy travels!
      Communications Officer

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      VSS members enjoy discounts at these fine restaurants and establishments.


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      Talk By Dr George Jacobs At Tokyo Conference

      The VSS is pleased to share the following production which is a presentation made by our immediate past president, Dr George Jacobs, for the Peace as a Global Language conference which was held in Tokyo, Japan, in November. The 24-minute talk entitled Why Eat More Plant Foods has been uploaded onto YouTube at http://youtu.be/n5yfMYyhpbA, enjoy – and share widely!
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      Swim With Des For The Marine Animals

      On the weekend of 14-15 Dec, former Olympic swimmer Desmond M Koh (pictured above) will attempt a 40km swim in the Maldives. Des is a former Rhodes Scholar, one of the founders of Green Kampong and a vegan. Des' goals for the swim are to raise awareness of the need to protect marine environments, to raise funds for marine conservation and to demonstrate the amazing power of plant-based diets. VSS is organising support for Des by asking people to pledge to swim anywhere (in a pool or natural body of water, in any country) on 14 or 15 Dec.
      Please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-j9zHq9VTvJz2E9QHcktEAkU1SDymov
      to register (free) your support for the cause and make your pledge to swim on these days in support of the cause and Des' efforts.
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      VeganBurg Special For VSS Members

      To spread some holiday cheer our way, VeganBurg is graciously offering some special discounts for VSS members. You can buy the VeganBurg $100 voucher at 15% less (i.e. pay $85 for the $100 voucher) and/or get the Double Chocolate Fudge Christmas Brownie Cake at only $58 (i.e. 15% off the usual price of $68). To enjoy these discounts, please make a pre-order by dropping an email to hello@... with the subject line of "VSS VeganBurg".
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      Vegans Needed For Earwax Study

      The Clinical Nutrition Research Centre at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences has begun a new study looking at earwax as a predictor of our fat intake. As part of the study, the researchers would like to compare the measurements of vegans (those who rely on a plant-based diet only) aged 21-50 years old.
      The study requires participants to attend two separate sessions in a week between 9am-12pm. The first session is a screening session (lasting 1 hour) followed by the testing on the second session that will last 3 hours. The information gathered will be about food intake and a health assessment will be conducted, after which a research nurse, phlebotomist or doctor will draw a small amount of fasting blood from a vein (approximately 2 teaspoons worth). An Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) specialist will then collect a small amount of earwax from both ears which will be analyzed for fats by a pre-validated method. All medical procedures have minimal discomfort and information collected will be confidential.
      The research study will reimburse $80 for participation and is hoping to gather 30 vegans through this call. As vegans who adhere completely to a plant-based diet may be hard to come by, please volunteer your time for this study. If you are interested, please contact Senior Research Officer Bhupinder Kaur at bhupinder_kaur@sics.a-star.edu.sg.
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      Soyato Now Available At NTUC

      Home-grown ice-cream, Soyato, is now available in NTUC Finest, NTUC Xtra, and selected NTUC Fairprice supermarkets since 15 Nov. Four of their most popular flavours – Wickedly Chocolate, Honey Lemon, Green Tea, and Mint Chip – will be available S$11.90 per pint (473ml). According to the makers, Soyato ice-cream only contains 100kcal per 100ml serving and has three times less fat than regular ice-cream. Those still not convinced may be able to try out their flavours at sampling booths set up in some of the NTUC outlets.
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      Classes by Little Green Café

      Chef Shalu offers her next set of classes for December.


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      5th Dec, 6-9pm: 30-minute meals
      This class is designed for busy, working professionals who would like to enjoy a tasty, home-cooked and nutritious meal at the end of the day. Mouth-watering but simple to prepare, these meals will take you from chopping board to plate in 30 minutes or less.
      Menu: Easy vegetable paella, Curried couscous w/roasted cauliflower & peas, Flautas (pan-fried tortillas) w/roasted tomato salsa



      6th Dec, 2-5pm: Thai cuisine
      Fusing the elements of several Southeast Asian cultures, Thai cooking is all about fresh flavours with strong aromatic ingredients and a good level of spice. Great emphasis is placed on detail and variety and Thai food is known for its balance of four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and spicy.
      Menu: Papaya salad, Olive mushroom fried rice, Phaneang curry (Spicy red curry with tofu and beans)



      9th Dec, 2-5pm: Indian cuisine
      Everybody loves Indian food but it's often daunting to recreate at home because of the sheer number of spices involved. Master the skills of cooking an authentic Indian meal from scratch.
      Menu: Vegetable butter masala (Garden vegetables in a fragrant creamy tomato sauce), Keralan eggplant curry, Aloo tikkis (Spiced potato cutlets w/coriander chutney)



      12th Dec, 11am-2pm: Festive cooking
      These mouth-watering recipes put a modern twist on festive food and are to be enjoyed any time of the year – whether you are cooking for vegetarians or meat-eaters.
      Menu: Festive figs stuffed with feta, orange and walnuts, Baked brie parcel with spiced apple and caramelised onions, Spinach, potato & leek filo pie



      17th Dec, 2-5pm: Sensational Soups and Salads
      Salads and soups don't have to be boring. These dishes are tempting, tasty and colourful and they are designed to accompany and balance your everyday meals by injecting lots of freshness and plenty of essential nutrients. And, most of them are substantial enough to be meals in themselves!
      Menu: Thai-style pumpkin soup, Moroccan-spiced roasted carrot and avocado salad, Warm couscous salad with lentils and roasted vegetables



      All classes listed are priced at $75 and will be conducted at Upper East Coast Road. To register, please email shalu@.... Private classes can also be arranged on request - visit www.littlegreencafe.com.sg for more information.
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      TCM Health Talk In Chinese

      Local start-up VegDot is organising a health talk in Chinese by a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner based in Singapore. Approaching the issue from the perspective of 'knowing what to eat is important, but knowing what your body needs is more important' the talk will cover issues such as how to take charge of your health, and improve your body's absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins and unwanted materials. There will also be a hands-on session on learning some of the acupuncture points on your body and how to read your pulse and tongue to know the current state of your body.
      The talk fees are priced at $30 but VSS members can enjoy a 20% discount by using the promotion code 'VDEC13' when registering. The scheduled date for the talk is either 14 Dec or 4 Jan, depending on demand. To find out more and register for the talk, please drop an email to healthtalk@... or visit http://vegdot.com/healthtalk.php.
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      Workshops & Retreat by Kampung Senang

      Kampung Senang has a line-up of talks and a trip this month so book your place early if you're interested!
      Cancer Prevention (and possible reversal) Workshop
      A sharing on the following topics in relation to their impact on cancer, the session will be held on 14 Dec from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at Kampung Senang HLC located at Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent.
      • 4 ways to make our body inhospitable to cancer
      • Emotions - most overlooked giant factor
      • Cancer is not a disease
      • The most antioxidant-filled foods on the planet
      • More cancer fighting foods
      • Dairy, what you need to know
      • Importance of sleep
      • Easy wheatgrass juicing
      • Golden milk (non-dairy)
      The promotional price of $40 includes lunch starting from 12.30pm, with a group price of $90 for 3 persons registering together. More details are available at www.facebook.com/kampung.senang.
      Heal and Care for Your Joints
      Learn from a specialist how you can alleviate common aches and pains naturally (without medication) and prevent joint pains in old age. The one-day workshop covers the following topics and will be held on 15 Dec from 10am to 5pm at Kampung Senang HLC located at Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent.
      • Understanding neck, shoulder, low back and knee pains
      • Long term solution for gout, arthritis, migraine, slipped-disc, scoliosis and other chronic pains
      • Learn various pain relief techniques for joint pains
      • Understanding the bio-mechanics of standing, walking and sitting postures
      • How to protect your spine
      The fee for this workshop is set at $130, but VSS members are eligible for the member rate of $100. More details are available at www.facebook.com/kampung.senang.
      Relax, Rejuvenate, Refresh!
      A retreat is being organized at KTM resort – a quaint, natural and serene environment by the sea located in Batam, from 19-23 Dec (5D4N). This juice-fasting retreat is an integrated mind-body-spirit detoxification programme. Facilitated by a medical doctor and the team from Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre, the total fee is set at $899 per individual or $1,598 for two persons registering together. VSS members registering in pairs will enjoy the special member price of $1,398. More details can be found at www.facebook.com/kampung.senang.
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      Read IPCC's 5th Assessment Report

      The United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) released the 5th Assessment report on Climate Change in September this year which declared that it was "unequivocal" that climate change has been caused by human activities and that even if the world begins to moderate greenhouse gas emissions, warming is likely to cross the critical threshold of 2 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. That would have serious consequences, including a rise in sea levels, heat waves and changes to rainfall causing dry regions getting less and wet areas receiving more.
      Some of the key points highlighted from the report are:

      • Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are now at levels "unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years."
      • Since the 1950's it's "extremely likely" that human activities have been the dominant cause of the temperature rise.
      • Global temperatures are likely to rise by 0.3 to 4.8 degrees by the end of the century depending on how much governments control carbon emissions.
      • Sea levels are expected to rise a further 26-82cm by the end of the century.
      • The oceans have acidified as they have absorbed about a third of the carbon dioxide emitted.
      The full report is available at http://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar5/wg1/#.UkdnAdLGyr3 with the executive summary comprising 36 pages available at http://www.climatechange2013.org/images/uploads/
      . If you would like a condensed version, you can consider reading http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/sep/
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      Al Gore Goes Vegan, Finally

      Al Gore, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for sounding the alarm about climate change, has finally taken the next step and has become a vegan, following the footsteps of the president he deputised under, Bill Clinton. Although not clear what moved the former vice-president and now-activist to go completely vegan, but it is certainly good news that the man behind the 2006 film, "An Inconvenient Truth," which fingered the meat industry as a contributor to global warming, is walking the talk.
      You can read the full story at
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