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509VSS eNewsletter 19 March 2013

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Mar 18, 2013
      VSS eNewsletter





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      19 March 2013
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      VSS NEWS

      VSS AGM - A New Frontier
      A Word From The New President
      Did You Know? Discounts at Kampung Senang

      Antioxidant 6 - Diabetes Prevention and Reversal
      Guilt-Free Ice-Cream Buffet at Brownice
      Vegetarian Culinary Certification Programme by TVS
      Nutrihub Culinary Workshops for April
      Ami's Veggie Heart – Classes for March
      Classes by Little Green Cafe
      Fancy Speaking at a Conference?
      Let's Go Frunatic!

      A new dawn has emerged with a fresh executive committee elected to lead VSS. We wish to thank Dr George Jacobs who has been a beacon for the community as its president for over 10 years, and hope to always have him a part of everything we do - regardless of whether he is president or not!
      Communications Officer

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      VSS members enjoy discounts at these fine restaurants and establishments.


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      VSS AGM – A New Frontier

      The VSS had an eventful AGM with some changes to the constitution that will make it nimble and with Dr George Jacobs, president since 2003 stepping down to allow a fresh leadership take the society forward. There were also presentations by RJ on B12 supplements (with complimentary bottles being given away for membership renewals and sign-ups), Mark on the upcoming veg meetup group events, Guan Hou on his participation at the SEAVC at Chiang Mai in Nov 2012, and even Ram who introduced Laughter Yoga. This was followed by a wholesome dinner ordered by VSS and prepared lovingly by the Kampung Senang kitchen.
      The support from the members to attend or nominate a proxy on their behalf to vote on the changes and the new committee was heartwarming and the new committee members were heartened and encouraged to move ahead with various initiatives.
      In addition to restarting the idea to replicate the Toronto Subway Campaign in Singapore, VSS has also teamed up with Kampung Senang to offer cross-membership benefits. A video clip of the presentations made by outgoing president Dr George Jacobs and incoming president Mr Clarence Tan is available for viewing at http://youtu.be/vFZR3yuaunY. The clip also includes footage of the members surprising George with a Thank You cake sponsored by Kalavira Vegan School and a carton of mangoes (his favourite fruit)!
      Some of the achievements reported for 2012 include…
      • Continued efforts in reaching out to youths through schools
      • Connecting with the community and working with like-minded organizations such as ACRES, Loving Hut, Veggie Thursday, The Veg School and many more
      • Earth Day Veg Fair @ Jurong Point (co-organizers)
      • Jane Goodall Event @ Botanic Gardens (participant)
      • VSS and volunteers braved uncertain weather conditions to distribute flyers at Morrissey & Jason Mraz concerts
      • Launch of the VSS recipe book entitled The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook, in collaboration with Healthfriend
      • Appearance on KISS Radio
      • Participation in SEA Veg Congress
      • Continued efforts in writing and submitting letters to the press to create awareness
      The VSS Annual Report 2012 which was distributed to all who were present is also available online at http://www.vegetarian-society.org/files/ar-2012.pdf.
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      A Word From The New President

      “In 2003, Dr George Jacobs succeeded Allein Moore to become President of the society. Under George's able leadership, VSS has actively outreached to schools, corporations and the public to raise awareness to the wisdom of a plant-based diet, and has made use of new media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to good effect. The society's membership has more than quadrupled over the last few years, an indication, we hope, that our message is reaching an ever wider audience.
      Now, after 10 years of dedicated service, George has passed the reins on to a new team. Comprising a good mix of different personalities and talents, the new committee members are passionate about the cause and eager to bring VSS to the next level; we will soon be unveiling bold new plans that will take the message to the masses.
      We hope to do George proud and count on the many people who have contributed to VSS' development - by serving on the Executive Committee or in other ways - to continue contributing to the VSS cause. We are committed to getting more people to rethink their diet; and to eat in a way that is healthier, kinder and more sustainable.
      It is indeed an exciting time. Wish us luck!”
      Clarence Tan, VSS President (2013-2015)
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      Did You Know? Discounts at Kampung Senang

      The VSS has tied up with our long time friends and supporters at Kampung Senang to offer VSS members the following benefits and discounts.
      1. A 10% discount for any purchase above $70 made at Kampung Senang (valid for non-consignment and non-promotional items)
      2. Member price for retreats, nature tours and courses organized by Kampung Senang (valid if payment is made at least 1 week before the closing date)
      3. VWO rental rate for Kampung Senang facilities for health or eco-friendly events
      4. Member price for bio-health check and neuro-feedback therapy (valid for appointments made on week days during office hours)
      5. Normal seat price for VIP seats (i.e. front row) for the Holistic Wellness Symposium
      Please note that discounts and benefits will only be extended on presentation of VSS membership card and no exceptions will be made.
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      Antioxidant 6 - Diabetes Prevention and Reversal

      The prevalence of diabetes has reached epidemic proportions, afflicting more people at younger ages. Often undetected for years, diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure and other disabilities, yet it is a preventable disease. Some physicians have been able to reverse type 2 diabetes largely through diet. How did they do it? This information-rich seminar will discuss the mechanism of diabetes and holistic solutions, and also share some foods that are especially beneficial for diabetics.
      Date: 13 Apr 2013, 1:30pm to 3:30pm
      Location: Kampung Senang HLC – Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent #01-205
      Fee: $40 per person (Special Offer of $50 for 2 persons registering together), early bird price of $40 for 2 persons available until 30 March
      Class size is limited to 40 participants and those interested are advised to register early by making a bank transfer to DBS current account 106-900562-0. Please email finance@... with the transaction reference number or call 6749 8509 to confirm the registration.
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      Guilt-Free Ice-Cream Bufffet at Brownice

      Brownice, the maker of incredibly delicious dairy-free ice-cream, is offering a buffet special to celebrate its first birthday where you can enjoy unlimited scoops of ice-cream (including the premium flavours) together with a waffle, brownie and pocket hottie (ALL THREE). Priced at $35 for 2 pax on weekdays and $39 for 2 on weekends, it looks a deal not be missed. Visit the website at http://www.brownice.com or follow it on its facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BrowniceIceCream for more details.
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      Vegetarian Culinary Certification Programme by TVS

      Touted as Singapore's first Vegan Culinary Certification Programme, The Veg School (TVS) is offering a specially tailored culinary programme that will benefit individuals who have a burning passion for vegan culinary excellence or those who plan to serve the vegetarian community with healthier and tastier vegan food!
      To be conducted every Saturday from 3pm-6pm commencing 13 Apr through to 20 Jul 2013, the programme promises a total of 45 contact hours (fully hands-on), covering 45 vegan recipes including raw, cooked; Chinese, Indian, Western cuisines; mains, bakery, snacks; drinks and desserts. The classes will be conducted by 3 experienced vegan chefs at different venues (usually their residence or culinary studio) and the programme will commence once a minimum of 5 students is reached (limited to a maximum of 10 students). The cost of the Culinary Certification Programme is $1,800 net per person and students are required to attend 80% of the 15 sessions in order to be awarded the certificate.
      To register or find out more, simply email info@...
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      Nutrihub Culinary Workshops for April

      Here's the latest class list from Vinitha, formerly of Nutrihub Fusion Café. (Note: The 30 Mar class is filled up)


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      Sat 27 Apr from 2pm to 5.30pm
      "Healthy Living - NutriMeal" - Japanese Vegan Cuisine class



      Sat 6 April from 2pm to 5.30pm
      "Healthy Living - NutriMeal" – Asian Vegan Cuisine class



      Sat 13 April  from 2pm to 5.30pm
      "Healthy Living - NutriMeal" – Thai Vegan Cuisine class



      Sat 20 April  from 2pm to 6pm
      "Healthy Living" - Nutrition cum Raw Vegan Cuisine class



      A special 10% discount is available for VSS members attending any of these classes. More details are available at http://www.nutrihub.blogspot.com/, including customized private classes for individuals, groups and corporate events. Please contact Vinitha Ang at 92368402 for enquiry and registration.
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      Ami's Veggie Heart – Classes for March

      If you would like to learn how to cook a wholesome vegetarian meal, then Ami's Veggie Heart's Indian Vegetarian Cooking Classes might be just the thing for you this month. There are 2 special classes remaining for this month on 26 Mar and 28 Mar (10:30am to 12:30pm) so do send an email to ami@... or call 91446105 to find out more. Do sign up at least 3 days ahead to guarantee a seat. Fees of $75 are payable in cash during the session. Custom requirements or special requests can be made to Ami at the above email or phone number.
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      Classes by Little Green Cafe

      Chef Shalu is offering a new line-up of classes to usher in the Lunar New Year.


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      19 Mar, 7-10pm: Sri Lankan Cuisine
      If you haven't tried Sri Lankan food, take this opportunity to learn some spectacular homestyle dishes. Simple, flavourful and spicy curries with a twist.
      Menu: Eggplant moju (Sweet and sour eggplant in spicy tamarind sauce), Okra in coconut curry, Tempered mushrooms, Coconut sambol



      21 Mar, 11am-2pm: Eat Well, Time to Detox!
      Part of the Eat Well series, this class is for those who want to get back on track with healthy recipes that will cleanse the body system and make you feel good from the inside out. Create delicious meals using ingredients that are low in fat, high in antioxidants and other nutrients.
      Menu: Super-charged blueberry smoothie, Green goddess soup, Japanese noodles with tofu, edamame and soy-ginger dressing, Quinoa and sweet potato cakes



      22 Mar, 2-5pm: Tasty Tapas
      Entertain in style by learning some tasty tapas. Mouth-watering but simple to prepare, these hors d'oeuvres will surely impress your guests and add some fun to pre-dinner cocktails!
      Menu: Wasabi pea fritters, Sesame sweet potato wedges w/curried peanut sauce, Spinach & potato croquettes w/roasted tomato salsa



      26 Mar, 7-10pm: 30-minute Meals
      This class is designed for busy, working professionals who would like to enjoy a tasty, home-cooked and nutritious meal at the end of the day. Mouth-watering but simple to prepare, these meals will take you from chopping board to plate in 30 minutes or less.
      Menu: Easy vegetable paella, Curried couscous w/roasted cauliflower & peas, Flautas (pan-fried tortillas) w/roasted tomato salsa



      28 Mar, 11am-2pm: Vietnamese Cuisine
      Classic Vietnamese dishes with an emphasis on using the freshest herbs and vegetables. These dishes are light and tasty but full of flavour, perfect for our hot climate.
      Menu: Fresh rice paper rolls w/mango & mint, Spicy tofu w/lemongrass & holy basil, Savoury crepe w/ nuoc cham (spicy dipping sauce)



      31 Mar, 10am-1pm: Eat Well, Gluten-Free Cuisine
      Part of the Eat Well series, this class is for anyone who's celiac, or mildly intolerant to gluten, or simply wanting to learn how to cook with healthy, unprocessed ingredients! Learn how to substitute gluten-free grains and starches for wheat in an interesting and creative way of cooking.
      Menu: Savoury stuffed crepe with crispy vegetables and spicy dipping sauce, Curried quinoa with roasted cauliflower and lentils, Grilled feta polenta with rocket and roasted tomatoes



      2 Apr, 11am-2pm Sensational Soups and Salads
      Salads and soups don't have to be boring. These dishes are tempting, tasty and colourful and they are designed to accompany and balance your everyday meals by injecting lots of freshness and plenty of essential nutrients. And, most of them are substantial enough to be meals in themselves!
      Menu: Roasted balsamic beetroot, feta and orange salad, Moroccan-spiced roasted carrot and avocado salad, Chilled pea and cucumber soup with fresh mint



      9 Apr, 2-5pm: Southeast Asian Cuisine
      Make use of fresh local ingredients to make 3 different Southeast Asian dishes - Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, or any combination of these. Add some variety to your life!
      Menu: Sambal eggplant (Grilled eggplant in slow-cooked, spicy tomato sauce), Sayur lodeh (Indonesian coconut curry with garden vegetables & tofu), Mee goreng (Stir-fried noodles in a spicy sauce)



      All classes listed are priced at $75. To register, please email shalu@.... Private classes can also be arranged on request - visit www.littlegreencafe.com.sg for more information.
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      Fancy Speaking at a Conference?

      If you would like to give a talk, workshop, or any type of presentation at the 41st IVU World Vegfest, that will be held at either Kuala Lumpur or Penang later this year, do consider sending in a proposal to the organisers.
      All you have to do is complete and send the form at the following link on this page and your proposal will be considered: http://worldvegfest.org/index.php/blogs/congress-vegfest-updates/166-malaysia-2013-call-for-speakers
        To learn more about this international conference, you can visit the following link for an overview: http://www.worldvegfest.org/index.php/malaysia-2013/overview
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      Let's Go Frunatic!

      Frunatic is a new raw food outlet that will have its official opening in April. This place is all raw, all vegan - even the little cakes, and they even offer dehydrated dishes. Promising to bring to Singapore a fresh and exquisitely delicious approach to food, their focus is on raw and 100% natural living foods, where fruits are the main ingredients, with no preservatives, additives, processed sugar, or trans-fats.
      ? From the information VSS has received, it appears that the outlet is managed by people who have a background in food and nutrition.
      You can visit their outlet located inside The Star Vista (1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-01/02), next to Buona Vista MRT station which is open from 11am to 9pm daily, or get more information on their menu and other products by visiting their website at