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326VSS eNewsletter 10 September 2008

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  • George Jacobs
    Sep 9, 2008

      VSS eNewsletter, 10 September 2008


      VSS News

      Veg Parent Support Group

      New Chinese Language Internet List on Veg

      Our Website’s Place in Veg Web History


      Other News

      Vegan Club Launched in HK

      Opposing Views about Meat Eating

      LivinGreens MoonCakes

      More Mooncakes, Plus Classes, from Wholesome Living


      VSS News

      Veg Parent Support Group


      Not all vegetarian parents have an easy time raising their children as vegetarians.
      Some meet strong objections from well-meaning but ill-formed spouses or in-laws
      who think that a veg diet is dangerous for children when, indeed, a veg diet can actually have many benefits for children compared to the typical meat-based diet.

      In response to the problems that veg parents face, VSS is planning a support group for veg parents in hopes of strengthening these parents’ understanding and to share experiences and ideas. The goal is to promote peaceful, healthy families.


      We hope to have the first meeting of the Veg Parent Support Group later this month. We are still arranging the venue.


      Please contact info@... if you are a veg parent/grandparent who would like to attend Veg Parent Support Group meetings. Include a phone number so that we can contact you. Also, feel free to send questions, concerns, tips, etc.


      New Chinese Language Email Group on Veg


      The International Vegetarian Union – www.ivu.org - of which VSS is a member, has a new Chinese language email group - ivu-cn:
      http://groups.google.com/group/ivu-cn It was started by two VSS members who are temporarily living overseas.


      Our Website’s Place in Veg Web History


      Earlier this year, VSS launched a revamped version of our website. Did you know that VSS’s website was launched back on 17 Jan 2000, less than one year after VSS was founded. That makes the VSS website one of the world’s older veg websites. Here, courtesy of IVU (International Vegetarian Union) historian, John Davis, is a listing of the older veg sites in cyberspace.


      Domain Name: FATFREE.COM (now also on fatfreevegan.com) Record created on 23-May-1995.


      Domain Name:VEG.ORG

      Created On:08-Aug-1995 04:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:PETA.ORG

      Created On:26-Sep-1995 04:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name: VEGWEB.COM

      Record created on 04-16-1996


      Domain Name:EARTHSAVE.ORG

      Created On:06-Nov-1996 05:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:VRG.ORG

      Created On:12-Jan-1997 05:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:IVU.ORG

      Created On:11-Mar-1997 05:00:00 UTC



      Record created on 13-Mar-1997


      Domain Name: VEGAN.COM

      Created on: 22-May-97


      Domain Name:VEGSOURCE.ORG

      Created On:05-Jul-1997 04:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:VEGSOC.ORG

      Created On:05-Aug-1997 04:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:VSDC.ORG

      Created On:30-Aug-1997 04:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:ALL-CREATURES.ORG

      Created On:19-Dec-1997 05:00:00 UTC


      Domain Name:NAVS-ONLINE.ORG

      Created On:27-Nov-1999 01:55:41 UTC



      Created On:16-Dec-1999 07:43:07 UTC



      Created On:17-Jan-2000 02:48:18 UTC


      Please contact info@... if you have time to help update the Outlets page of our website. Thx.


      Other News

      Vegan Club Launched in HK

      More and more vegetarians seem to be checking out vegan food. As you know, vegan food contains no animal ingredients, such as no dairy products.


      Here’s an example from HK: the Hong Kong Vegan Club. You might like to check them out if you ever visit there.


      Contact: Shara Ng, sharanghk@..., http://www.vegan.hk


      Opposing Views about Meat Eating

      While the VSS website is relatively ancient by web standards, there’s a new site, just launched this July, that provides different views on a wide variety of issues, including whether humans should eat our fellow animals: http://www.opposingviews.com/questions/should-we-eat-meat

      It’s good to hear other sides some times. Also, the site has a place for readers to contribute their views.

      LivinGreens MoonCakes


      The Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, on which there is a full moon. The Chinese word ‘Yuan’ means ‘round’ and also refers to a family reunion. People make a special effort to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival together and feast on mooncakes whilst enjoying the beauty of the full moon, which they believe to be a sign of abundance, harmony and good fortune.


      For this festive occasion, LivinGreens and many other veg outlets present unique types of delicious and healthy mooncakes. LivinGreens’ mooncakes are lovingly created by their chef, Barbara. One of her unique creations are Minty Carob Snow Skin Mooncakes with pandan flavored lotus paste filling. To order, by 13 Sep, call 6396.5523.


      More Mooncakes, Plus Classes, from Wholesome Living


      Wholesome Living, helmed by Oh Chong Fah, is also presenting healthy vegan mooncakes for this Mid-Autumn Celebration. The mooncakes are low fat, sugar-free and handmade, suitable for diabetics (fructose is used as the only sweetener instead of usual sugar).


      All mooncakes are made to order, 9653.1734, http://www.wholesomeliving-sg.com/Mooncakes2008.html


      Wholesome Living also offers a wide menu of workshops.


      1. Homemade Spreads 2 - Nuts & Seeds - 12 Sep (Fri), last one of this type for this year.

      2. Wholesome Bakery - 13 & 20 Sep (Sat)

      3. Supercharged with Raw Energy 21 & 28 Sep (Sun)

      4. Tofu Making & Okara Cooking 17 & 24 Sep (Wed), last one of this type for this year.

      5. Healthy Cooking Elementary 1-14 Sep (Sun), last one of this type for this year.


      For a complete workshop schedule for Sep, http://www.wholesomeliving-sg.com/JULYtoSEPT2008.htm


      For details of workshops, http://www.wholesomeliving-sg.com/services.html




      Click here for a large list of vegetarian eateries


      Click here to notify us of new places


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