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Oh Yeah! Vegan ice cream in Pittsburgh

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    When a local vegan was asked if she had been to Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co. in East Liberty, her immediate, automatic response was, Ohhhh yeahhhh!,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      When a local vegan was asked if she had been to Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co. in East Liberty, her immediate, automatic response was, "Ohhhh yeahhhh!," laughing at herself as she realized what she said.

      Fellow vegans: If you have not yet heard, there is now a place in Pittsburgh that sells vegan ice cream. Not Italian ice, not sorbet, but actual, genuine ice cream made with soy milk.

      Oh Yeah! has a very cute, progressive, and stylish set up that is reminiscent of such local coffee shops as Quiet Storm and The Beehive. It's the type of place you can happily relax and hang out in for a few hours while you write that paper or discuss local politics.

      And it's true–they do have vegan ice cream, and several flavors at that including the traditional chocolate and vanilla as well as the not-so-traditional chocolate chip cookie dough, coffee, and green tea. But what makes Oh Yeah! stand out from other ice cream shops (as if offering vegan ice cream is not enough) is its huge, long list of available toppings and mixings you can get with your ice cream. Reading over this crazy list, which is written on a giant chalk board, causes many Oh Yeah! visitors to laugh out loud. In addition to such stand-bys as sprinkles, coconut, nuts, cookies, and chocolate sauce, the items on the menu go from the truly strange (Cookie Crisp cereal, Fruit Loops, figs, gummi bears) to outlandish (Wasabi peas? love?) to beyond bizarre, like bacon. I don't know who in their right mind would ever order ice cream with bacon sprinkled on top but I suppose there are stranger people in the world.

      Ice cream can come in a vegan waffle cone(!) or a cup. It is worth noting that the plastic cups the ice cream is put in have a pretty cute design on them of a neighborhood street of sidewalk shops, and it seems pretty wasteful to throw them away, so hold onto them once your ice cream is gone, and you have some nice new drinking cups for home.

      The chocolate vegan ice cream slides down your throat like smooth chocolate velvet. When you pair it up with Cocoa Puffs cereal or Hydrox cookie crumbles, it is pure chocolate bliss. A cup of Oh Yeah!'s coffee with soymilk to go with your ice cream makes the experience complete, and their coffee is amongst the best ever tasted. They also offer vegan waffles as well and rumor has it they are incredible.

      Oh Yeah! has late hours and are open till midnight on Friday and Saturday and 10 every day of the week including Sunday, which is a rarity in Pittsburgh. Do yourself a favor and visit Oh Yeah! as soon as you can and then you too will be dazedly crooning, "Ohhhh yeahhhh".

      For more info: Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co., 232 S. Highliand Ave., Pittsburgh, 412.253.0955
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