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1Hidden ingredients

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  • connie
    Feb 14 3:45 AM
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      Some of us are eating foods , that are not even vegetarian (nevermind
      Vegan ) unknowingly .. they have been sneaking the into all types of
      food ..

      I thought I would list a few and ask others to add , discuss , or question

      Some of my favorite hidden foods non veg...

      Confectioners glaze : sounds nice but it is really BUG GUTS (watch for
      this especially in Candy and chocolate covered foods)

      L-cysteine : usually made from Human Hair , Feathers and Pig bristles
      ( these are the cheapest and most frequently used methods of obtaining it

      Mono and Di glycerides : unless they say from 100 percent vegetable.
      they are made from animal fat ( this is usually the case but you can
      contact a company to find out for sure)

      Carmine : a coloring which also comes from BUG GUTS

      so just food for thought ..

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