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    We ve put together a new messageboard at http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/forum/ So, if anyone would like to go & check it out then that would be awesome!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2012
      We've put together a new messageboard at
      http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/forum/ So, if anyone would like to
      go & check it out then that would be awesome!
      I've tried to come up with some new ideas on the board, so there are
      forums for organising meet-ups (for training or socialising) as well
      as a place to add your own training log or even mini blog if you
      prefer. Obviously we have places for writing about training,
      nutrition, there is a place to talk about injuries (Note: we are not
      doctors or physical therapists, but chatting about stuff can be
      useful), off-topic (for all those interesting, funny, or even sad
      things), new vegan section for those wanting to know more, staring or
      considering going vegan & several other sections.
      We've tried to make an area for vegan-friendly companies & people
      offering services or products, so they can come onboard as well.
      Originally it was going to be an advert-free environment, but I had
      the idea of trying to bring together businesses & product users as
      well, so I decided that any company or person with a service or
      product aimed at sporty-type vegans (so think supplement companies,
      personal trainers, massage therapists etc) can all have a free advert,
      but there is a deal involved, to get the free advert they have to
      interact with the community, this can be by doing a post, answering a
      question, even doing a training log or mini-blog post whatever, but
      every week or so we expect them to interact with members on the board.
      I thought this would be a way to lessen the gap between
      product/service supplier & users, if you are on the board you can go &
      quiz...say vitashine about their vitamin D3, or ask veganicity if they
      do a certain vitamin, actually get to know the companies involved in
      making the products you buy - this is not just open to big companies.
      If you are a personal trainer, massage therapist, nutritionist etc you
      can get a free advert as well (again the interaction is the vital
      aspect, we expect you to be on the board every week or so). As far as
      I can see everyone wins, if you run a business, you get free
      advertising, if you are a customer you get to interact with people who
      really know their own products & can tall you exactly what they can &
      can't do, with personal trainers & massage therapists & other 'helping
      & healing' occupations you can get help with your training, overcoming
      injury etc, with the supplement companies you can find out ways to
      possibly improve your nutrition.
      So far we have several people & companies lined up to join the team,
      include extreme callisthenics experts, kettlebell coaches,
      powerlifting coaches, massage therapists, several supplement
      manufacturers & personal trainers (from P90 to competition
      Obviously once members join they can chose how the site develops, but
      I thought you'd all be interested in joining in.
      The adverts won't be up for about a week as the code still has to to
      be written for them. It won't be adverts everywhere on the site, it
      will be one advert under the banner at the top (if you're really
      interested a 500x100 pixel banner) it will change with every click, so
      basically you only get one small advert on a page that changes with
      every click.
      As I said this is not for profit, the adverts are free if you are
      offering we think will be useful to the members.
      So, if you're interested go check out
      http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/forum/ join up introduce yourself &
      say hi as it's you that are going to decide how the board is going to
      Hopefully I'll see you all there!

      Pete Ryan www.veganbodybuilding.org
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