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Re: [veganbodybuilding] My training goals

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    Hi Adam, During the 6 week Hypertrophy phase I m doing a 4 day split. It s a bit of an odd split designed to balance up some of my specific weaknesses. I do
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      Hi Adam,
      During the 6 week Hypertrophy phase I'm doing a 4 day split.  It's a bit of an odd split designed to balance up some of my specific weaknesses.  I do Monday, Tuesday, Thurs, Friday (2 days on,1 day off, 2days on, 2 days off). 45-60 secs between sets (well maybe a touch longer between squats :-) 
      On Monday - I do legs, but at the start I do seated BB shoulder press, then leg extensions, squats, leg curls, SLDLs, calf raises, hand grippers .
      Tuesday - back & chest.  First I do chins (I'm using a system called 'ladders' first set 1 rep, 2nd set 2 reps, 3rd set 3 reps...so on, until you can't do a set with 1 more rep, then you do sets of 1 rep less each set until you're back to 1 rep set-see clarence bass site for more details, http://www.cbass.com/ ), then pulldowns (wide grip), cross-bench pullovers, bent over BB row, incline press, Pressdown, Rope hold (hold a weighted rope for time).
      Thursday - Shoulders.  Upright row (keeping elbows low - had rotator cuff problems in the past, so can't do high elbow version), Lat raise, DB seated shoulder press (super-set, 1 arm at a time), bent over lat raise, curl & press (old exercise that's done just like it sounds!), hammer curl, Pinch grip.
      Friday - Legs (but starting with) Dip, Deadlift on boards (standing on boards really adds to the leg involvement), good mornings, calf raise, Reverse back raise (or Hyper extension), wrist curl, reverse wrist curl.
      I'm really trying to push shoulder & leg development for a while (as is obvious).  It's not your conventional split & I'll be going back to a more balanced routine after this 6 weeks is over, but that's how it looks at the moment.
      Reps I'm doing light, medium & heavy weeks, so:
      Week 1 - (light) 50% RM 12 x 3
      Week 2 - (medium)  60% RM 12 x 3
      Week 3 - (heavy)  60% RM 15 x 3
      Week 4 - (light) 50% RM 12 x 3 (by now your 50% RM is presumed slightly higher, so the weight is a bit more than last time)
      Week 5 - (medium) 60% RM 12 x 3
      Week 6 - (heavy) 70% RM 10 x 3
      That's the hypertrophy phase, then move on to the mixed phase where the reps are slowly lowered & time between sets extends (3 weeks duration), then 6 weeks Maximum Strength phase low reps, heavy weights, longer rest (70-90% RM/3-5 minutes rest).  After one complete cycle I'll evaluate the effectiveness of this sort of training (remember I'm aiming at balance of strength & muscle size).
      Well, what do ya think?  Worth a go?
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      From: Adam Kyd
      Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 1:45 PM
      Subject: Re: [veganbodybuilding] My training goals

      Question: How do you fit that all into one hour? :) Do you do a six day split? What exercises do you do? 
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      Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 4:22 AM
      Subject: [veganbodybuilding] My training goals

      Here's a rough guide to how I see my training going over the next 12 months.
      I've recently read "Serious Strength Training" by Tudor Bompa & have used it
      as a base to plan my training for the next 12 months.  The basic outline is
      to do 6 weeks of Hypertrophy training (50-70% *RM. 10-12 reps per set. 4
      times a week. **RI 45-60 secs), then 6 weeks of Maximum strength training
      (70-90% RM. 5-8 reps per set. 3 times a week. RI 3-5 mins) & between those
      two 3 weeks of mixed training that is a cross between the two systems & gets
      you used to using lower reps with longer rest intervals (4 times a week).  I
      also take strategic rest intervals at set times in the year to allow my body
      to recover (these are usually of 1 week, but 2 weeks over Xmas/new year when
      training is hard to do due to the extra commitments).  At the end of March
      '04 I'll move to 6 weeks of Muscular Definition training (high rep, super
      sets, giant sets etc) & up the CV/aerobic work to see what a solid year of
      training has accomplished.

      * RM = Rep Maximum (i.e. If you were to bench press 12 reps at 50% RM, you
      would use 50% of the maximum weight you can bench press for 1 rep & do 12

      ** RI = Rest interval (the rest you take between each set)

      I'm keeping the exercises loose, so I can change now & again if I start
      getting stale, but I wont change an exercise mid-cycle (unless I suffer an
      injury or look at risk of one), & aiming at about an hour of training per
      session (not including warm-up stretching & cool down).

      So, that's my basic plan for '03 until spring '04.  Any comments queries or
      ideas for improvement very welcome???? :-)

      Pete www.veganbodybuilding.org
      PS Opps I'd better put what my aim is!  I'm aiming at a good balance between
      mass & might, competing isn't really on the cards just wanna look good & be
      fit & healthy

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