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Re: VEGAN-L: having trouble sighning in

Hi Denise, I've click the button for the system to send out your username and password :-) Cheers SusanW ... [snip] -- Susan Whitham
Susan Whitham
May 16, 2007

Re: VEGAN-L: having trouble sighning in

... This is the first message to this list I have seen in years. I forgot all about it. Hello Denise! Steve _______________________________________________
May 16, 2007

VEGAN-L: having trouble sighning in

Hello, i'm having a little trouble sighing in and i just joined the mailing list if u could send me my password and username please. thank u, God Bless,
    Denise Barber
    May 16, 2007
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    Re: VEGAN-L: Where are you in New England?

    Congratulations on the move to veg*sm! Here is a list of local veg*n mailing lists, it might help you with the peer support thing: http://waste.org/mail
    Apr 9, 2006

    VEGAN-L: Where are you in New England?

    Where in New England are you? I haven't found it incredibly difficult to be vegan in New England, but I live in the Boston area. Arun P.S. This list is
    Arun Sannuti
    Apr 9, 2006

    VEGAN-L: New to List

    Hello, I've never really met a vegan in person that I know of. I am a member of the Rottie-L and so I searched and sure enough there is a Vegan-L. So here I
    Bonnie Bevan
    Apr 9, 2006

    Re: VEGAN-L: dairyfree kids

    Hi Paul, I am vegan and my children are vegan - me for 34 years, my children since conception. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't think I ever want to
    Feb 19, 2006

    Re: VEGAN-L: dairyfree kids

    Hi Paul; You might want to get a copy BECOMING VEGETARIAN, the second edition. It is really a vegan nutrition book, labeled diplomatically. The authors were
    Feb 19, 2006

    VEGAN-L: dairyfree kids

    My wife and I want to raise our daughter to eat the same diet we do. When she is old enough to make her own choices, I am confident she will do so. I'm
    Paul Falvo
    Feb 19, 2006

    VEGAN-L:Donald Watson (1910-2005)

    http://www.vegansociety.com/html/ It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Donald Watson, founder of The Vegan Society and inventor of the word
    Michael Traub
    Nov 17, 2005

    VEGAN-L:RE: Vegan-l Digest, Vol 40, Issue 1

    A shame the article didn't venture into the ethical considerations and strayed no further than unhealthy food equals unhealthy mind/body. There's a good body
    Essence UK
    Nov 14, 2005

    Re: VEGAN-L:INFO: Power of good food!

    ... For those of us who want to forward this fascinating article graciously provided by Paul to their friends, there is no need to email the web page to
    Nov 13, 2005

    VEGAN-L:INFO: Power of good food!

    *1. The power of hope and resistance* John Malkin This article appeared in Ode issue: *26 http://www.odemagazine.com/ * *Forget tougher punishments and hiring
      Paul A Falvo
      Nov 12, 2005
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      VEGAN-L:October 1st is World Vegetarian Day

      Happy World Vegetarian Day Steve Be A Healthy Vegan Or Vegetarian http://www.geocities.com/beforewisdom/Veg/healthyVeg.html "The great American thought trap:
      Oct 2, 2005

      Re[2]: VEGAN-L:two good vegan cookbooks

      Hello Paul, Thank you very much, I'll try this recipe. Have you tried it? How you used it? Saturday, August 27, 2005, 9:06:21 PM, you wrote: PAF> It's an easy
      Sergio Baca
      Aug 27, 2005
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