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Vedas and Adi Sankara - Part 6 By Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji.

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  • Ravishankar Gopal
    Dear members, Bhakti is ‘bhãva’. Maha Periyava, Bhagavãn Ramana Maharshi followed the Vedanta mãrga which is ‘ananya bhãva’ (feeling of oneness
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2007
      Dear members,

      " Bhakti is ‘bhãva’. Maha Periyava, Bhagavãn Ramana
      Maharshi followed the Vedanta mãrga which is ‘ananya
      bhãva’ (feeling of oneness with the supreme). Jnana is
      like a pond and Bhakti is like the waterfalls. In
      Bhakti the person gets soaked in ‘prema’ and it flows
      like a falls. One who is in bhakti marga has to take
      hold of something to remain in this world. Only then
      will they be able to move about in this world. They
      have been sent down to the earth by Bhagavãn for the
      accomplishment of some task and if this has to be
      carried out by them, they have to mix in this world.

      To mix amongst and move amidst people the Mahans have
      to hold on to something; otherwise they can never come
      to the physical plane. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
      used to slip into ‘bhava samadhi’ quite frequently.
      But just before he slipped into such a state he would
      be seized with the fear that he may not be able to
      return to this plane at all. So he would hold on to
      the thought of smoking a hookah after coming out of
      samadhi. It is this thought that he takes hold of
      before he slips into the state of samadhi that helps
      to bring him back to this plane. Without holding on to
      such a thought Mahans will never be able to return to
      this plane and do their work.

      Vasudeva Thatha was a great Mahãn. This cannot be
      refuted. But he could not perform any work in the
      world, as he could not mix with people. His very
      presence would help the world is a different thing
      altogether. None could approach him as he could not
      tolerate indiscipline and disorder. Thus, the Mahãns
      cannot perform the work that they have been sent for
      into this world unless they hold on to something of
      this world. It was for this very reason that
      Yogiramsuratkumar smoked cigarettes. He was also in
      bhakti marga. Unless he held on to this habit of
      smoking cigarettes he would never have been able to
      stay and work in this physical plane. This is the
      reason that they forcefully make a habit of some
      worldly thing. Sri Sarada Devi showed deep affection
      to her niece. Unless she held on to this she never
      would have been able to stay and work in this world.
      Now, one should not question, “What did Periyava or
      Ramana hold on to?” because they were Vedantis.

      Vedantis do not face this situation. It is only to
      those who go in ‘bhakti mãrga’ that such a situation
      arises. It is Bhaktãs who face such a situation. So,
      Bhakti is bhãva. It is like the waterfalls that gushes
      forth. It is only in Bhakti that ‘rasokti’ kirtans are
      sung. So, why should one go to a Guru? One can do
      tapas,dhyana, japa, etc. on his own.. But unless one
      takes the dust of the Lotus Feet of the Guru on his
      head his sadhana will prove futile. ‘Mahat pãda

      Ãchãrya (Adi Sankara) says,
      “Sariiram, swaroopam tatha vã kalatram
      yashaschãru chitram dhanam merutulyam
      Manaschenna lagnam Gurorungripadmam
      tatah kim? tatah kim? tatah kim? tatah kim?”

      (you may) enjoy the most beautiful and healthy body
      (sariiram swaroopam)
      have the most beautiful wife (tatha vã kalatram)
      possess as large a wealth as the Meru Mountain (dhanam
      enjoy fame all over the world (yashaschãru chitram)
      but, of what use are all these (tatah kim? tatah kim?)
      if your mind does not settle at the Lotus Feet of the
      Guru? (manachena lagnam Guruoungripadmam).

      Ãchãrya Himself speaks on the glory of the Guru.
      Therefore, ‘Prabhãva’ is not unusual. It can be ‘seen
      to be possessed’ by many today. It is a difficult task
      indeed to win Bhagavãn’s Maya. It is only with the
      Grace (‘kripa’) of the Guru that one can win this
      Maya. So, when we take up Guru Parampara we find that
      each one has had a Guru. A Guru now has had a Guru; He
      has had a Guru and this Guru has had a Guru. The line
      winds back this way. This is called ‘Jnãna paramapara’
      (Lineage of Knowledge). This is how Mahãns have come.

      !!! Will Continue !!!


      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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