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Tale to Understand the Importance of living life with the attitude of Gentleness & Simplicity as our True Wealth & Possession!

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  • Divya Venkat
    THE LAST WILL OF A GREAT MAN In the pocket of an old ragged coat belonging to an elderly man in Chicago, there was found, after his death, a will. According to
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      In the pocket of an old ragged coat belonging to an
      elderly man in Chicago, there was found, after his
      death, a will. According to Barbara Boyd, in the
      Washington Law Reporter, the man had been a lawyer,
      and the will was written in a firm clear hand on a few
      scraps of paper. So unusual was it, that it was sent
      to another attorney; and so impressed was he with its
      contents, that he read it before the Chicago Bar
      Association and a resolution was passed ordering it
      probated. It is now on the records of Cook County

      I, Charles Lounsberry, being of sound and disposing
      mind and memory, do hereby make and publish this my
      Last Will and Testament, in order, as justly as may
      be, to distribute my interests in the world among
      succeeding men.

      That part of my interests which is known in law and
      recognized in the sheep-bound volumes as my property,
      being inconsiderable and of no account, I make no
      disposition of in this, my Will. My right to live,
      being but a life estate, is not at my disposal, but,
      these things excepted, all else in the world I now
      proceed to devise and bequeath.

      ITEM: I give to good fathers and mothers, in trust to
      their children, all good little words of praise and
      encouragement, and all quaint pet names and
      endearments; and I charge said parents to use them
      justly, but generously, as the deeds of their children
      shall require.

      ITEM: I leave to children inclusively, but only for
      the term of their childhood, all, and every, the
      flowers of the field, and the blossoms of the woods,
      with the right to play among them freely according to
      the custom of children, warning them at the same time
      against the thistles and the thorns. And I devise to
      the children the banks of the brooks and the golden
      sands beneath the waters thereof, and the odors of the
      willows that dip therein, and the white clouds that
      float high over the giant trees.

      And I leave the children the long, long days to be
      merry in a thousand ways, and the night and the moon
      and the train of the Milky Way to wonder at, but
      subject, nevertheless, to the rights hereinafter given
      to lovers.

      ITEM: I devise to boys jointly all the idle fields and
      commons where ball may be played, all pleasant waters
      where one may swim, all snow-clad hills where one may
      coast, and all streams and ponds where one may fish,
      or where, when grim winter comes, one may skate, to
      have and to hold the same for the period of their
      boyhood. And all meadows, with the clover-blossoms and
      butterflies thereof; the woods with their
      appurtenances; the squirrels and birds and echoes and
      strange noises, and all distant places, which may be
      visited, together with the adventures there to be
      found. And I give to said boys, each his own place at
      the fireside at night, with all pictures that may be
      seen in the burning wood, to enjoy without hindrance
      and without any incumbrance of care.

      ITEM: To lovers, I devise their imaginary world, with
      whatever they may need, as the stars of the sky, the
      red roses by the wall, the bloom of the hawthorn, the
      sweet strains of music, and anything else they may
      desire to figure to each other the lastingness and
      beauty of their love.

      ITEM: To young men jointly, I devise and bequeath all
      boisterous inspiring sports of rivalry, and I give to
      them the disdain of weakness and undaunted confidence
      in their own strength. Though they are rude, I leave
      them to the powers to make lasting friendships, and of
      possessing companions, and to them exclusively I give
      all merry songs and brave choruses to sing with lusty

      ITEM: And to those who are no longer children, or
      youths, or lovers, I leave memory, and bequeath to
      them the volumes of the poems of Burns and
      Shakespeare, and of other poets, if there be any, to
      the end that they may live the old days over again,
      freely and fully without tithe or diminution.

      ITEM: To the loved ones with snowy crowns, I bequeath
      the happiness of old age, the love and gratitude of
      their children until they fall asleep.

      Ahhh....what a brilliant will written full of
      gentleness echoing deep strength and beauty of life in
      people's life!!What more could be a precious treasure
      and property to possess than a life of true
      love,happiness and beauty, simple living and high


      All of us have to take time to repeat this below poem
      atleast once every morning :)

      Just for today,
      Let go of anger.

      Just for today,
      Let go of worry.

      Just for today,
      Count your blessings and honor your parents,
      teachers, and neighbors.

      Just for today,
      Live honestly.

      Just for today,
      Be kind to all living things!!

      Just for today live a contented and happy life!

      See how much bliss you echo in urself and to others
      with this attitude.....BE GENTLE in life.....!!

      We have to always remember to be gentle with ourselves
      and others. We are all children of chance and none can
      say why some fields will blossom while others lay
      brown beneath the August sun. We have to care for
      those around us.

      Look past your differences. Their dreams are no less
      than yours, their choices no more easily made. And
      give, give in any way you can, of whatever you posses.
      To give is to love. To withhold is to wither. Care
      less for your harvest than for how it is shared and
      your life will have meaning and your heart will have

      "Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
      and nothing is so gentle as true strength."- Ralph

      BE GENTLE!


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    • Divya Venkat
      A LESSON FROM ALICE FREEMAN Alice Freeman Palmer, the second president of Wellesley College, was happiest when she was doing most for others. When she left the
      Message 86 of 86 , Jul 31, 2007
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        Alice Freeman Palmer, the second president of Wellesley College, was happiest when she was doing most for others.

        When she left the college in 1887, she gave herself so unweariedly to her self-imposed task of lightening the burdens of the unfortunate that her husband, a Harvard professor expostulated. He thought she should give her time and strength to writing books that would make her still more famous.

        "You are building no monument," he said. "When you are gone, people will ask who you are and no one will be able to say."

        "Well why should they?" was the answer. "I am trying to make people happier and wiser. Books don't help much toward that. It is people that count. You want to put yourself into people; they touch other people; these, others still, and so you go on working forever." !!
        That was such a wonderful and touching answer isnt it?
        What makes us human is our capacity to love. Love is that quality that erases prejudice and moves us to forgive, gives us peace of mind in a turbulent world, and keeps us sane.

        Love sees broken souls and heals them. Love hears plaintive cries and answers. Love discerns a need and fulfills it. Love does not see color, race or features; love sees people.

        Yes, we are imperfect. Our love is imperfect but the power of love overshadows its imperfections. The power of love knows no boundaries, no walls. It holds no record of misgivings but believes in second chances.

        Love does not ask for anything in return. It is at times a self-sacrificing gift but it is given freely. For when we give love and see the difference that one act of love can make, the feeling is priceless, indescribable.

        And in that one moment, we get a glimpse of the power contained in each of us, the power, not to change the world, but to change a part of the world. And then we see the power of our love working in unison, the power to change the world!
        A person with true love in his/heart has the power to have a positive influence in every life he touches and makes a deep influence on others!
        The only way of getting into another person's heart or to influence anyone positively is through genuine unconditional love!
        But how to love others unconditionally when there are so many differences between each of us??
        You can't please everybody. Every one of us is born unique in our ways, outlook, attitudes, likes, dislikes, opinions, and perspective. Come to think of it, even if we have a lot of things that are different from each other, we still are set by boundaries, norms and principles for socially acceptable behavior so that we can co-exist peacefully.

        Here are just basic things to remember. One is to realize and put in our hearts that we should respect other's ways, outlooks, attitudes, likes and dislikes, opinions or perspective. If we do that, there comes the acceptance that no one has to be like you or you don't need to be like the others, just so you could get along.

        Do not expect others to see your way. If they don't, respect that. Do not expect others to make the same decisions that you do. If they don't, respect that. Conflicts are second-nature to humans. People are argumentative to a fault, in many aspects of our lives. We just have to stop and listen. We don't have to agree, but respect others ideas and opinions.

        If you don't want to get stumped while expressing your thoughts, then don't do that to others as well. In this generation and age, people are accustomed to just being in a group, organization, or having friends that also have the same viewpoints as we do. By doing this, we limit our capabilities to inculcate respect.

        And remember, you can only be on the same wavelength with someone else to a minimal extent. Even twins are not so much alike.

        Next time you would have a cross (a disagreement) with someone, remember all these. You are at an advantage because that person might go on because he doesn't know that respect is needed to ensure that we live peacefully. And if you stoop down to his level, you are the loser, not him. Understanding is respecting. Respecting is not a way to please everyone but a course to ensure that you are a principled person.
        Love blossoms and grows only if we have true respect for eachother!
        Respect others and learn to love......till your heart is overflowing with the fullness of happiness..then it will naturally flow to others also!

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