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The role of Vedic Pandits in creating invincible nations – Action from the Trans

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    The role of Vedic Pandits in creating invincible nations – Action from the Transcendental Field 15 February 2006 Global Press Conference of Maharishi Mahesh
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2006
      The role of Vedic Pandits in creating invincible nations – Action
      from the Transcendental Field

      15 February 2006 Global Press Conference of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

      Maharishi was asked about the role of Vedic Pandits in creating
      integrated national consciousness. Vedic Pandits traditionally study
      and recite the Vedas from an early age and perform Vedic ceremonies –
      Yagya and Griha Shanti – to enliven Natural Law in individual and
      collective consciousness:

      Dr Morris: `Maharishi, … how do the Vedic performances of Vedic
      Pandits work to secure the integration—you mentioned the
      word "integration"—of national consciousness as the basis for making
      a nation invincible? How does the Vedic Pandits' programme work to
      create this effect?'

      `Because the Vedic words are the words of the transcendental field,
      being the structuring dynamics of the transcendental field, they are
      not limited to space and time. That means when one word is
      pronounced its effect is everywhere, everywhere. This has given the
      Vedic language the authority to produce the effect anywhere in space
      and time from one place in space and time—anywhere in the universe
      from anywhere in the universe.

      `All these Yagya performances are performances to neutralize the
      wrong effect that may be coming to a person as a result of his own
      wrongdoing. You reap what you sow. The phrase is "whatever you do,
      you have to bear the consequences of it." If someone has done
      something wrong today in his affairs and the effect is going to come
      in two years, the Vedic performances can do something before two
      years to neutralize it, so the wrong effect will not have to be
      faced by the doer.

      `It is a great miracle of the authority that has the alliance with
      the Constitution of the Universe. "With the Constitution of the
      Universe" means with the Veda and the Vedic Literature, in which all
      past, present, and future is available at any point. One effect here
      is an effect everywhere. This natural penetration of the effect
      makes the Vedic Pandits produce through resolution. They resolve, "I
      am doing this Yagya, this performance, this Graha Shanti, this
      particular Yagya, in order to produce this effect at that time."
      This is the specialty of Vedic performance. The effect is not
      limited to any one place. The effect travels all over frictionless,

      `This being the characteristic quality of the Vedic performances,
      makes this possible for the Vedic Pandits, but of course they have
      to practise. The life of Indian Vedic Pandits has been spoilt a lot
      by foreign influences. Quite a lot of impurity has crept into the
      purity of their Vedic routine. But nevertheless, the seed produces
      the same tree, after same tree, after same trees. So Vedic
      performances have that natural ability to produce any effect from
      any distance. They are called Yagyas.

      `When we adopt a nation, we prepare a few hundred Vedic Pandits or a
      thousand, two thousand Vedic Pandits, depending on the size of the
      population of the country, to produce the effect. What to do to
      produce what effect is already prescribed. It is prescribed.

      `We are adopting the ability of the Constitution of the Universe,
      the ability of the Vedic language, to produce the effect from the
      Transcendent, from self-referral consciousness, to produce any
      desired effect anywhere. It is a great miracle. It is on the level
      of Total Natural Law. This is the nature of Natural Law to be able
      to produce this effect. The effect is produced from the
      transcendental field of consciousness, where every spur of
      performance is the frictionless flow of the whole infinity of the
      galactic universe. It is a big, huge field of knowledge, which we
      enjoy through the blessings of our Vedic Tradition of Masters.

      Jai Guru Dev.'
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