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Spiritual Practice and Its Prominence - Part 9 by Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

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  • Ravishankar Gopal
    Radhe Krishna All,   Contd... There is an incident in Shirdi Sai Baba s life. A sanyasi (ascetic) who did not lead the life as befitting his ‘ashrama’
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      Radhe Krishna All,

      There is an incident in Shirdi Sai Baba's life. A sanyasi (ascetic) who did not lead the life as befitting his ‘ashrama’ came to have Baba's darshan. But Baba chased him away. Baba did not wish to even look at such a person. But this sanyasi kept sending messages to Baba of his deep desire to meet him. Finally, one day Baba sent for him and advised him to do Bhagavata Parayana. The sanyasi did the same and returned to Baba.

      Baba sent him back saying that it should be done with concentration. Once again the sanyasi did Bhagavata Parayana(reciting) and returned to Baba. This time he had shown a little more concentration. Baba sent him back for rendering the Bhagavatam with total concentration. This time the sanyasi did the parayana with total concentration and returned to Baba.

      Baba called him to his side. The sanyasi went up and fell down dead on Baba's lap! He had attained Moksha! Through concentrated effort one can attain Moksha.

      Did not the 16 disciples of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa attain the end goal?

      Did not disciples of Ramana Maharishi - Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni, Muruganar, Viswanatha Swami, Yogi Ramaiah and many others attain?
      Did not Aurobindo's disciples attain the goal?

      Everyone is seeking only happiness through marriage, job, education, etc. But the only happiness is Self realization. When I speak on a particular path I will speak very highly of that path. This does not mean that the path shown to another is low. One should have no 'chalanam' (restlessness of mind-doubt). This afternoon I visited a devotee who has been hospitalized. There I found innumerable people suffering from various kinds of diseases. But here we are endowed with normal faculties and enjoying good health.

      Even while all our faculties are under our control should we not do sadhana?

      !!! Will continue !!!                  

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