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Devotion to Guru (Bhakti) - Part 1 By Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

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  • Ravishankar Gopal
    Radhe Krishna All, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, one day, stretched out his hand and said to Kali, Mother! I offer all my kama (Desire), krodha (Rage)…….
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      Radhe Krishna All,

      Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, one day, stretched out his hand and said to Kali, 'Mother! I offer all my kama (Desire), krodha (Rage)…….' and suddenly he felt a hand taking hold of his outstretched hand. He then heard a voice say, 'Do not offer these to Kali. Whatever you offer to Kali will return to you in multifold'

      "Our offerings to Saints (Sadhus) do not go a waste. When we offer something to the Guru, to Sadhus, to Lord it comes back to us in multifold.This is 'Satyam'," (Promise)

      "A man had, at night, fallen inside the manhole on the road. He stayed there the whole night without any help. Fortunately, the level of the gutter was only upto his neck. In the morning a passerby heard his cry and came up to him.

      He asked the fallen man, "What can I do for you?"

      The fallen man said, I have not had my supper last evening. I feel hungry. Please get something for me to eat!

      What a fool is he who, having fallen into the stinking gutter asks for something to eat, instead seeking help to get out of it! Likewise, we have fallen into the gutter of samsara (Family Life) and when help is forthcoming, foolishly seek only the pleasures of the world that stink like the gutter and do not jump at the opportunity that has presented itself in the form of a Guru/Sadhu, to get out it.

      A man can never repay the Guru in any manner. Even if he places the whole Universe at the Guru's Feet it is no equal to the Moksha (Liberation) that the Guru bestows on you.

      A Sadguru bestows Moksha on you. He is one who knows your 'thapa' (longing/yearning) to reach Lord and Lord's longing to take each jiva unto Himself.

      !!! Will Continue !!!

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