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Guru’s Upadesa (Instructions) and Its Impor tance By Sri.Sri. Muralidhara Swamiji.

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  • Ravishankar Gopal
    Radhe Krishna To All, “Why does God incarnate as man? To make man God! The very first requirement of man is humaneness. When someone suffers one should reach
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      Radhe Krishna To All,

      “Why does God incarnate as man? To make man God! The very first requirement of man is humaneness. When someone suffers one should reach out to him/her and render help as per one's ability. We should console those in sorrow and help them take courage to face the situation. Compassion ! Our religions teach only this. Without following this we praise the founder. Of what use is this?

      During the Tsunami disaster thousands of people lost their homes and relatives. When I visited them to offer consolation I felt consoled to find many - the government agencies, people of the state, people from all over the country - came to offer solace, in every way, to the affected people.

      Once, a Jnani having 'Realized' the Truth preached it to the people. Having himself struggled and finally 'Realized' the Truth he preached it to the people, day and night. Many lived with him. Days passed and he became old; his health deteriorated. Those with him understood that it was his last moment. All shed tears. They were in deep sorrow. They cried out, "Oh! Great Jnani! Gurudeva! The praiseworthy!"

      The Jnani looked at them. He was now in a position where he could utter only a few words. Gathering all the strength left in him he said to them, "I will live only for a few more moments. I can speak only a few words. Ask whatever you desire?"

      At once the devotees around asked, "How to see God? How to become a Jnani? How to do dhyana?" The Jnani, right from the day he had 'Realized' the Truth to this day of death had been preaching only this - Why and how should one attain God. What is the purpose of life, etc. - The Jnani aghast at their question hit his forehead and said to them, "You people find joy only in listening to such matters - why should one attain God. What is the purpose of life; how to attain God; how to do dhyana - and are not interested in practicing the 'upadesa' (instructions)." Saying this, he passed away.
      Thus, man finds joy only in listening over and over again. None brings into practice the words of the Guru. At least this Guru left it at that.

      Well! There was another Guru. What were those around him prepared to do? Build an Ashram for the Guru, build a Temple, debate on which Guru was greater, were enthusiastic to celebrate the 60th and the 80th birth anniversary of the Guru, take his picture on procession, print books about him. They did not take effort to bring his 'upadesa' into practice.

      Bhagavan Ramana referring to birthday celebration said, 'one should actually weep for having been born. Instead, we are celebrating it!' Bhagavan also said, 'how long have I to carry this body that has to be carried by four?'

      People require a Guru for their festivity! The Guru should accept the garlands offered by them; the 'pada puja' that they do. This is verily 'spirituality' for them. Well! In spite of all the folly of the devotees this Guru, out of deep mercy, said to them, "I am in my last moment. If any of you desire I will take you to the highest Mukti (Liberation) state. The state attaining which there is no birth. It is the highest state and there is nothing else to attain."

      Hearing his words all those around him bent down their heads! None was ready to go with him. They said to him, "No! Gurunatha! We will try and attain this state through effort!" Attachment to the world! It is not easy to give up attachment to the world. Even if one is able to do this it is very difficult to give up attachment to the body. Hence, none was willing to accept the Guru's offer.

      The lesson one learns from this is that people are interested only in listening to 'upadesa' and not in attaining the Mukti state that is the final goal, the purpose of life. How to believe that people accept the state of Liberation? Are they really convinced about this state? It has, therefore, become a mere festivity, a form of entertainment!

      If we listen to or read the 'upadesa' of a Jnani we should bring into practice, at least a little of it, in our day-to-day life.


      Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :

      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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