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Sant Tukkaram- Part-5 by Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji

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  • Ravishankar Gopal
    Radhe Krishna To All, Sadhus do not come into the world to build hospitals or to impart worldly knowledge. They are here only to show God to the ignorant. Only
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      Radhe Krishna To All,

      Sadhus do not come into the world to build hospitals or to impart worldly knowledge. They are here only to show God to the ignorant. Only the one who pushes a copy of Srimad Bhãgavatam into your hands and asks you to read is a real Sadhu. One who pushes the people who desire to come out of 'vyavahãra' (worldly affairs) into it is not a Sadhu. What is the use of pushing you into it all over again? An ordinary mortal wearing white dhoti can do social work. A Sadhu is not required for this kind of work. His only work is to pull the minds of the people towards Bhagavan. Did Mira or Thiagaraja swami bless people with 'vibhuti' (the holy ash) as a cure from this or that disease? Steeped in love for Bhagavan they were ever singing His praises. Living alone, they were always in the thought of the Lord.

      Tukkaram called out to all the people of the village and asked Shivaji to distribute the food materials to them. He possessed such deep dispassion that he did not reserve even a grain of it for his family. Would Shivaji leave such a Guru? He took tight hold of this Guru. Such is the glory of Mahans.

      Everyone is seeking only Bhagavan! How? From a worm to Brahma all are seeking only happiness. The only difference between them and the Sadhus is that ordinary people do not know where real joy is and use wrong means to attain what they mistake to be happiness while the Sadhus know where real joy is - in the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan - and the right way to attain it. Sadhus do not desire to live amidst people but Bhagavan pushes them back into the world saying, "Who will redeem the people?" Steeped in the glory of Bhagavan, Sadhus are unable to move amidst worldly-minded people. Some people try to mar the names of Sadhus but it only results in spreading their fame!

      There once lived a Mahatma in Vrindavan. Every evening he discoursed on Srimad Bhagavatam. A Marwari who was a 'pawn broker' in Mathura happened to listen to him. A peacock when fed with the drug 'abin' at 12.01 seeks the same the next day at 12.01'o clock. Similarly, this man could not sit in his shop the next evening. He rushed to Vrindavan to listen to the Sadhu's discourse. Such was the attraction to 'Krishna katha'. This happened every evening and the Marwari no longer attended to his business as before. Even after he returned home his mind held the picture of Lord Krishna. The Sadhu was pouring forth 'Krishna rati'. At home and in shop his mind, caught in the thought of Krishna, could not do any 'vyavahara' (worldly business). The shopkeeper who did business next door asked him, "Brother! What has happened to you? You do not attend to your business as before. Every evening you hurry somewhere. What is the matter?" This man said, "A great Sadhu is
      pouring forth Krishna rati in Vrindavan every evening. I am unable to resist it. It is to listen to him that I rush every evening." This shopkeeper advised him, "There is nothing wrong in your attending the discourse. But, you should get back to your business. Do not get lost in it. Remember you have a family." The Marwari said, “You should also come with me to listen to him. Only then will you understand what I mean." The friend said, "Yes, I will. But, I will not change as you have." And that evening he accompanied the Marwari to Vrindavan. But, lo! His story also was the same! His business also suffered due to the change of interest from worldly matters to Bhagavan. His mind was so full of Krishna. The wives tried to bring their husbands to their senses. They used various means but all in vain. At last they decided to somehow chase that Sadhu away from Vrindavan.

      They thought that if the Sadhu were proved to be a fake, their husbands would change and return to their old worldly ways. They paid a huge sum of money to a prostitute to go up to that Sadhu with a baby in her hand while he was discoursing and in front of the huge crowd, accuse him of having fathered the child.

      !!! Will continue !!!


      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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