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Re: 2008 Presidential elections

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  • Narasimha P.V.R. Rao
    Namaste friends, Before I sleep, I checked the lists for a few minutes and came across this mail. It is never too early . I actually made a prediction at the
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 11, 2005
      Namaste friends,
      Before I sleep, I checked the lists for a few minutes and came across this mail.
      It is never "too early". I actually made a prediction at the time of 2004 election that Al Gore may become US President in 2008. If not President, I am reasonably confident that he will be back in limelight and get some other high post atleast.
      Check Al Gore's annual Tithi Pravesha chart for 2008-09. Ruler of the year is Jupiter and he is the 5th lord of power. He is in moolatrikona Sagittarius in the 2nd house and joins 9th lord Moon, while lagna lord Mars aspects them from Gemini. Ghatika Lagna is also right there with Moon and Jupiter. There are Guru-Mangala, Chandra-Mangala and Gaja-Kesari yogas and raja yogas involving the 1st, 5th and 9th lords! Jupiter has a close aspect on rajya sahama at the end of Gemini. Moon and Jupiter are on the spoke ruled by Indra in Kalachakra (Wheel of Time) of annual TP chart. Moreover, Moon's compressed annual Tithi Ashtottari dasa runs during elections! Moon-Jupiter antardasa runs during the few days before elections.
      All these factors, to me, point to Al Gore being elevated to a high and poweful position in 2008-09. He seems to have faded from public memory and public discussions. But does that mean that he cannot come back?
      I haven't seen the charts of other candidates, but still I consider Al Gore's chances of election in 2008, based purely on his own chart, quite strong. Ratioanlly, the odds seem quite low for him as he has already tried and blew up a big opportunity. However, strange things can happen in politics.
      If any of you have access to Al Gore, please tell him that he has bright chances for 2008 and should seriously consider running. Of course, if my analysis is right, he will run without anyone telling him.
      May Jupiter's light shine on us,
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      > Dear Group
      > It is probably too
      early to make an astrological call on the 2008 US
      > Presidential
      Elections. We do not know the candidates, their birth
      > data, etc. Some
      data is available from public sources though.
      > Possible
      Democratic Party candidates:
      > 1.Al Gore, John Kerry, John Edwards,
      Lieberman - who have lost
      > already
      > 2.Senators Evan Bayh, Joe
      Biden, Russ Feingold, Hilary Clinton
      > 3.Governors Bill Richardson, Mark
      > 4.Wild card candidates: somebody like Clinton in 1991, Eliot
      > Possible Republican Party candidates:
      > 1.Newt
      Gingrich, John McCain
      > 2.Mike Huckabee (Governor of Ak), George Pataki
      (Governor of NY)
      > 3.Majority leader Tom Delay
      > 4.Wild card
      candidates, Mayor Giuliani, Senator Bill Frist 
      > 5.Jeb Bush,
      Condeleeza Rice
      > I have some data (birth), but not all. But it
      appears that Bill
      > Richardson and Tom Delay are the two people to watch
      based on my
      > astrological analysis.
      > Governor Bill
      Richardson: He is currently the Governor of New Mexico
      > and will seek
      re-election in 2006. Assuming he will win, he is in a
      > better position
      to at least contest for the Democratic Party
      > nomination. He will be
      running 10th lord antardasha during 2008
      > November elections. A strong
      > Majority Leader Tom DeLay: "Hammer" is in the news for
      lot of wrong
      > reasons now. Ethics violations etc. He is the man to watch
      in my
      > opinion – based on astrological analysis. He has an extremely
      > chart and in year 2008, he will reach very good heights. It
      > to be seen if he will seek the republican nomination. He is up
      > re-election (Congressional seat from Texas) in 2006. My analysis so
      > far indicates that he is poised for a higher position in future.
      > This could be achieved as follows:
      > 1.A cabinet level position
      in 2008 or slightly earlier in Bush
      > administration. He is already a
      Majority leader and may not be
      > interested in this.
      > 2.A run for
      Texas Governorship
      > 3.A run for Senate (6 year terms, instead of 2 year
      > terms)
      > 4.A run for the Presidency of USA
      > My best judgment says, having seen very few charts, of all the
      possible candidates, Tom Delay has the potential to be the next
      President of USA. This of course is subject to condition that he
      > will
      seek and win the Republican party nomination.
      > Manjunath
      > (June 10, 2005)
    • Manjunath Sharma
      Sri Narasimha Please take a look, when you get a chance. I do realize that Al Gore s TP looks great for 2008, but I am using dasha and transit analysis to
      Message 2 of 8 , Jun 12, 2005
        Sri Narasimha

        Please take a look, when you get a chance. I do realize that Al
        Gore's TP looks great for 2008, but I am using dasha and transit
        analysis to arrive at a simple conclusion that he has no chance of
        becoming President in 2008.

        Al Gore in 2008, I do not think so.
        Former Vice President's Al Gore Data
        March 31, 1948 (12:53 PM, Washington DC)

        Astrological analysis and some comments about his horoscope:
        1.Mercury Amk is in 8th house
        2.Mars Ak is in his first house, also it is 10th lord and
        3.Amk goes to 8th in Navamsa lagna of Tula.
        4.Vimshottari – Rahu-Moon-Jupiter (2008 November)
        5.Dwisaptati Sama Dasha (7th lord Saturn in lagna) – Rahu-Mars-Moon
        6.In 2008 his dasha indicates an OK period, nothing spectacular.
        7.For public figures to re-enter public or political life, 7th lord
        or 7th house has to get activated. None of these are happening in
        2008. Transit Jupiter and Saturn (both) in 2008 do not activate his
        10th or 7th house fully. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius and Saturn
        will be in Leo. However, Jupiter will aspect his natal Rahu in 10th
        8.Chara Dasha –Vrishcika – Karka. From Vrischika AmK -Mercury is in
        4th house and AK is in 9th. AK/Amk is in mutual aspect. It is a good
        period. But neither 10th house nor 11th house gets aspected by Amk.
        9.Late 2009 is when his Rahu-Mars will start and he can expect an
        excellent period professionally.
        10.In my opinion, I am sure there are others in Democratic Party
        that will have better charts (astrologically speaking). Bill
        Richardson is one of them for sure.

        Manjunath Sharma
        (June 12, 2005)
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