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To cheap to meter: Living energy: Even gas power shut down: EU: Nobel Peace Price(!) winner:Hail ECRR 2010

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  • ashok kumar
    Re:New Delhi, November 9, 2012 Kudankulam production in December: GovtPTI
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2012
      Re:New Delhi, November 9, 2012 Kudankulam production in December: Govt



      Date: 11.11.2012

          "Renewable energy sources are booming in Germany, and electric utilities exported more power in 2012 than ever before. Germany began turning off its nuclear power plants 18 months ago, following the Fukushima disaster(read extinction level event) in Japan. Since then, many in the business and industrial communities and the general public have feared that the country would soon be facing energy shortages and even blackouts [...]Instead, Germany has produced so much electricity this year that it has actually exported its surplus. [...]"---enenews
       wind, solar hydro are too cheap !!! … Take that Big Nuclear!!!

      "Nuke power = Biggest Hoax since tulip bulbs

      Shut this crap industry down now, and stop with the radiation, IDIOTS!!

      .. peace! …" Comment!
      Mahatma Gandhi spoke of the deadening of the human spirit by wasting our own living energy. Instead he advised the enjoyment of living energy through full employment so no one goes hungry and use of a proper PDS.
      Hope citizens will force the govt- the corrupt fellows- to serve life not death.
      Note that the energy audit of nuclear energy programmes everywhere shows that these programmes consume five or more times the energy at the busbars than they would ever deliver at the busbars during their entire lifetime but instead deliver death for all time. This is leading to permanent shortage of electricity(to the glee of the scamsters of all time). And the nuclear waste problem is insoluble to such an extent that they covertly seditiously convert all life and life support systems-the biosphere and all else to nuclear wastes. Our fight all over the globe is for our right to life and health which is a far cry with the govt. adopting the nonsensical ICRP Risk Recommendations regarding Health effects of ionising radiation which are infinitely riskier compared to the truth as given out in the European Committee on Radiation Risk's recommendations ECRR 2010. Such witchcraft has lead to illth and filth  in Jaduguda and the rest of the globe. Down with nukes, now, before another Fukushima or worse takes place.

      R. Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist,Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk,Mumbai-400007. 

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