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8Re: Questions: Image sizes and weights of threads used

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  • fiberonawhim
    Mar 8, 2010
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      Hi Leigh,

      > I have some questions about the illustrations in the book: "Vanishing
      > Act." What size are the pictures illustrated on say ...Pages 11, and 19? I ask as today's cameras allow an image 2 inches by 2 inches to look the same as one 2 feet by 2 feet. Pouches can be tiny or purse size.

      If I remember correctly I saw a metric measurement in one of their other books and the piece are not large. A few inches by... I keep my pieces when experimenting to 4"x4" or 3"x5". They are big enough that if I choose to frame them they have enough size to them to be impressive little works of art. Remember that they do admit to adding many layers of thread, sometimes even hand embroidery and scraps of fabric to bulk things up.

      > When I look closely at the cover and pages 12-13, it appears that heavier thread than most of our sewing threads were used. None of this heavier thread is shown in the picture of supplies. What kind of thread was used?

      They do mention a thread on page 8, "Burmalana" which says its a wonderful acrylic and wool mix thread....Haven't found this one anywhere to see it in person, but wondered if it isn't a bit heavier. We have to keep in mind that these authors are from the UK and supplies do vary from place to place. What keeps me coming back to them and other UK authors (ex: Maggie Grey, Valerie Campbell-Harding, Sandra Meech, the Kemshalls) is the willingness to step outside the box and play with everything. Many times I start with a 30 weight thread, change up to a 12 weight such as a Sulky Blendable and then add in hand stitches.

      > On page 12 they show rolls of fabric or threads? How were they made?

      Those are beads made using the water soluble products and thread. We will be doing those in an upcoming week.

      > Are the thread attached or glued over fabric or a form of some material? What kinds of thread were used?

      They are attached with stitching. Threads are many many many layers. Once you have layed down a grid using straight stitches if you use a free-motion zig-zag (look at my example in lime green in the photos) I have used that technique. Had I kept going it would bulk up faster than straight stitching. If you have a spare bobbin case that you can adjust for heavier thread, you can hand wind perle cottons and stitch.

      > I am familiar with covering cords ... have done both hand and machine
      > covered cords; but used fairly heavy pearl cotton to get anything similar to what I see in the photographs.

      In week three we will be playing with creating the cords, leaves and beads found on pages 12 & 13.

      Hope this helps.
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