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16Now You See It Week 4

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  • fiberonawhim
    Mar 27, 2010
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      Hello Everyone,
      This week after searching for my examples for this lesson, have you ever heard the saying "hidden well", it happens to me frequently (everything is put away for safe keeping) and I needed to make a new example. Here's what "I" learned. Don't use the "Sticky Wet N Melt by Marathon Threads" for lace work like this weeks lesson. I have been using this product in my needlefelted fabric & roving landscapes which comes out soft and clean. However, in this case (I didn't include a picture of this...I will try later today) the stabilizer would not wash away clean. It left white gunk between threads and on the surface of my fabric. So we began experimenting, first I washed it in a mesh bag in the washing machine on warm with old towels to help in the aggitation, not so good. Then we put it to soak in vinegar (figured it was a lost cause anyway), the white gluey stuff really surfaced. I tried hand washing with baking soda in the water and nothing happened. Finally, I put it back in my little mesh bag, threw it and the towels back in the washing machine, this time on "hot" and it came out. One problem....it seemed to cause the fading of the Sulky Blendable thread I'd used. Lesson learned.

      The small example of the quickie exercise was done using "Wash Away Avalon Fix by Madeira" and I know there was limited warm water...result was very clean and soft.

      My suggestion; try a small piece on each sticky just to see how it works for you. In many of the surface design techniques that I use water can cause different results for us. It may not be hot enough, it may have a different percentage of chemicals from one area to another and so on. Experiment and have fun carefully. I almost expected a foaming mess yesterday.